Friday, November 28, 2014

house in the 'hood

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday.
The highlights of our day were our kids
saying grace before lunch and hearing them
speak from their hearts
about what they were thankful for,
then late afternoon all five of us
snuggling up on the bed to watch the 1968 version
of "Yours, Mine, and Ours"
with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda.
It only took me thirty minutes to figure out
how to set up our tv for amazon prime movies.
That was surely the miracle of the day.
In case you're still in a turkey stupor
and haven't motivated to do any black Friday shopping
or start hanging the holiday decorations
{because that's my current state of mind}
then let's sit back and chat
about this beautiful home in the 'hood.
You know me I'm always on
One recent Saturday night I see this one
and immediately I get giddy.
I passed my ipad over to the hubs
and say "hey, look at this new one."
There was an open house the next day.
Guess who went?

Immediately when we walked in
we both looked at each other
and said this was like a Palmetto Bluff house
in the middle of Houston.
I never thought I was a fan of staircases by the front door
until I saw the long hallway it allowed.
{Its even better upstairs.}

To the left is a huge storage closet underneath the stairwell
and across from that is a full bathroom...
I love the window height which allows privacy
without the need for window coverings.
The door you see above leads to the storage closet
while the door opposite opens into the library...
I know.
I'm in love.
So is the hubs.
At one point on the tour he said
"I would leave our house for this one."
Insert emoji with stunned wide eyes here.
There is a closet behind the door on the left
so technically this could be a bedroom.
Exiting the library looking back towards the front door...
then just across is a little wine bar area...
with plenty of glass storage
and a wine fridge...
If you were to turn around from the bar area
you'd find yourself in the family room...
If you love to entertain get ready for this magic move...
the French doors just slide away
and your living area just doubled to include the back porch area...

 with its own fireplace
and outdoor kitchen...

You cant really tell in these pictures
but there are pull down screens
between each of the white columns below
making this porch bug and mosquito free.

 Heading back inside you can see the wine bar in the middle of the screen
and to its left is the pantry with a sliding barn door.


 What we both loved is that there are no "formal" spaces.
Here's the one dining area...

with extra seating at the island and a little bar below...


And my favorite part of downstairs is the mud room
with its little dutch door, storage galore,
and a little office area for keeping control of chaos..

From the mudroom you exit into the front loading garage.
Which is where we met the real estate agent listing the house.
And no we didn't buy this house
{although someone else did :)}
we did meet with the builders last Friday
and the ball is officially rolling!
I'm excited to say we're looking for a lot y'all
on which to build our own custom little house in the 'hood. :)

All of these photos are via
I'll post pictures I took during the open house
including photos of the upstairs.
Stay tuned :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

happy happy Christmas

I don't know about you
but instagram has become my favorite time waster
way to unwind instead of pinterest as of late.
Its a blessing and a curse.
Curse in that I get sucked in
wondering an hour later where the time went.
Blessing in that I stumble on things that catch my eye
and then my heart...

Hands down my favorite find online
I dare say ev-ah.
All you lovers of blue and white
take a moment and talk amongst yourselves.
{insert the sound of angels singing}
Our tree is full of things the boys made in preschool.
With three boys space is becoming limited.
I restrained myself and ordered only three,
one to hand down to each of our boys,
hoping that one day when they're older they'll look at these
and remember their crazy mama whose love of
double happiness started with her first two babies.
 Each one is hand painted by Caroline of Curio Raleigh.
It gets better.
Look what she just posted on IG...
Hand painted chinoiserie ornaments.
I'm swooning over these too.
If you are as well then email Caroline asap 
 cegilber3 {at}
or you can order through her etsy shop here.
If you're on IG you can follow her here for future eye candy alerts

Thursday, November 20, 2014

house in the 'hood

I spotted this one last night on my beloved
and immediately went gaga over it.
Can you tell why?
Turns out I run past it on one of our running routes
but since we run before sunrise
I've just never noticed it.
Until now.
The home owner is either a designer, 
hired one,
or she stalks blogs like I do
because this house is divinely decorated
as you will soon see.

I love the chutzpah of whoever did the design.
Right off the bat you know this is going to be good.
They painted the hardwood floors in a glossy gray paint.

The downstairs office had me at hello.

Brave decisions were made all around.
Like I always say to my kids
different is good.


A better look at the floors in the entry hall
leading into the family room...

The plate arrangement on the wall reminds me
of one Sally Wheat used to have in her old house.
She lives in this 'hood too...
wondering if she helped with this house???

Wine room anyone?

Honestly I keep staring at the pillows.
And the mix of seating.
{Annette...see what I mean about mixing chairs?}
What goes with a wine room better than a bar area
especially with marble countertops and herringbone backsplash?

A lovely respite right outside the wine room...

Back inside there is a guest room and bath on the main floor...

Just the sight of the mudroom makes me happy...

I love the Houston subway art
in an otherwise tone on tone palette...

I'm taking notes on this bedroom.
Bungalow 5 dressers as side tables.


Two things I would do if this house were mine
is update the fireplace surround and the master bath...
But that wouldn't stop me from buying.
Especially if they threw in the furnishings :)
Just saying.
I spy one of my favorite light fixtures below...

Look at these boys' rooms below....

I will be showing these to my boys so that they can vote
on which one I will be copying for their bedroom update.
Because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery :)
I love the gallery wall in the second stairwell...

These last two rooms make this a winner winner in my book...
the game room...

and a bunk room.

I'm adding these to my new house file.
Which we may be needing sooner rather than later :)
More on that on Monday.
all images via


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