Tuesday, September 30, 2014

house in the 'hood

I hope you enjoy these house in the 'hood posts
as much as I love stalking looking at real estate.
I know you aren't supposed to look at houses
for the way they are styled but that's my favorite part.
Without further ado my favorite house in the 'hood...
for this week any way. :)
Stop here.
You know this is going to be good.
Don't get too attached though.
Its sale pending.


I think either a designer lived here.
Or a blog stalker.
The kitchen isn't huge but even just
this little snippet makes my heart race.

Its an older house (1936)
and I love that they rehabbed it
and kept things like the old back door

but added Carrera marble, subway tile,
Viking stove, farmhouse sink...

 the glass front door above is a nice touch as well.
The responsible party for this reno
has got it going on in my humble opinion.
I wish they would add that information on har
for all of us house stalkers :)
This little office nook?
That's all I would need.
Er, by "I" I mean the new owners.

I love the way they painted the walls and the trim.

Mary Ann suggested we go all white in our family room
but the Mr. objected.
Still working on my subliminal messages to him.
One day...

Can you say gallery wall love below?

Let's head upstairs...
I love this master bedroom.

Love the muted colors and the bedding.
Again all white walls and trim.
Easy on the eyes.
Speaking of eyes
I spy monograms.

How cute is this bedroom?
Has me thinking of getting an new headboard.
Putting that on my list.
I like the way they stacked two Ikea Expedit shelves
on their sides to make a long console like table.
Perfect for toy storage.
I've been thinking of ordering one of those cardboard animals.
If I get one for the boys room I'll be painting theirs as well.
Look at this sweet nursery.
Again it looks so calm and serene
but it doesn't look like a budget buster.
Two more simple but chic bathrooms...



This house may not have a garage
but there is a bonus in the back yard.
Two words.
Guest house.

If my mother-in-law saw this
she would be voting us into this house.

We've toyed with adding a kitchen
to the guest apartment over our garage.
Toyed is the key word.
But this is a good example of a nice little kitchen layout
don't you think?
Lastly I'll leave you with a cozy little office space.

 Love this built-in desk area.
Especially the maps on what appears to be a cork board wall.
That would be an easy project right there.
That's what I do when I look at these houses.
I try to find elements that I want to copy recreate in my home.
What about you?
What's your favorite pick in this house?
all images via my beloved har


  1. Nancy-This one is 100% me! I love everything...everything! My house is mostly white, pale blues and gray. I too had to talk my husband into it. Here's what I said. He said "But all white on the furniture? You will see the dirt!" I replied "I would rather see it and take care of it then to be sitting in it." Him "In a strange way that makes sense....I don't know how but you did it. Give it a try." Let's just say that Oxyclean is the best thing ever!

  2. excuse me while i wipe the drool off my keyboard! wow, wow and wow is all i can're right, a designer must live here or someone familiar with joni's (cote de texas blog) tastes! i'm pinning away so thanks for sharing this beautiful home!

  3. Another great house, Nancy! I wanna move back to Texas!

  4. I love the brick in the family room...great house!

  5. I will take this house in my next looks perfect!!!


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