Tuesday, September 23, 2014

snapshots from summer in Savannah

You may know that we do what I like to call
our annual pilgrammage to the deep South.
We take two weeks and drive out for a little tour
of the area where I come from.
Every year we try to think of fun things
to keep the kids busy (ie tire them out)
and also to keep them interested in returning.
We lucked out one day while we were in Savannah
and had a little date by ourselves in the downtown area.
We ate at The Olde Pink House.

Yes, its so old they still use an "e" on the end of the word old.
Built in the late 1700's its been a private home, a bank, and now a restaurant.
The only time I had been there before was for dinner before my senior prom.
Um, is it just me or is that a weird fact?
Another weird fact you already know
is that I have an iPhone camera and I'm not afraid
to pull it out randomly and take pictures.
Especially when there are beautiful floors to document,

old cabinets and paintings,

and more historical charm like the smaller doorways
since people tended to be shorter back then
{I didn't make this up...seriously}



If you ever visit Savannah definitely try to eat here.
The staff are all well versed in its history
and will give you a brief synopsis while you're waiting
on your delicious meal then encourage you
to walk around upstairs and down.
We were on a time crunch and passed
but I plan on going back next summer to eat explore more.

Over lunch as I was reapplying my trusty Burts Bees lip balm
I asked my husband to remind me to pick up some
Savannah Bee honey combs for my peeps in Houston
who first introduced me to its deliciousness
while we were in town.
I'd seen various Savannah Bee Company products online
but had never bought any before.
I was hooked on Burt you see.
But after devouring the honeycomb at Tarsy's
I went online to see if I could feed my new habit buy more honey.
I did some research and was happily surprised to see that
the main office for the Savannah Bee Company
was located smack dab on the island I grew up on in Savannah.
Small world moment.
Over lunch my husband in passing wondered aloud
if they gave tours of their place on the island.
Might be of interest to the kids he said.
I'm interested.
I need more honeycomb!
I called on the spot and they were so accommodating
since we were leaving in two days.

We were able to tag along with another small group.

No, I don't usually wear a hat...
you can't tell yet but we all had to don a bee keepers hat
with protective veils and I was oh so happy with that rule.

You can see one hive here...


but we walked right past it...


and into a secluded area...
that old thing you see here is from the old cabinet factory
that once set up shop here.
We used to ride our bikes past this place every day
during summertime to the 7-11
{dated myself...that's a convenience store for you young people}
that was next door
where we'd grab coca colas and candy bars
with our babysitting money.
Times sure have changed.

How cute is this?

Our tour guide Usher was brave to go veil-less...

Here he is stuffing the smoker with pine straw...

so that he could keep the bees calm.

Lifting out one of the screens...


Here he is letting the kids hold the screen to see how heavy it was.
My sister does not look amused :) does she
as he hands it to one of her kids.
Notice my youngest trying to push his way
to get right in on the action.
Notice how far back I was standing from the bees.

Usher gave a great lecture on bee keeping
and in case you're interested
as well as here too
Absolutely fascinating.
No one got stung although I heard a rumor
that you get a free tshirt if you do.
Not saying try that at home but still.
The best part was after the tour
we were able to shop around their storefront.
Meet some of my newest obsessions...

 Seriously soothing.
I hate to tell Burt but there's a new honey sheriff in town
and this one's a queen bee.
In case you can't find a local retailer
be sure to check out their online store.
If you plan on visiting Savannah call ahead and book a tour.
You'll be glad you did. 


  1. I've always wanted to see a bee hive in use! What a great trip for your kids they will remember forever!

  2. What a wonderful vacation in one of my favorite cities. Would love visiting a beehive and especially trying all of the great products!


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