Monday, September 15, 2014

little updates

Remember when I posted about new hair products,
one a combo hair spray called caffeine
and the other a new mousse hair dye?
Ok well not to be ugly
but keep the caffeine, ditch the dye.
At least that dye.
Within two days I looked like a raccoon
with a big stripeof grays running down my part.
Beyond attractive I know.
In my humble opinion
{and I'm a devoted fan of Loreal products}
this one misses the mark as far as staying power.
I'm still loving the Olia line by Garnier BTW.
That from a girl who dyes every three weeks.
Miss number two

Safavieh vintage turquoise rug

to put in our kitchen between the stove and the sink.
Long story short I did order it.
Then a couple of days later
I received an email from the o
saying there was a mistake in inventory
and they could no longer fulfill my order.
No worries I thought.
It wasnt meant to be.
BUT has a sweet little thing on their site
where if a product is out of stock
you can put in your deets to get an email if
the item comes back into stock.
So I did.
And they did.
I ordered it again.
I was so excited that it WAS indeed meant to be mine.
Like when you find the perfect finishing touch.
I came home one day and found it on my porch.
I barely got the kids in the door
before I was ripping the plastic off.
To find that it was the wrong rug.
It was the same brand, same color, different design,
one number off the product number I'd ordered.
Oh well.
I was able to return the wrong one.
I decided not to reorder the one I wanted.
I'm good with no rug in the kitchen...

Just more things for the boys to spill something on.
Remember that I did have a rug in there,
this little Threshold rug
but it didnt seem right for the space.

so I moved it out of the way,
on top of our dining room table.
Where it sat for a while
and then the more it sat
the more I liked it there.


still playing around with what to go on top...

I decided on some glass fishing floats.
For now.

Another Threshold find I love is this large tray

I had my eye on for a while.
I saw it on clearance one day online.
And I may have talked myself into buying it.
With the rationalization that I only
had square and rectangular trays.
I know I'm sick.
I just looked for the link and I guess its sold out now.
Maybe it will appear again like the rug.
Or not.
And did I ever show you the piano we scored
on our neighborhood facebook group garage sales site?
We'd been looking for an old used one forever
and finally found this one for a song...

Now we just have to all take lessons.
I'm putting it on the list.
Hopefully it wont take as long as
some other projects do around here.

Whatever you do, whereever you are
I hope you enjoy this glorious day!


  1. Wel, I had been staying up nights wondering about your rug situation!
    But really, doesn't that get you when you get all excited about an on-line product, then it's out of stock? The original rug you chose really would have been great.
    Better luck next time - and I like the piano!

  2. You are tooo funny. Love this post. I can identify!! Have a great week!

  3. I love seeing the floors anyway so it's just as well! I have a similar seagrass tray that I use on a rectangular tufted bench - it was a great find at Marshalls! Just love your Hicks pendants in your kitchen - amazing!!

  4. It's funny how things work out. Thanks for the hair dye review I won't bother trying it. Love the rug on you table especially with the glass floats. I get you logic in needing a round tray instead of all makes perfect sense! Have a great day too! I have a few things to cross off my list and a back to school night for Ben.


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