Friday, October 3, 2014

favorite things about October

October is my favorite time of year.
Its my birthday month
and that of some of my closest peeps.
Plus it starts to cool off here in Houston.
They say a cool front is coming today.
I'll believe it when I feel it.
Late September into early October
also brings one of my favorite things
about living in Texas.
Four little words...
In case you've missed my previous posts
 on Round Top you can click here.
Its going to be a great day indeed.
What a way to start this beautiful month!
You know I'll be taking lots of pictures.
Stay tuned.


  1. I have heard so much about Round Top! We are heading to Texas at the end of the month for Homecoming. Enjoy!!

    1. you're coming at the best time of year! its finally cool today. but bring sweaters and shorts just in case :)

  2. I've just this past year started hearing about Round Top! Where have I been? (Not in Texas, I guess). This will have to be added to my "to-do" list very soon. Waiting for photos later this month!

    1. Round Top gets bigger and bigger every time we go. Definitely put it on your schedule...the springtime would be better i think just because its not so dang hot then. :)


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