Friday, September 12, 2014

chess games

And by chess I really mean drapes and wall décor.
You know me.
Nothing is static in my house.
Sometimes it just takes me a while to ponder my next move.
Its hard to believe that its been a year now
and completed the reno by painting
the kitchen island a couple of months ago.
The domino decisions from that
led into a little mini makeover
of our family room area.
You know how that goes...
one thing leads to another.
I want it all to flow and I think it does.
{But I reserve the right to tweak it :)}
Because I'm always adding and deleting.
You might notice a new orchid on the coffee table.
Can I just tell you how long that has been on my to do list?
Now I have a couple of faux ones.
Because I was intimidated by the real deal.
The other day I was at Sam's of all places
and they had these huge pots with two or three orchids.
I got to talking to the florist and I told her I was afraid of them.
We talked and I told her I'd think about it.
Which I did.
For a day.
Then I went back.
Forty something and fearless and all.
She helped me pick one with lots of blooms ready to unfold.
She told me to use a couple of ice cubes to water it.
Then she said what could be, what I hope to be, the greatest tip.
She said when the flowers die to cut the stem at the bottom
then where you cut dab on some cinnamon.
I'll let you know if this works.
Until then I'm loving that plant.

Also notice the turtle shells I scored from clutter in Savannah.
Yes and the Legos that are everywhere.
Gotta love life with three boys.
So this wall has bothered me since I moved
the jazz fest posters that once hung here.
Then I added the sunburst mirror
then a couple of framed sea fan prints
{and moved out the hip chocolate floral and coral
while moving in navys and blues}
but still it never felt right.
Then Mary Ann from classic casual home left a comment
and suggested moving the mirror...
you know how I feel about Mary Ann.
LOVE her to pieces.
Yesterday I was procrastinating on doing room parent work had time
and decided to flip some stuff...
I moved the mirror to above the mantle

{notice the Legos creations were put in their bins too}

and our Mayo painting went on the long wall...

Thinking of moving my blue gourd lamps
from my bedroom to the long console table.

I like so very much.
Especially the way the mirror reflects the light at night.

Ok, the new curtains :)
I was always planning to add trim of some sort
to these white panels.
Of course it was on the list
and you see how long it sometimes takes
to scratch stuff off that list.
Well last week when I was in Savannah
I had time to waste at the airport
and was going through emails
when I saw a West Elm sale.
Specifically I saw these panels...
they reminded me of one of my favorite fabrics
John Robshaw's mani indigo.
Maybe its just my old eyes but either way
the price was right
{meaning if my boys destroy them I won't cry
or not for long any way}
so I ordered them
figuring I could return them if I didn't like what I saw.
They're staying.

Just for giggles
let's do a little run down memory lane.
This is the same room from a few years ago...

Then to this

Dark and early this morning...

For now I think I can safely say
this is where we'll be for a while.
With the curtains and walls at least.
I think my husband will be quite happy to hear it.
What about you?
Do you think its better before or after?


  1. Love the after!!! The drapes are perfect, and yes, try the navy gourd lamps on the console table.

  2. Love the drapes and the mirror over the mantle. It all looks great. I have heard of putting cinnamon on orchid cuts and the ice cube watering. Orchids are one flower that I have t bad much luck. I turned to Africa Violets and have managed to keep two alive for 3 years now


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