Monday, November 24, 2014

happy happy Christmas

I don't know about you
but instagram has become my favorite time waster
way to unwind instead of pinterest as of late.
Its a blessing and a curse.
Curse in that I get sucked in
wondering an hour later where the time went.
Blessing in that I stumble on things that catch my eye
and then my heart...

Hands down my favorite find online
I dare say ev-ah.
All you lovers of blue and white
take a moment and talk amongst yourselves.
{insert the sound of angels singing}
Our tree is full of things the boys made in preschool.
With three boys space is becoming limited.
I restrained myself and ordered only three,
one to hand down to each of our boys,
hoping that one day when they're older they'll look at these
and remember their crazy mama whose love of
double happiness started with her first two babies.
 Each one is hand painted by Caroline of Curio Raleigh.
It gets better.
Look what she just posted on IG...
Hand painted chinoiserie ornaments.
I'm swooning over these too.
If you are as well then email Caroline asap 
 cegilber3 {at}
or you can order through her etsy shop here.
If you're on IG you can follow her here for future eye candy alerts


  1. Just followed her on IG…and, it turns out, she lives/works very near me! I'll have to go and visit her shop. Thanks!


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