Wednesday, October 29, 2014

rainbows in clouds

I'm not sure what it is but something is going on in the universe.
And I don't like it one bit.
Last Saturday was a long training run for the marathon.
17 miles.
I woke up feeling great.
Things that had plagued me in prior weeks had gotten better.
I got ready by 4:15 and seriously was ready to run.
We stopped around mile 8 to pick up some friends
and to replenish our water bottles.
As we started running again I had gotten a bit stiff.
Nothing unusual, just needed some distance to warm up again.
I was in the back of a long pack and the last one with me
was about to peel off for home but I still had six miles to go.
I started to sprint to catch up to my pack.
Funny little thing about where we run
is that its covered by a magnificent forest of trees.
Big trees with big roots.
My right foot caught one and rolled.
My already hurt foot (plantar fasciitis).
Dummy me kept on running.
But for only about two more miles until it was too painful.
And my peep Tarsy refused to run any more with me.
She very sweetly made me walk back to the car.
The bigger pack found us on the home stretch.
Part of them took off to get a car,
the other very kindly walked with me until the cavalry arrived
before they got the rest of their mileage in.
I love these people.
My tribe.
The next day during a run in the same area
another friend fell and broke her shoulder.
She's having surgery tomorrow.
Send Debbie a big fat prayer for speedy recovery if you will.
Thanking you in advance. :)
She's the hardest working woman in real estate in Houston.
I cant tell you how sweet and kind and honorable she is.
She is a just a gem
and I know it is hard for her to be down like this.
Last night around dinner time we all found out
that another member of our running group has cancer.
Within the last two months
she lost her father and her sister.
Both to cancer.
I sit here constantly thinking of her.
Just heavy of heart.
Like why her of all people?
Why do good people go through this
and yet evil people, well, it just seems like they get away evil.
Or is that just my perception?
I know that there are no answers really.
No rhyme or reason or explanation to have or to give.
No turning it over in my brain is going to figure it out.
It wouldn't help any way.
Whys can be a waste of time.
Now I'm just focusing on whats.
As in what I would want my peeps to do
if roles were reversed.
via more magazine
I know bad things happen to good people all the time.
The most important thing is to gather around when people are suffering.
To be on standby ready to help in any way.
To be a rainbow in the clouds.
I found this today...a chemo care package
that I'm gathering stuff together for little E. (my nickname for her).
I remembered this post from my favorite the silver pen
Any ideas or tips on how to help my peeps please leave a note.
Thanks and blessings to you.

Monday, October 27, 2014

night at the museum

Actually it was a day trip to the museum before school started
but lately with daylight slipping away earlier and earlier
pretty soon it will feel like night
in the middle of the afternoon around here.
I'm hoping that brings cooler weather to H-town.
Houston is an awesome city to live in
{especially when it cools down}
and one of our favorite things to do is visit
one of its many museums.
This particular day we went to see the Soto exhibit
but first you have to go through,
literally walk through,
an exhibit called The Light Inside
which is inside the...
Read more about it here.
The Soto exhibit was unlike any other I've ever seen.
It was literally intended for you to touch, move, and walk through.
I'm sorry to say its no longer at the MFAH
but here are some a lot of pictures in case you missed it.
Read more about it here.




Soto was onto something.
My kids did not want to leave.
They could have stayed here for hours.


I'm not kidding.
My kids felt right at home on the floor.
I, on the other hand, noticed this exhibit behind the Soto...
it was like a giant sunburst mirror calling my name.
except this was made of pots and pans
This spoke to me too.
To the OCD neat freak side of me...


Look at the perfect spacing.



 Speaking of perfect spacing...


A view of the Soto from upstairs...

I am always blown away by the pieces the MFAH has acquired...

A favorite by Mark Rothko...

Stained glass by Tiffany...

This reminded me of you Tery...
oysters :)

A better shot of the Tiffany...

Everywhere you turn there is something glorious...
Georgia O'Keefe...

This reminded me of Kerry Steele...

and just when I thought I'd seen everything I could that day
we ran into this...
Anyone else a Downton fan?
I was in hog heaven to say the least.






 I kept coming back to the wallpaper.
Reminds me of several Schumacher fabrics especially this one.

That was not my flash by the way but the museums' lighting.

This was on the ceiling...



The tapestries were unbelievable.
As were the following items I had not expected to see.
Did I ever mention that I'm a huge Anglophile?


How gorgeous is this painting?
especially the peacocks...

I'll leave you with that.
Sorry for the photo heavy post.
Hope you enjoyed that little museum tour.
Have a great Monday!



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