Friday, November 14, 2014

what will they think of next?

I had an idea at one time,
one I'd always meant to mention to my peep Laura
whose husband is an inventor.
Seriously this guy is off the chain smart
and writes apps and invented a device for dishwashers
to let you know when they're clean or dirty.
What I wanted was a way to turn on my automated coffee pot
if I woke up earlier than it was set to turn on.
You know, so I didn't have to go all the way
downstairs and wait for my coffee to brew.
First world problem right?
Well, I never followed up on it.
Then low and behold last week
 I'm bebopping around amazon
and I see this...
Apparently its a plug that you can control using your iPhone
to turn lights and electronics on and off remotely.
Who knew?
I'm thinking coffee pots and Christmas lights
are going high tech in my home this year.
No more going outside to unplug everything
when its cold outside!!!!
Now that's what I call hitting the easy button. 

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