Thursday, October 23, 2014

what's better than a four letter word?

My favorite four letter word is...
wait for it...
Are you surprised?
I thought not.
In case you thought it couldn't get any better than that
my favorite phrase
{keeping it clean here}
is sale on sale.
Case in point
this jacket I've been stalking from Loft...
It doesn't get very cold in Houston
so I think this will be my go to jacket this winter.
I've been watching it for a while.
It was marked at $168 originally.
Then the other day I noticed it was marked down to $99.88.
Probably because it got some negative reviews
for a weird smell,
most likely the navy dye they used.
But most of the reviewers said they hung it up
for a few days and the smell dissipated.
I could live it I thought.
So I went online.
My size was sold out.
I kept thinking about it.
But I persisted and checked the site every day.
Then Monday it was marked 40% off.
Sale on sale baby.
My favorite words to see in an email.
My size was back in stock.
Probably a return.
Who cares.
I snagged it even with the caveat of it now being final sale.
I rolled the dice.
Living on the edge here in Houston :)
I was shocked that it arrived the next day
even though I paid for regular shipping.
I held my breath and took it out of the packaging.
No smell.
Of course yesterday it went on sale for 50% off
using the code
but its now limited sizes.
Good news is that everything online at Loft
is on sale at 50% off.
Online and in stores through today!
Run don't walk ladies to the Loft.
Let me know what you get :)


  1. Score. I never buy anything from Loft full price as they are always throwing sales!

  2. Now THAT'S a sale - love your coat!!

  3. This is a cute coat. It's hard to find something perfect for milder winters.

  4. Nope…all gone in my area and on line. I've been wearing a heavy cotton knit kind of coat/sweater I bought at Banana two years ago. I agree, it's hard to find lightweight coats for warmer climates. Actually, I often just wear my J.Crew vest over a sweater. Anthro has a wonderful sweater coat now, but comments have said the threads tear and come loose, and it's only available on line, so hard to know!

  5. Love getting fashion tips!! I am a stalker as well...who cares about a smell...nothing a little fresh air couldn't cure!!!

  6. I love that coat and want one just like it. Im a LOFT girl, so going to check it out, fingers crossed. Now I want to see a picture of you in it!!! have a great weekend, xo Nancy


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