Sunday, September 7, 2014

where I've been

Last week was a doozy.
It began with a 15 mile training run on Monday.
Labor Day indeed.
Glad it's done.
It was ok except for the pain in my right foot from plantar fasciitis.
Gotta work on that.
Tuesday I hopped on a jet for Savannah.
It was a quick little jaunt of 24 hours.
Its hard to explain why I went
but suffice it to say, well,
I got some stuff I'm working on.
More on that another day.

One thing I look forward to is this tile mural at IAH


I found a great hotel in downtown Savannah.
This time I even got a little sneak peek at the river.

and an equally beautiful room...

Downstairs in the lobby
I got some stares because of all the pictures I took... 

so I moved outside.
I'd seen this old fountain
{now used as a planter}
when I drove by in the car
but of course went back on foot to get a close up.
I'm in love...

Love it so much I took multiple views. Ha!

I need this fountain in my life.
But the owners weren't home.
I checked.
Oh well...instead I walked around snapping shots
until my appointment time...


 I never tire of Spanish moss hanging in the trees...

I stopped by this old cemetery downtown.
When I say old I mean 1700's old.
I'm embarrassed to say that I grew up here
and yet the first time I ever visited was this past summer.
Its a must see if you ever visit Savannah.

I could be wrong but I think the church steeple below
is the one from Forrest Gump...

The gravestones are so old
that the rain from hundreds of years
has eroded the engraving on most of the markers.
But still its fascinating.

More church steeples,
this one is St. John the Baptist Cathedral...

The brick sidewalk right outside the cemetery.
Pretty cool if you ask me...

A better view of the double spire of St. John Cathedral...

A monument honoring fallen police officers...

 By this time I had to jump in the car
because I knew I wanted to run by a place
I found on instagram
called Clutter.
Hands down Clutter is THE place you need to go
if you live anywhere in the vicinity,
and by this I mean border state,
to Savannah you need to go to the amazing store.
Look at these pictures and you'll see why...

the chemist in me liked these bottles.
And the Anglophile in me was loving on these...

Alas I only had room in my carry-on
so I scored a couple of sea fans
like you see below...

Anything peacock I'm a fan of...

Tortoise shell light anyone?
Wish I could have packed one for the boys room.
Instead I bought the empty shells.
The boys thought I was a rock star!

Hard to tell but the dark brown bamboo is actually a glass topped coffee table.

While I was in there I noticed Emily McCarthy
picking up a set of bamboo chairs.
She scored big time!
Clutter carries great furniture but they also carry art pieces...

and loads of shells...

plus lots of bookshelf styling candy

{Susan, I thought of Marc when I saw these cameras}

I really wanted this green scale
because you know I think anything green goes.

 I grabbed a few shells and had to sprint back to the airport.
One last picture before boarding.

I always cry during takeoff when I leave Savannah.
Never fails.
Because somewhere down there in this picture
is where I grew up...
I think of these waterways
as veins of sorts...
something about this place you see above
is so deeply entwined in my heart
that it physically hurts me to leave.
I'm sure its because my family, my blood, is still there.
I'm always scared that when I leave it will be the last time I'll see my dad.
I hate to leave but I'm always thankful to get back home safely. 
Houston is home now
but Savannah will always have my heart.
Gotta move on or I'll start crying again.
Back to where I was last week...
Thursday I thought I'd play catch up.
The best laid plans right?
School started last week
and I thought it was project time again.
One little hitch in that giddy-up.
This school year a peep suggested
{Joyce...this is all you}
that I volunteer to be their room parent.
We decided to put our twins back together this year.
Long story.
Anyway so I turn in the form to volunteer.
You know how I always say I don't win anything.
Well, guess what?
I got picked.
Which is how I've remained on radio silence.
And so busy that it feels
like its going to be a full time job.
I'm doing it for the boys though.
I just hope they notice or remember this one day.
Last week was also my dear hubby's birthday.
He took the day off and we ran errands.
That's how we roll.
Which is how we ended up at IKEA.
I know.
What a way to spend a birthday.
But we drove right by it so how could we not stop?
I'm rarely out that way.
Plus my husband had never been.
I'd been meaning to buy a desk chair for our littlest little.
You know, since he's a big time first grader and all.
We go inside, my husband thinking it would be quick.
I just nodded when he made that comment.
Like sure it will just take a minute.
You see I'd also remembered this post from Sherri Cassara
and I knew the Ribba frames she mentioned

would be PERFECT for the sea fans I've been hoarding.
I'm officially a hoarder.

I see one and I can't pass it up.
Much like double happiness pots.

And apparently glass fishing floats.
 Oh my.
All this to say,
I'm busy but I'm back
and I'm happy about both of those things.

What's up with you lately?


  1. Just completed framing my sea fans in the Ribba frames. I spray painted the sea fans white and mounted them on sapphire blue matting. They look amazing! Good Luck with yours.

    1. sounds like perfection! do you have pics or a blog by chance? that is exactly what I had in mind! where did you find your mattes? I cant find the perfect blue i'm longing for yet. thanks in advance for any suggestions :)

  2. Welcome back! You were missed! Great pics of Savannah - I have that place on my bucket list. And Clutter will be my first stop. Good luck catching up and glad you're back!

    1. hi Katie! hope you are well...if you go to savannah let me know! maybe i'll meet you there :) and clutter is worth the trip. they're moving in November to a bigger location! holla!

  3. Savannah is one of my MOST favorite cities in this beautiful state called Georgia. So rich in history and beauty. Savannah holds many sweet memories for my family.

    1. Hey BroncoMom! thanks for reading :) you know how I feel about Georgia! makes me happy :) what town do you live in in Georgia?


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