Friday, September 19, 2014

house in the 'hood

Happy Friday y'all!
Its been raining for days now here in Houston.
How about we look at some sunshine?
I love house stalking you know.
The day this one popped up on har
I sent it to my husband with two words in the subject.
Hint hint.
He wrote back with this...
This house has already been flipped.
I know you.
You want to flip one yourself.
Bulls eye.
Reads me like a book that man.
Plus it went sale pending in a hot Houston minute.
Let's take a look at some lucky duck's new pond...
They had me at herringbone.
I would eat off this floor.
No furniture needed for me.

I also have a thing for lights you know.
The one in the entry way?
I've been saving this for a "high vs my" post
but its Friday so why not a little something extra...
Let's take a moment of silence for the kitchen.

Marble check.
Subway tile backsplash, check.
Furniture details on the lower cabinets, check.
New SS appliances.
Perfect paint colors, check.

A little command center off the kitchen
that leads into the butler's pantry
on the way into the dining room.

The downstairs study with loads of built ins....

with its own full bath.
A combo guest room if needed.
Perfect for aging in-laws.
Most of the homes around here built during the 90's
{I'm not judging because ours was built in '98, this one in '91}
have the ubiquitous wet bar.
We, like most updates around here, turn it into a mini-office.
This house has enough office space so they kept theirs.
I like love the way they updated it with marble.

One little thing I would have changed is
 I would have closed off the half wall.
See it here in this view from the front door?

That's just me though.
Let's go back to the positives though.
The open family room gets a lot of light.
Did I mention the floors yet? 

I want to refinish our floors so badly
but with one kid with asthma
I'll wait for darker floors in the next house.
Another thing on my to do list for our own home
is updating the fireplace surround.
Wish I could get a close up of this one...

Even with my bad eyes
I can tell that it looks like
what I've had in mind.
Think herringbone + marble.


Upstairs the great hardwood floors
continue in the secondary bedrooms...

The secondary bathrooms rock too.
This one connects the two bedrooms above...
Love the gray penny tiles.
Another secondary bedroom...
with its own bath...
Exactly what I wanted to do when we updated our baths.
The master bath...

I wish they would have framed the mirrors.
Gotta give the new owners a project to do I guess.


The master...

and last stop, the game room...


Hope y'all enjoy your day today.
No matter what chin up.
{I'm talking to myself too.}
One of our boys is having surgery today.
Lately he's been my glass half empty child.
This morning after I told him he couldn't eat anything
until this afternoon I expected him to get mad and ugly.
He genuinely surprised me.
He said that's ok Mom.
At least after this I hope
I'll start feeling better and be able to breathe better.
It will be worth it.
Pang pang.
My heart grew.
Praying for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery for him.
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  1. This would be a great house to decorate. I can imagine different arrangements for each room that would be so fun to play with! And yes, I also love the floors!

  2. Nancy... your son is in my prayers. xx

  3. Nancy,
    For some reason my emails are going to spam, so I just found this post. Your Instagram about your son's surgery shocked I know. I am hoping everything went well, he is resting and you are relieved. Sending hugs to you all.


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