Friday, September 26, 2014

my tribe

I don't know about you but
I think people can be both
blessings and lessons...

Last week you may recall that I mentioned
one of our sons was having surgery.
The one with asthma and allergies.
Long story short he's had a time of it
over the past few years
and finally, finally
I listened to my heart as his mom
instead of
{God love them}
some of his doctors
that were of the wait and see mentality
or let's do another round of antibiotics.
Please know I'm not trying to bash
western doctors.
I'm just saying sometimes you've got to look
for another way around a problem.
I'll come back to this sentence in a minute.
I know I was trying to do a short story here...
ok so he had a CAT scan
and basically his head,
every sinus cavity
and his ears showed massive infection.
He lost 75% of his hearing in one ear,
not permanent thankfully
but the kid couldn't hear
nor could he breathe.
That was my line in the sand right there.
We booked him for surgery for last Friday
for procedures on his ears, his sinuses, and his throat.
{BTW...did you know adenoids could grow back?
Who knew?}
Cut to last Friday.
Last week in general in Houston was rainy.
Terrific because it became a little cooler.
So last Friday I send him to school
with the plan that I'll get him after attendance
and head to the hospital for a lunch time operation.
I decide to leave a little early with the rain.
I walk outside and find
that my street is flooded.
I start to panic because come hell or high water
I was getting my baby to that hospital.
He was having that surgery.
He had waited long enough.
So stupid me gets in my car.
Let me say here that in our little area
sometimes some of the streets do flood for a while.
There is a bayou a few miles away
and when that gets full from rain water
some of the sewers cant handle the load
so the streets flood.
Little by little they've fixed the drainage problem
but if you know anything about Houston
well, its always under construction.
I'll consider that a good thing
{growing = progress}
except on surgery days.
So I'm in my car.
Inching my way to his school.
Cars are pulled up into stranger's driveways.
Waiting for the waters to recede.
Some, dumb like me, are plowing through.
My inner voice tells me that every show
I have watched on tv about floods
talks about how people drown or get into trouble
because they do the same thing I'm doing now.
Learn from me people.
Don't do as I did.
So I listened to myself and turned around.
As soon as I made it back to my house
I started texting everyone I could think of
with a big ie high sitting vehicle.
All the guys I knew were already at work and in meetings.
No go they said.
at this point.
My phone lights up.
My peep Lisa says I'll come get you.
My eyes got teary.
She said I'm on my way.
No! I told her.
Meet me at his school.
The streets around me are like rivers.
I'll meet you there.
I stuff my purse in a backpack I'd brought
with stuff in case we had to spend the night at the hospital.
I rolled up my jean capris,
put on my one dollar plastic rain poncho,
grabbed my umbrella and took off.

This is the end of my street.

That blue thing is someone's
now missing recycling bin
floating by.
Other sightings included full trash bags floating by.
it was a mess but by this point
I was just happy it was only drizzling.
Because I'm wading through the waters above.
By this point I've taken off my flip flops
and I'm barefoot walking though water
almost up to my knees,
trying not to think about what's in the water with me,
trying not to think about the check in time at the hospital,
trying not to think of hurting my hurt foot even more
because we had a 17 mile training run planned for Sunday.
For someone trying not to think
I was completely overthinking EVERYTHING.
After crossing the major thoroughfares
I finally got within a block of the school
and the only water was right up against the curb,
whooshing into the now working sewers.
So I put my flip flops back on so that I could pick up my pace.
Crossing the last street I stepped off the curb
and right out of my shoe.
I stop and go backwards to slip it back on.
And watch it go right down the sewer. 
Are you kidding me?
This day has got to get better from here.
I stand there debating what to do.
I keep walking.

I get to the school.
I walk inside.
A complete mess I'm sure.
Sure enough I see a dad of a classmate of my sons.
He looks me up and down.
Crazy neon poncho.
Dripping umbrella.
And one shoe.
Deadpan he says:
"Rough morning?"
Uh, yeah, you could say that.
We have 15 minutes to our check in time.
I grab my boy and head outside to where
our hero Lisa,
awaits in her chariot
which carried us swiftly and safely
 to our appointment right on time.
And that is why I love my friends.
Because they don't ask questions when you sound the alarm.
They say I'm in, let's do this.
Without my peep Lisa our boy wouldn't be breathing
clearly, deeply, and through his nose today
for the first time in nearly four years.

I hope I'm as good a friend.
If not I sure got a lesson in how to be one last Friday.

Lisa is no weirdo but she does tolerate my quirks.
I'm lucky to call her part of my tribe.
Thanks again Lisa.
I hope you know I treasure you. :)


  1. Oh my word! I would have freaked out too!!! Glad it all ended well, and yes, we all need friends like Lisa.

  2. OMG...I am so glad there was a happy ending. I think once my flip flop went down the sewer I would have given up, sat down in the mud and cried-haha! Shout out to Lisa! It's so nice to know someone has your back!

  3. Oh Nancy! What a day! Thank God it all turned out ok. Love the tribe saying. Have a good week. Hope your son is doing well.

  4. I'm just now going back and reading this, and am completely teary-eyed because my son suffers horrible migraines, and although we've tried everything, sinus surgery may be the last option. He has trouble breathing, and when I was his age had to have the surgery. It's absolutely horrible to have to watch them suffer.
    So glad everything worked out, and so happy you are a determined Mom!


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