Monday, October 6, 2014

Round Top rocks again

My peeps and I had the most glorious day
on Friday in Round Top, Texas.
Get a cup of coffee and have a seat
because this is a picture packed post...
as in previous years
we drove through Round Top
and headed first to Warrenton.
This is a big trick because most people stop
at the first tent they see and by the end of the day
they are crawling at a stand still in traffic.
If you ever visit Round Top
do yourself a favor...
go to the end and work your way back.
You're welcome.
You can score dough bowls like the one above for $20.
I now have two because one was not enough.
I figure one for decorating,
one for Lego storage.

These curated cloches were over $100 each.
I took this picture for my peep Susan...

I know she can recreate the nest one for much less.
Hoping she sends a picture when she's done.
Hint, hint.

Love this sign dont you?

Anything drift wood goes in my book...

I should have grabbed a bag of these but I didnt for some reason...

You know how I hoard sea fans right?
Well last week I FINALLY got around to framing
one of the ones I've scored over the past year
from Round Top and Savannah.
I'll do a better post on it later but here's a sneak peek...
Back to Round Top.
There's one tent that sells framed sea fans...

These fans...

I scored three fans like the ones above in Round Top in the spring.
This guy is selling his framed for $395.


I wish I needed a ceiling light...

Gotta think of where I can use one before the spring. :)
This tent is one of my favorites.
The good thing is many of these vendors come every show
and typically they set up in the same area
so if there is someone you like you can find them
again and again.
Plus I told him that he was my favorite
and he cut me a better deal :)
File that under
"you catch more flies with honey than vinegar."
I left with a bunch of little fishing floats,
starfish, coral, and conch shells.




More lighting love.
This lady kept photobombing me...


Concrete foo dog anyone?

I spy Beyonce the metal rooster...

I forgot to tell you.
At the first tents we arrived at,
within the first ten minutes of shopping
I spotted a barley twist side table.
We had gone over our "want" list in the car
so that everyone knew what to keep an eye open for.
I said I wanted a barley twist table to use as a game table.
So I gasped when I saw this little end table.
My younger peep Lisa with better eyes goes
"Well look at THIS barley twist table."
And there it was.
The holy grail.
The perfect game table with barley twist legs.
I approached it slowly with baited breath.
I squinted my eyes to try to see the price clearly.
This was the first one I'd seen at Round Top for under $1000.
I paid for it and she held it for me until we left Warrenton.
Later in the day as we moved up the road towards Round Top
my friend LaVerne ran up and grabbed me
Ok. Ok. I'm coming.
Wondering what all the rush was about.
We run through this big barn
and she suddenly stops at this...

Its the same flippin table I bought.
But add a honey or so to the price tag.

Its not just antiques you find
its replicas of stuff you can find online and in catalogs.
Ballards and even Target has these tables...

I've seen this light as well for about $215.
This was marked up a bit
but I was happy to see it in person.

I kept staring at this.
 I think my table is bigger...

I wanted one of these
but they had a ton of dead spiders inside.

I cant remember the name of this area but its in the middle of our route.
Its right across from three big barn like structures
{we always stop there after lunch because they have good bathrooms}.
Its home to one of my top three favorite vendors,
 a little French guy who carries some awesome stuff.
Unfortunately he pretty much sold everything
by the time we came but I still love to look.

Anybody need a boat?
Where was this the day my kid had surgery
and my street flooded?
Can you see the traffic?

These old shutters belong to the French guy.
My peep Lisa and I were kind of circling about
looking for our other peeps.
Lisa mentioned a while back
that she wanted to build a headboard from old doors.

You know where this is going right?

By this time all our peeps found us plotting.
Then together we all started designing Lisa's new headboard. 

A little deal making
and the agreement that if they fit in LaVerne's SUV
then we'd take them.
She scored these for under $350 total.
You cant buy a headboard for that from a big box retailer.
Not with all this chippy goodness.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.
You'll want to check back
to see who I spotted at Blue Hills.
Here's a hint:
I'm also a fan of his mother.


  1. Wow! I LOVED everything! I think next year I am going to have to visit my family & friends in TX for Round Top!! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. I just heard about Round Top from a TV show last night (seriously!) I think the show was Fixer Upper? Anyway, they went to Round Top and I was DYING watching it wishing we had that here and now this post.... SOOOOO envious. I want to go next time!!! I am so happy for you and your amazing table deal - that is incredible! I would have to rent a truck with a trailer and drive it back!

  3. Nancy... loved all the pics. I've been to Round Top and positively loved it. Congrats on the table!


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