Tuesday, November 11, 2014

long time gone

It wasn't intentional.
One day I was on the computer
and all of a sudden I got a blue screen
with the words "bad pool caller."
Rut roh Shaggy.
I googled it on my phone
and words like "screen of death" came up.
Good. night. nurse.
Thankfully a friend {Molly} had introduced me
to her computer guy Martin so I texted him.
He came over the next day and within about three minutes
he said the dreaded words
"your hard drive is failing."
Um, its less than two years old.
Yeah, he said.
They don't make parts to last any more.
He starts digging in the history
and can see that its been failing since April
with big errors noted in red.
Just after my warranty expired.
I'm just lucky it didn't totally crash.
Do yourself a favor and right now
go back up all your pictures
or anything you want to save from your computer.
I bought a 2 terabyte backup disk
then Martin helped me configure it
{after he changed the hard drive}
to where I just leave the thing plugged in
and it backs up my computer automatically.
Paranoid me also backs up my pictures on another
separate hard drive.
Yes that's a duplicate of the duplicate.
You call it OCD.
I call it peace of mind :)
In other news
we snuck over to our friend Deb's house
while she was having surgery on her shoulder.
We ninja-cleaned her house.
It was fun except for when I thought her neighbors
were going to call the police on me
while I waited for the other peeps to show up with a key.
I just kept waving at them as I sat in my minivan.
Forget the neighbors and the police.
I was scared of Debbie's reaction.
We were afraid she would be mad that we snuck in
but if we would have asked she would have told us no.
Its easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission sometimes.
She later said she was so happy to come home to fresh sheets,
a stocked fridge, and a tidy house. :)
We also delivered a big bag of stuff to our peep little E.
who was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago.
Stuff like scarves and lotions,
socks with aloe, tea, tervis tumblers and straws,
special mouthwashes and lip balms
I'd read that chemo patients have found helpful.
Our peep Joyce had a nightshirt monogrammed
with a big E on it "Laverne and Shirley style"
and as an "inside joke" she had
something like "Kick cancer in the ass}."
embroidered on the inside collar
so her kids wouldn't see it but so
it would make her smile when she saw it.
Molly bought a token for parking in the medical center.
That is a HUGE tip I never thought of.
We went to a hospital in the med center last week
for about two hours and the bill was $9 to park.
I know this is probably boring,
like I'm writing a letter home from camp
about what I've been doing.
Its boring but true...just keeping the bus running.
And by running I don't mean on two feet.
Not sure if my marathon dream is going to happen
but as my boot camp teacher likes to say
"fake it til you make it."
I've got until January to figure this foot thing out.
And if that's the biggest problem I have in my life right now
I'll happily take it. :)


  1. So sorry about your foot, Nancy. Hope you are on the mend soon. What a wonderful friend you are. Those little things turn into huge things when you are the receiver. Great tips for gifts for someone going thru health challenges. Have a great week!

  2. What wonderful things to do for your girlfriends. Glad it worked out to clean her home for her. And, thoughtful gifts when going through a difficult time are always appreciated. Sorry your foot is still troubling you. Hopefully it will be on the mend soon.


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