Monday, December 28, 2015

the show up chip

If you celebrate it I hope you had a lovely Christmas last week.
We do and we did.
Sometimes Pretty much every year
I feel like we go overboard with the gifts for our kids.
I blame it on my husband but who are we kidding?
I'm his enabler.
I always say "we have enough, they don't need another toy or game."
And while truer words have never spoken
I think its sweet that he truly just wants it to be special for them
as in let's keep them little while we can.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

all i need

Like a lot of you
I've been prepping for Christmas.
Amazon has been my go to for gifts this year.
They should have some sort of special club
for those of us who use amazon
like it was a shop around the corner or
the seven eleven back in the day.
I'm pretty sure they're losing money on people like me
even with their prime membership dues
with all the packages that have been arriving. me.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

a few of my favorite things

Hanukah is already here and Christmas is quickly approaching.
Just like Thanksgiving I'm not quite ready but I'm trying.
The UPS and mail carrier guys are like my new best friends.
In case you're behind the eight ball like me and
you need a couple of gift ideas for you or yours
herewith are a few of my most recent favorite things...

For the gardener in your life...

I've been stalking these for a while.
Chevron planters.
They're on clearance now for a set of two
plus through today you can get an extra 12% off
with the code "SAVE12" and free shipping from hayneedle.
These may be on their way to my house.
Especially because they remind me of this...

via Southern Living

my most favorite door of all time.
My porch is getting a little mini makeover in time for the New Year. :)

For the art lover...

One of my favorite bloggers Lucy Williams
posted some pics of her original art work this week
that had me at hello...

If you have any blank wall space you need one of her paintings stat.
Color = happiness in my book.

For the music lover...

for a new twist on Christmas music
I picked up December by Chris Botti...

I put it on last night as I helped my guys with homework
and even they were moving to the music.
Its lovely and the perfect background party music.
Just saying.

For the beauty product junkie in your life
I'm telling you It Cosmetics is where its at.
I'm addicted to their lip serum glosses.
Ulta had a deal on Cyber Monday that I couldn't pass up.
I may have snapped up one of every color.
This time of year is the perfect time to stock up on their gift sets like these...


You get my drift.
Marvelous multiples.

For the techie in your life...

I'm obsessed with the Ring doorbell.
Read about it here but in a nutshell
somebody rings your bell and you get notified on your smart phone.
You can set it up to detect motion too at which point you'll also get a ping.
Even when you're not home.
I told a friend about it and he got one.
He is kind of hysterical in his use of it.
For instance some teenagers may have been on their front porch
discussing their plans for the night.
He got an alert on his phone
{because he has it programmed for motion too}
he sees them on the screen, presses a button on his phone,
and scares the you know what out of them with a big
"HEY! What are y'all doing? What's going on?"
I can't wait to do this to my kids ;)
I tried to score one from Sam's online but they sold out immediately.
Costco has them right now for under retail
but I'd like a certain color which they didn't have.
I might just bite the bullet and order one from the manufacturer
but I'm hoping they show up in store locally
while the seasons' sales are still going on.

Lastly for the exercise lover...

I told you I recently downloaded a workout video
from Hilliard Studio Method...


I did it for the first time last week and I was shaking.
It was so good.
I watched it the first time without doing anything.
It looked easy peasy...or so I thought.
Then I followed along with the weights.
Completely do-able.
You feel it but in a good way.
I got the one titled "hot flash hottie"...
I mean how can you resist that name?
My plan is to do this one until its easy-ish and then get another.
The instruction is fantastic and she gives alternatives and goals to work up to.
Best part is you can travel with it if you choose to download it to your devices.
Loves it.

Any good gifts you want to share?
Leave me a note below.
I love finding new products ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

taking a chance

So yesterday I did something kind of dumb.
But I'd probably do it again in a heart beat.
I was running errands, checking things off my list.
I left one store and was walking to my car.
Not really paying attention to anything
but my next destination and how quickly could I do it
because school pickup time was approaching.
One more errand to squeeze in before then would be golden.
I hear this little "excuse me" and turn to see an elderly woman.
She said "I don't know what to do. Will you help me?"
Now if you know me you'll know that I kind of don't trust people.
I admit fully that I used to watch too many
48 hours 20/20 Nancy Grace "who done it" kind of shows.
I had to ban these types of shows altogether 
because I would get sucked in
like watching a bad train wreck.
Some things you just cant turn away from.
Once I start watching
I'd have to watch until the bitter end
to see who done it.
And it never ends well does it?
So then I'd be awake all night.
I have sleep problems as it is without tv shows.
So when this lady approached me yesterday
I almost, al-most said no.
The thought that maybe she had a little gun in her jacket ran through my head.
I should probably stop reading the paper too.
Paranoia destroy ya.
So I took a chance.
Of course I will help you.
What do you need?
She told me about how she'd been chatting on her phone,
got distracted and left her keys in the car.
If I told you it was a Hummer I know you wouldn't believe me.
I'm telling you - this lady I bet is a complete hoot to know as a person.
I can't make this stuff up.
She said she lived near the shopping center,
two miles away,
could I take her home to get her spare key?
So at this point I'm debating.
Like if I let her in my car and she does have a gun
what to do then?
Because by this point I'm in.
Brilliant me decides I'll roll down my window.
I'll scream like a banshee and wave my arms out the window.
That'll work right?
As if that wasn't a good enough deterrent from harm
I look down and see my antibacterial spray.
Then I took the cap off the little bottle
so that when she pulls said imaginary gun
I'll blind her with my antibacterial spray.
Good plan right?
Yeah not so much.
But at least I was thinking of alternatives right?
The thought also occurred to me that maybe I should call my husband to tell him.
No can do.
He'll tell me not to do it.
I think it will be ok.
So I let her in my car and she says let me call my husband
and tell him to get my other key ready.
Because I told her I had to get my kids in thirty minutes.
So she calls him and it was the funniest back and forth...
I'm sure that was a little peek into my future
when I'm old and gray.
Well, older because let's face it,
under a bunch of hair dye I slap on every two weeks
I'm 70% gray now.
So she's saying to him get the key
and he's like where are you?
I can't come get you.
Why do you want the key?
And she's a little embarrassed by him not understanding.
She's looking at me.
She says he's 87, he cant really hear.
I'm trying to pretend I don't hear
but she knows that I do because its on speaker.
I just look at her like its ok, no worries, have you home in a jiffy.
Then her phone gets another call.
This new caller is like where are?
How are you in a car?
I thought you locked your keys in the car
She shushes them and says to them
I'll call you later, we're in a hurry.
We roll up to their building.
She says I'll be right back.
I'll be right here I tell her.
I kind of got the feeling that maybe she didn't believe me.
But there's no way I wasn't completing my mission.
I called my peep Laura and said look.
This is what I'm doing.
If I disappear today come look for my car around here.
Again...I watch too much reality crime tv.
So Laura thinks I'm nuts but I'm just happy
someone knows where I am.
Besides my new friend.
She comes back to the car with the doorman from her building.
He helps her in and says thank you for being her angel today.
She's very worried now that she's taken too long
and that I'm going to be late to get my kids from school.
No, no, I try to reassure her.
We've got plenty of time to get back to your car
and then for me to run and get them.
No problemo.
She says that it was her granddaughter who had called.
Her granddaughter told her to tell me
that I shouldn't have done what I did in letting her in my car.
and she herself had already told me the same thing.
I said I know.
But sometimes you gotta take a chance.
Listen to your heart and to your God whispers
but take a chance on somebody.
I had hesitated but I told her she had a good aura about her.
She just smiled.
She kept saying she was so grateful
because she hadn't known what to do or who to call to help her.
She said that her husband was sick and couldn't drive.
I want you to know that I am rarely if ever in that shopping center.
Today I went there by fluke at that time.
I literally had meant to go to the grocery across the street.
But my husband had mentioned something he wanted
to get over the weekend but didn't have time.
I decided as I went through the intersection to go right instead of left.
I told her that I knew,
just knew
that God had put me there to help her that day,
just when she needed it.
She said you believe in God?
Yes ma'am I do.
I've seen too many things in my life to doubt God's existence.
She said I believe in Him too.
And she started to cry.
She said I know you've already done me a favor today
but I'd like to ask you another one,
a bigger one,
one that means more to me than the one you just did.
Will you pray for my husband?
For his complete healing?
He's my better half.
His name is Jay.
I assured her that I would.
I did.
I will continue to.
I wish I could share her beautiful name with you
but its quite unusual and it comes up on a search of just hers and his first name.
I told you I watched too much crime tv right?
I share this story today to ask that,
if you're the praying type,
if you remember,
could you say a prayer for Jay and his wife too?
I believe in miracles.
I hope you do too.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

house in the 'hood

This is a test.
I updated my browser the other day.
Weird stuff happened when I last posted.
You know I'm technically challenged but trying.
Right now as I type there's big yellow warning box above my post
telling me the browser I just updated to may result in unexpected behavior.
That probably explains the weird random repost you may have gotten on email
and wondered to yourself what in the world is wrong with Nancy.
I was scratching my head at that one too.
So let's try a short little post shall we and see what happens next.

Herewith my most favorite recent house in the 'hood...


 If I told you that I would lay on the floor and look up all day I know you'd believe me.
I like seeing what builders are using right now.
Different is good right?
You don't see too many curved walls in kitchens, at least I haven't...

The kitchen opens into the family room...

I love the fireplace...taking notes as our fireplace surround is on my re-do radar.

The dining room is to the left as you enter the home.
Looks like a butler pantry pass through to your right...

and a formal living room or study to the right of the entry...

and the powder room...

I love the way it looks but my OCD says it wouldn't be fun to keep clean.

There were only a handful of pictures on
I wish there were more.
And no real picture descriptions to boot
so I'm guessing this is the game room upstairs ...

and if that is true then I'm assuming that this is the master...

with the master bath en suite...

 I'll leave you with a picture of the front.
I'm not always a fan of stucco designs but this had me at hello.

Wish me luck.
I'm hitting publish.
Let's see what happens...

all images via

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

in all things

This year has blown by.
I cannot even believe Thanksgiving is in two days.
Can I get a hands up for who's not ready?
I've got two hands raised.
That's how behind I am.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

best recent beauty buys

You know I'm a self professed beauty product junkie.
I don't know why but I've never met a new product I didn't want to try.

Friday, November 13, 2015


As they say in the South
where I come from
stick a fork in me,
I'm done!
Sending loads of gratitude to our host Linda
from Calling It Home  and her biannual One Room Challenge.
I've been an avid reader of her blog for years and honestly
without the push of a deadline this little room reno
may would definitely have taken me years to finish.
No lie.
I'll share pics in a second
but its on my heart to say this first...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

when i loved him least

This post isn't about decorating or deals.
Forgive me if that's what you're here for.

Friday, November 6, 2015

have a seat...its week 5 of the ORC

 Back when I first got hooked on pinterest
I would spend every single second of free time on it.
Not proud, just being honest.
That was a few years ago.
15,000 pins plus since.
I know.
Insert ashamed emoji here.
One good thing that came out of that time well spent er wasted
is now that I'm circling back as a serial redecorator
to update rooms in my house
I usually peruse the many pinterest boards I have saved.
Like when I lost my mind threw my hat in the ring for my first ORC
the first place I went is my "where i work" board.
I saw certain trends of things I've loved
{some things that may be considered trends but
I figure its my space and I've got to love it right?}
 I've tried in these few short weeks to make them come to fruition.
One of the first things I started searching for
was the perfect place to sit while I work.
One type of chair in particular kept coming up on repeat in my pins.
A Chinese inspired Chippendale...

Of course these had me at hello...
In green if you please.
When I spotted this on One Kings Lane...
I thought it was "the one".
It was priced at $199.
I hit "add to cart" quicker than sweet tea disappears in my house.
Up popped white glove delivery fee of $200.
You know how I feel about shipping fees.
Um, no thank you.
I'll pass.
Undaunted I found it on other websites because that's how I roll.
Unfortunately on the other websites you had to buy them as a pair.
I kept searching for my perfect chair like Prince Charming for Cinderella.
This site has a ton of Chippendale chairs
{among other treasures}
but again...I only wanted one, not ten.
If you're in the market for multiples check Circawho out fo' sho.
Another great place for these Asian inspired items is Gumps.
I found Gumps during my initial foray into collecting double happiness.
This time I was all about their chairs...
but because of the desk I needed one without arms.
Gumps even had one of those but it was pretty pricey...
Ballard is a great place for chairs as well.
I knew their Dayna chair would work...
since they have both arm chair and side chair versions. have to buy their side chairs in pairs -
I assume because of shipping issues but I'm not sure.
In any event I hesitated since I knew I was going to Round Top.
More on that in a minute but if I could I would like to
 humbly suggest they offer these in green and navy.
Just saying Ballard Designs.
I found one in navy at my favorite catalog store Wisteria
but alas it only comes in the arm chair version.
 I have loved everything I've ever gotten from Wisteria.
One day I'm going to make it to their headquarters in Dallas.
And I may never come back...they might find me living in their warehouse.
Look for me in the blue and white porcelain section. ;)
Ok since that sounded kind of stalkerish let me tell you that
I did indeed stalk Ebay and Etsy scouring for one of these beauties
oh and Everything but the you know that site?
Be careful...its like pinterest.
It will suck you in and three hours later you're wondering
what space vortex you stumbled into
because you thought it had only been like ten minutes.
Or so you tell your husband when he calls you one afternoon
to ask where you are since you haven't left to do car pool yet.
'Cause you were in said vortex.
All this to say I couldn't find what I wanted in a chair
for what I wanted to spend online.
Which leads me back to Round Top.
Y'all may know that I am lucky enough to live less than two hours away.
I'm even luckier to have friends who are expert Round Top goers.
Over the years I've gone with them
they've taught me where to go, who to see, and how to deal.
Also where to eat and where the best restrooms are.
And they do the best wine and cheese tailgate parties.
Muy importante stuff y'all.
So this fall I made my little wish list.
A little background in case you're just joining me...
my husband and I had this little room reno on our books for years.
We had planned to make this old wine bar into a desk area
but with the thought that it would be a family command central.
Over the summer I told him I was dreaming of doing something, anything
in the field of design since I'm hopelessly passionate about it.
It was his idea to turn the bar into "my" little space to dream design dreams
{whatever those may be}.
Now I admit I have extra chairs in the house
and I was just going to use one of those but then the hubs casually said
"while you're in Round Top
look for a square game table
and also a chair for your office."
Who am I to turn down his requests?
So on the way to Round Top my peeps and I
go over our wish lists in the car as we drive through the countryside
because we always keep our eyes peeled for each others desires.
So the whole day I'm looking.
But I'm not seeing anything even remotely Chippendale like.
By the time we reached our next to the last stop at Blue Hills
I admit that I had given up.
I'd found a few treasures like double happiness calligraphy pens
and I was as happy as a clam with those.
Two of the cars in our caravan got to Blue Hills before we did.
Just as we drove got there I get a text asking where we are.
Just got here I texted back.
Then I get this picture from my peep Laura...

And within another minute I got nearly the same picture from another friend Angela
who was in a different car and had also arrived separately.
I started frantically texting...
Where are y'all?
I'm on the way!!!!
  It must have been funny to other antiquing fans,
a middle aged woman running through Blue Hills as if her hair was on fire.
I stopped at the door of the tent they told me to go to and took a deep breath,
already in line of sight at what can only be described as
Asian inspired furniture heaven.
Only it was in the middle of the Texas farm country...
no lie
the fields around Round Top
and a rainbow to boot.
Heaven indeed.
As was this little slice of heaven by Red Egg...

My friend Laura was patiently waiting on me,
smiling like she had found the holy grail.
Because she had :)
We were greeted by the booth owner Carol.
She was so lovely I can't even tell you.
Now let me tell you that when I'm happy or excited I tend to talk fast.
I saw the furniture and accents she had and I was just goofy giddy.
I told her about looking all day for the perfect chair for my new office.
Laura, the best-est peep ever, told Carol about my blog,
about how I was dreaming and scheming of a new business venture.
Laura is seriously the best thing since sliced bread.
I tried to put the kibosh on her,
telling her to stop because I'm sure Carol didn't want to hear it
and how my blog was tiny compared to most.
{that's a whole separate post by the way...

Carol stopped me in my tracks and kindly said...
If your friend wants to beam about you and your dreams you should let her :)
She's your best form of advertising.
So I blushed while Laura, my new VP of PR, told her my story.
I asked Carol how she got started in the furniture business.
She shared her story with me,
how she took some things she bought and collected
while working overseas in Asia and sold them at a show like Round Top.
She wasn't sure if the items would sell but she took a chance
figuring she'd take them to a flea market if things didn't work out.
She sold out immediately and knew she was onto something.
I seriously got chills while she was talking.
I just love that Carol took a chance and went for it.

The chance she took seventeen years ago grew into her company called red egg.
I knew I wasn't leaving her tent empty handed.
The deal was sealed when Laura ushered me over to a red egg table.
She didn't say anything, rather just pointed to the label.
The table was from a line by red egg called "double happiness."
Meet my new desk chair otherwise known as the Indochine side chair...

via red egg

 or as I fondly call it - my red egg chair :)
Carol also told us the inspiration behind her company name...
in Chinese culture red is the color of prosperity and fortune
and eggs signify birth or a new start.
To me it couldn't get any better than this

 Ok...the desk is in, the paint is on the wall.
We have light and some artwork and now a place to sit.
I'm wrapping up the last big part of my ORC puzzle.
Here's a little sneak peek for week 6...

 Thanks for stopping by to check on my progress.
I feel like I'm about to run a marathon to get the last minute details done.
Wish me luck :)
Click over to our host Linda's Calling It Home
to check out the other linking participants
who are rocking it out of the park!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I think its official...

As well as being addicted to
{in no particular order}:
 hair care products
lip gloss and lip balms
ok, beauty product junkie in general
blue and white double happiness porcelain...
 I think its safe to say that we can add pillow hoarder to this list.
It started in late summer when I finally ordered these
from Martha and Ash for our little bedroom reno...


I love them with the new drapes and my old Chiang Mai pillows.
Guess we gotta add Chiang Mai to the obsession list.
I now have three different colorways of it working in the house.
And because I love imperial trellis I was debating about whether to add a few
Euro sized pillows or a bed scarf of it to our bed but held off.

Then I saw these...
Hubba hubba.
I've seen these on One Kings Lane  and on a few other sites too.
Then I saw them on
Where they were a little bit less.
Plus free shipping.
One problem.
While I contemplated they sold out.
Dang it.
I signed up for an email alert if they ever came back into stock.
Sometimes when you snooze you lose.
In fact the whole reason I stumbled on these pillows was because
I had my eye on a game table for like ever on overstock.
I'd been hoping to find a square one in Round Top to no avail.
{I sold the oval barley twist table I found in the spring since it didn't fit the room right.}
Then one night my husband said will you just order the game table already?
He was afraid it would sell out and although it was more than I wanted to pay
it was the right size and shape for our room.
So I did one last search before pulling the trigger.
Glad I did.
I found it on for $200 less.
And I may have thrown this in my basket too...
one of these in navy to try it out in the family room.

Its down filled and nice size for under $25.
I'm thinking I might need more.
It looks lonely below doesn't it?

Or is that just the junkie in me talking?
Right after the navy pillow and table arrived I got a little email alert.
Guess what was back in stock?


I was on these like white on rice and quickly ordered two.
It was my birthday month I told myself.
And its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission.
I originally thought I'd put them in our bedroom 
but when they arrived I put them on the sofa in my husbands office
until I could take them upstairs...

 I'm thinking they may stay here.
That's the new game table I scored by the way.
The table top flips and you can play like seven different games on it.
Its awesome as are these pillows...they're 22 inches and came with down inserts.
I think its safe to say that besides pillows
my newest obsession is


Thursday, October 29, 2015

let's get real...week 4 of the ORC

Real life is getting in the way of progress of my one room challenge.
Oy vey.
I had big plans when I last left you.
The weather was even cooperating with the outlook calling for
a weekend of rainy skies thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia.
I'll admit I love rainy days.
The thought of having to stay home and snuggle in...nothing sounds better to me.
I had high hopes of getting stuff done in my little office.
Yeah, that didn't happen.
Saturday was spent in the rain at a school carnival.
No problem I thought.
The forecast called for rain into the night on Sunday
Sunday I told myself.
That's when the magic will happen.
Not so much.
Here's what really happened.
Saturday night we had just gotten into bed when I heard a drip.
That was pretty loud I thought.
Then I heard it again and looked at the hubs,
who as usual was typing away doing work.
Except when I turned to look at him
he turned to look at me with this look that said
"did you just hear that?"
Which is when I knew he'd heard it too.
Crap. Crud.
 We both threw back the covers and jumped up like we were twenty somethings.
All spry and everything.
Except we're not exactly spry.
You know how when you're really trying to listen and you freeze like a statue?
I'm sure we looked more like two crazy people
with arms stretched out and hunched over.
Like cavemen ready to rumble.
So that was us...two looney tunes trying to locate the sound of water dripping.
Then my husband sees it.
Coming down from the ceiling around where the chimney
rises up through the house into the attic.
Needless to say it was a long night and a long Sunday
spent with fans and towels and duct tape.
I said duct tape.
Because bright idea me thinks it would be best
to duct tape towels around the top of the ceiling
to catch the water before it hits the carpet.


Then about 4am I wake up in a "time to make the doughnuts" trance
and get up on a ladder to check to see if its time to change the towels.
Except at 4am and without coffee I end up ripping off more than the towels.
Chunks of paint came off with the handy dandy Star Wars duct tape.
At which point I whisper softly to my husband...
"um, honey, I think we're gonna have to repaint the bedroom."
He mumbles something about "its only money." and rolls over.
Always one to pounce on opportunity I headed for my pot of coffee
and pinterest to pick out new paint colors for the bedroom.
Always looking for the rainbow in clouds :)
It took me three days of phone calls but I finally found a roofer
who could put us on the schedule.
Meaning yesterday I got back to work on my ORC.

Thanks to those of you who left comments about whether or not
to keep the Greek key trim on the desk.
There are lots of tutorials as to how to do this but you know me...
I don't like to read instruction manuals of any kind :)
I'm a wing-it kind of girl.
I found a picture on pinterest with a pattern I liked
{and please note she used gold duct tape...just saying :)}
{Although I just found this and boy would this have come in handy!}
I grabbed a few yard sticks, some gold Scotch washi tape, and a box cutter
and played around last week...

then after last weeks comments I decided to keep it
so I spent yesterday afternoon also matching up the left and right sides...

I know some people miter their edges and make precise cuts...
I'm not those people.
I do it all by eye and we all know my eyes are not what they used to be.
There are little imperfections I'm sure but I'm ok with that.
Just like my wrinkles...I can't see them so they don't bother me.
#outofsightoutofmind :)

I also managed to finish some art work I've wanted to do
ever since I saw this room by Tobi Fairley...

via tobi

My kids have been color coded since their infant days.
{so that I knew which sippy cup belonged to which twin.}
Using this tutorial I was able to make the kids' silhouettes in PowerPoint.
I printed it in black and white and used that as my template for cutting.

What's up for next week?
Here's a hint...

I know.
More blue and white goodness in one picture than a girl deserves.
Next up on the list is tackling the bulletin board.
I have a funny feeling this is going to be a two person job.
But I have just the right person in mind to help me.
She's got mad sewing skills, she's an engineer,
but the main reason I love her is that she's a real hoot.
As in we tend to get in trouble when we're together.
Like the time, perhaps after a few libations,
we sang belted out "YMCA" complete with full dance routine
whilst in the middle of a beautiful antiques store that shall go unnamed.
In our defense the store provided some of the alcohol
and the song was playing on their sound system.
alcohol + music from the 70s = I will bust a move.
So will my peeps.
Just saying she's all that and a bag of chips
and we have ourselves a date with the bag from Schumacher.
I just hope we can get serious long enough to get it on the wall.
Stay tuned...
Even I am on pins and needles about this one. ;)

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

how can it be? it's week 3 of the ORC

Time seems to go at warp speed.
Especially when a deadline is looming.
It's week three of the ORC.
We're half way to the final reveal.
 Let's forget that little detail shall we?
Today let's talk about lighting...

If you're a regular around here
you've heard me complain about my eyes
getting worse as I get older.
It's a fact jack...welcome to the forties :)
The key for me now that I'm in the middle of my fourth decade on earth
is a lot of light...and I do mean ALOT.
And of course I wanted pretty so here's what was on my wish list...

Now for the break down of why and why not these...

I admit I have yet to see a beaded chandy I didn't like.
Especially when it comes in blue...



Hubba hubba right?
A definite pop of bling.
But at $400 it was more than I wanted to spend.

This lovely is about half the price of the blue beauty above...



but because it only uses a maximum of one 40 watt bulb
I had to vote this one off the island.

 I've posted about this gorgeous light before
so I had to consider it even though
its too big for my tiny space...


Somebody needs this in their dining room.
Just saying.

This little light made me smile when I first saw it...


Reminds me of a honeycomb.
Can you see it too?
It also reminds me of the Hicks pendants in my kitchen...


Each makes me think of a gorgeous pair of earrings.
But sadly...I can only fit one in the space plus
I need more than a 40 watt maximum.

This was news to me and I wonder if it is to you too.
Honestly I never thought in a million years
I'd say these words in a blog post...

 Guess who has their own line of lighting?
I know.
Talk amongst yourselves.
I've got to give it to Donny...I like it.
Again...just more than I wanted to spend.
 Because I was going to have to factor in
converting the one lone recessed can light in the room
if I used one of the fixtures above.
Key phrase here is "was" because did you hear that?
That's the sound of our budget increasing by using any of the above.
Plus I should have planned better...
While the carpenter was here earlier this month installing the desk
we decided to drop an extra receptacle in the wall
so that we could plug in our printer that would be housed
inside the cabinet with doors...

While the electrician was here doing that
I had him rip out the old fluorescent light strip
situated right above the desk underneath the dreadful header
{otherwise known as the back of our staircase}

Nothing says migraine to me like fluorescent bulbs.
Anyone else?

My trusty electrician installed this bomb diggity
LED undercabinet light strip from Lowes

that we previously used in our kitchen reno.
Its a plug in but the expert electrician hardwired it in.
Best part is you can link a few of these together.
I didn't in here...but I wish I had.
I also wish I had him put a plug up underneath the cabinet like this


but at the time I hadn't found my twin double happiness lamps

so I didn't need more plugs than the ones I had.
If only I'd thought of all my electrical needs at once.
I'm done with the what ifs or could have beens.
Let's talk about what I decided on...

Some of you might recognize this little bit o' leopard from Ballard Designs.
What I love about it is that it literally screws right in to your recessed can fixture.
That's what had me at hello.
No extra $$ for an electrician.
And it was a whopping $89.
BTW...Ballard is currently having a 20% off everything sale until 11-9.
You're welcome ;)

So week three here's where we stand...
kind of...

I was able to spray paint some office trays.
A few I had...

{they're gold now}
and one I scored at home goods so cross that off the list above...

 I ordered the chiang mai but neglected to add its purposing to the "to do" list.
Its going on the massive bulletin board
I had installed a few years ago.
More on that in another post.
Some other stuff I'm trying to figure out...

 I've been playing around with adding a Greek key trim to the desktop.
I'm not sure...
any thoughts?
Yay or nay?
 One side is different than the other I know :)
Just playing around.
Not sure if it will stay.
Feel free to cast a vote below in the comment section.

That's all for now.
We're at the top of the rollercoaster and its a long drop.
Everybody take a deep breath because the next three weeks are going to fly.
There's a lot left to do.
While I'm scratching things off the list y'all
be sure and click over to check out all
the ORC linking participants on Calling It Home.
Meet you back here next week at the same time, same bat channel.


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