Friday, October 10, 2014

Round Top part duex

 Hope your Friday so far is swell.
I'm gearing up for my birthday weekend.
Not much planned but I did order a yummy cake.
Cant wait to dive into that on Sunday. :)
Before I forget to post these
here are some pictures from our Round Top trip last week
that I took after we left Warrenton
and headed back towards Houston...

I tried to get a good shot of the state flag but
the wind direction was not cooperating...

 We sailed past this place
since you have to pay like $20 to park.
Now some people rave about this place.
but if you keep your ear on the ground
you'll hear vendors in other places
tell stories of how early in the show
certain vendors will shop around in Warrenton
and surrounding shows
then drag their finds here
where they then mark the prices up.
Perfect for those in a time crunch
and with bottomless pocketbooks
but me...I like to shop around. 

If you're in the market for an old wagon shop no further.
I'm not talking Radio Flyer either...

They even had an old covered wagon for sale...

At Gasoline Hill you can buy guess what...

yep, old gasoline signs...
big and small.

We sailed through Round Top proper this year.

If this gives you any sense of where Round Top is

its in the middle of Texas farm country

I spy a long horn...

and friends...

This one looks like a painting doesn't it?

 Pretty good for a shaky shot don't you think?
There was a bit of traffic but lots of goodness
out the window to keep me occupied.
We kept driving because we were on a mission
to get to Blue Hills before closing.
Its one of my top three go-to's around Round Top.
Look at this feast of eye candy...

All day I'd been looking for double happiness.
I'm sure I gasped out loud when I came upon these...

It doesn't get better than DOUBLE double happiness.

Look at my beautiful model friend Lisa photobombing :)

Yes my friends.
They had these marked at $495.
But they didn't fool me.
These were the same pots I scored years ago from Wisteria,
back when they were reasonably priced at $99.
This vendor tried to age them but rubbing probably tea or coffee on them.
And then marking up the price tag.

He did have nice things though.
For a hefty price.

Taking pictures was free thankfully.
These little double happiness pots were $125.

I just scored two of these size for under $40 each
so I walked on by.
But I did circle a couple of times I'll admit.

In the end I passed.
But I did ask him about them being vintage
and he admitted he had aged them.
Maybe my eyes aren't as bad as I thought.
The next case kind of proves that.

See this guy...

The one in the dark gray t-shirt?

So my friend Lisa and I are walking around
and we walk into a tent.
I turn around and all of a sudden I am eye to eye
with Anderson Cooper of CNN.
I don't really watch him on CNN
but rather when he does late night talk shows.
He's pretty funny.
So of course I turn into a teenager
and turn around to Lisa
and mouth
And she's like no way. Its not him.
And this little old lady next to us goes
"Uh, yes it is him."
And I'm like "Lisa, I love him.
I want to meet him."
And Lisa is like "Nancy, no way. Step away from Anderson Cooper."
She's right I thought.
You're a grown woman.
Leave him alone.
And he walked away with his friends.
But we secretly tried to follow him to get a better picture.
So classy I know.
But we also continued to look around.
Old Post Office window anyone?

Kicking myself that I didn't snap up one of these old printers drawers.
Next time these are mine.

Swooning over these...

They had something for everyone...
if you're in the mood for ten foot deer...

or a flying pig...

AC again...

Looks like he bought a book...

How many pictures of the back of someone's head can one person take?

Too many.
That's how many.

Hope you had fun Anderson Cooper.
I know I did.
After Blue Hills we drove to Leftovers
for our annual wine and cheese party in the parking lot
before we went inside for more retail therapy.
These little napkins were hysterical...

and a good deal.
Perfect for little gifts for the wine lovers in your life.

I couldn't take enough pictures of their styling...

and my phone battery ran out.
Perfect timing though.
I captured one last shot as we headed home...

I'm already making my list for the spring.
Thanks to my peeps for another glorious day of shopping and mayhem.

Hope you all have a glorious Friday!


  1. Best photos I've seen of Round Top! How funny about Anderson Cooper!
    And a great Happy Birthday to you.

  2. Great photos and personally I would have taken just as many of Anderson Cooper!

  3. Hi-

    I enjoyed seeing your great photos of Round Top.
    My daughters and I go to both shows each year.
    What an inspiration it is.

    I never knew you could age reproduction porcelain.

    Enjoyed visiting, and I am a new follower.
    White Spray Paint


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