Friday, January 30, 2015

since we're on the subject of seating

I saw this picture on pinterest...
via house beautiful
and became obsessed with this bistro chair.
I've posted about my love for these chairs before
but I saw this one and became obsessed with finding the exact one.
The original pin didn't link correctly so I searched HB
and miracle of miracles I found it :)
And more pictures...

{kitchen designed by Caitlin Wilson}

Best part is they shared the source!
 Décor N More.
I love it when people sweetly share their sources.
Drumroll please...

I thought it was the holy grail but then I saw this...
I think I need to sit down for a minute.
My heart is racing.
I'm in love.
Putting these on the save list.
Just need to convince the hubs
that we need all new seating around our tables :)
Check out the awesome selection of chairs and colors at Décor N More.
Let me know if you find something you love.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

cop a colorful squat on these

How's that for a weird title?
I was looking for something online last night.
ok...faux zinc ie affordable outdoor planters.
I admit that I got distracted and stumbled onto these...
Maybe its just me and I'm craving color
but I'm in love with these happy stools.
What makes me even happier is the price.
You can't beat that with a stick.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I admit it

Notice anything new?
You guessed it.
Something new is under foot.
Apparently I have a thing for rugs.
I'm afraid to count exactly how many my family room has seen.
I blame it on having three boys
who never met a mess they didn't like to make.
At least when I get a new on I always get mine a huge discount.
{In case the hubs reads this ;)}
You might remember I scored this huge sea grass beauty for a steal...
{I snapped it up for under $300 before they realized what they had.
The O marked up the price by $500...argh.
Sometimes it pays to have a blog addiction :)

Here's how it looked in the family room before our kitchen and family room reno...

After a few years it was out with the fallon
and in with the seagrass...
I was looking through old photos and realized
there was even a different rug in between these two.
Well, actually there was an incident with baby food that did that one in.
Then out with the floral and coral
and in with the blues...
I thought this was where I would check into
rug rehab and be happy.
I loved this rug.
At least I wanted to.
We had a love hate relationship honestly.
It was HUGE and soft and looked really lovely.
But it also made my house look like we had a dog.
To say it shed would be an understatement.
I also noticed our son with asthma was constantly reaching for tissues
when he came in the room.
I tried taking it outside over Christmas break,
turning it over and over and vacuuming both sides.
In the end I gave it to a friend's daughter's boyfriend
who just set up his first apartment after college.
I told her to let him know it shed like a dog before hand
but when you're young
and a guy
that's not really a problem.
Especially if its a free problem :)
Barrett is happy with his new hand-me-down
and now I'm happy...
I found this awesome 9 x 12 sisal with a neutral edge.
They have a huge selection to choose from but this one
with its herringbone pattern made me giddy.

Its been a month and absolutely no stray strands :)


I dare say that if I stop buying rugs my husband will be happy too.
After all these years I think we finally have a winner with staying power.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the skin you're in...

By now you know I have many obsessions.
Real estate, décor deals, and beauty products to name a few.
So it wont surprise you that when a dear friend of mine
mentioned that she was getting a new skin care device in her practice
I volunteered to be a guinea pig so she could learn how to use it.
What are friends for right?
I couldn't remember the name of the equipment
when I got home from lunch with her but she mentioned needles
so I googled around and figured out it was a device called dermapen.
Here's an article about it on Harpers Bazaar.
You know that I'm a huge fan and believer
 in acupuncture so I'm cool with needles.
Ok. Not really but I do it willingly.
Except if I have to do a blood draw in my arm.
Then I have a panic attack.
You know I looked on pinterest for before and after photos.
Big mistake.
There was this one picture of a reality star who did it on camera.
The picture showed her face all bloodied and holding a cloth full of blood.
What in the world?
Still I was willing to take a chance to bump up my collagen production
so I kept my appointment.
Am I ever I glad I did.
I had it done just over a week ago
and I'm already noticing results
even though my doctor said
maximum results usually appear at about week four.
Which is when I plan on going back :)
There was no pain and no blood.
They used a numbing cream before hand all over my face.
After about 20 minutes I washed it off
and they prepped my skin with another cleanser.
Once I was ready
 she began using the dermapen in quadrants,
moving the pen back and forth.
I lay there imagining it was much like mowing a lawn.
Once my face was finished I asked her if she could include my neck.
She asked if I wanted to use more numbing gel since they hadn't applied it there.
I told her nah, let's just go for it.
Honestly it wasn't that bad but next time I will definitely do the gel :)
Before I left her office they applied a serum
and gave me instructions such as don't do my regular cleaning routine
with my cleansing brush and not to exercise for the rest of the day
so that I wouldn't that part!
I'd read that right after the procedure
your skin absorbs serums or products at like 1000x
the normal rate...not sure if that's true but I went right home
to apply my vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and favorite serums repeatedly.
My face did get red later that day
but that happens to me any way right now.
For about 24 hours it felt like I had a sun or wind burn
but honestly nothing horrible or painful.
I just "felt" my skin if that makes sense.
Its been about ten days or so now &
I definitely think its made a difference in my skin.
Bottom line: I will be going back.
One thing I have NOT tried but looks quite interesting...

is the Foreo Luna.

I stumbled upon it recently and have been intrigued to say the least.
Have any of you used it?
Let me know if you have.

What I love about this is the two for one aspect...

a cleansing tool on one side
then you flip it over and use it as anti-aging device.

Let's see if we read the same thing?
No brushes to replace every three months?
One charge can last up to 450 uses?
Gently removes dead skin cells, makeup residue, and unclogs pores?
 Nonabrasive enough for daily use?
Nonporous silicone resists bacteria buildup?
Helps with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines?
Um...when's the next holiday with a gift?
Valentines Day baby!!!!
Hoping my love gets this for me :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

readjusting my sails

This weekend is the marathon here in Houston.
Unfortunately I will not be amongst the 30,000 plus runners this year.
 I officially deferred my entry meaning
I'm guaranteed a spot in next years race.
We'll see...only time will tell.
An old nagging problem reared its ugly head
and for the life of me I can't shake it completely.
Plantar fasciitis officially sucks.
Nothing was really helping it to heal
mainly because I refused to stop running.
Some might say that was stupid hard-headed, I call it dedicated.
I tried new shoes, numerous docs, gadgets galore,
ended up in a boot cast,
 got a cortisol shot in my heel that rivaled childbirth,
but in the end the only thing I could do was stop running.
I think, no, I KNOW I kept pushing myself
because I didn't want to complain or wimp out.
I kept running because of all the people I know
who can't run right now or any more.
Two girlfriends I've met through running
and who've made my life brighter
just by knowing them,
both going through some big health issues right now.
And always on my mind, my dad,
whom I have never heard complain a day in his life.
Not even when he lost his leg two summers ago.
That's my dad.
Always cheerful, never complaining,
When I grow up I want to be more like him :)
This beautiful quote pretty much sums up the biggest lesson
I learned during the training for the full...
I have all I need right now.
I'm getting to the point where I can walk without pain for most of the day
and I can go down stairs without going backwards.
I'll take it.

If you are running the race this weekend
good luck and I'm proud of you!
My three peeps running the full - I'll see you on the course with treats :)
Lisa - I know your Daddy will be smiling down on you from heaven
on Sunday as you cross that finish line
and he is oh so proud of you sweet friend.
Now y'all run like the wind...

Monday, January 12, 2015

boxwood beauties

You might know I have a thing for preserved boxwoods.
I scored this one from a favorite source last year
and it still looks fantastic.
{Its currently sold out but they have a smaller version in stock.}
I also spied this wreath topiary....
just fyi...
Save-On Crafts is also a great place to buy

But back to boxwoods...
I spied these online the other day and snagged a box.
I couldn't resist and they look just as good in person as in the picture.
They're twenty for a set of three.
I'll use them either as a vase filler
or in one of the long trays I scored at Round Top.
Once I get my boys to stop putting Legos in them.
Speaking of storage Target is having a sale on certain items
which is what I was originally looking for when I found the boxwood.
Any guesses as to what I'm still struggling to keep organized?

Life with boys.
Its never neat and tidy but a girl's gotta try :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

house in the 'hood

Baby its cold outside today.
I read in the paper 87% of the country is at or below freezing.
Let's all just stayed inside today if we can
and start out the morning with a look at
 a house in my 'hood that sold last fall.
I have tons of these saved as drafts
{the real estate market is fantastic here}
but I was reminded to look for this one
after reading a post by Autumn on design dump.
The thing that really caught my eye about this house
was that two of the rooms reminded me of ones
I've personally pinned.
Let's see if you recognize them too...
Little glimpses of things to come on either side of the front door
but of course its the herringbone floors that had me at hello.

I like the pops of color the homeowner used...
reminded me of Schumacher's hot house flowers fabric in a way...

 Again with the pops of color...
its amazing what a little orange will do for you.

You know I love these pendants.

and that I'm a fan of painted islands :)
I've been thinking of painting our pantry door to match the island
and the picture above now has me convinced to go for it.

This dining room is bold isn't it?

Wonder if they were inspired by Kay Douglass?
The front office is hip and fun as well.

It made me think of this area by Miles Redd...
I think my to-do list just got a bit longer.
Looking at these pics inspires me to add a few painting jobs to the mix.
Even though we're planning to build once we find a lot
I'm telling my husband more projects will add to the resale value.
Stay tuned to see if he believes me. ;)
all images via unless otherwise stated

Monday, January 5, 2015

letting it go

I'm thankful for the lessons I learned throughout last year.
Some were bittersweet and hard to swallow.
In fact my heart still hurts from some.
Others are helping my heart to heal.
Let's start with that one.
I've mentioned my sweet daddy-o a bunch of times here.
I don't think I've mentioned my mom.
I love my mom but I have issues with her.
You know how you grow up thinking
you want to be different from your parents?
At least that's what I thought about some of their ways.
Funny thing is, the older I get, the more I realize
I'm so much like my parents its ridiculous.
I say things to my kids and then
I stop in internal shock and think
"um, I think you just turned into your mother."
Has that happened to you?
Back to the point.
I've been mad at her, more like disappointed in her,
for a long time, way too long in fact.
Something she said one day hit me in the heart
and bam! I was done.
My heart slammed like a screen door.
Good or bad, right or wrong,
I've held onto that anger and disappointment since.
I've talked to her about it,
tried to anyway.
When that failed
I acted like a teenager towards her,
then cried a river about it all.
I'm sure I've handled it all wrong.
I'm not proud to admit that.
Lately I have just let it sit.
Really I continuously prayed about it and tried to let it go.
This is what I've come up with.
Lesson one: you can't change people.
You can only change yourself and your reactions to people.
There was no malice in what my mom said.
I get that she was worried about me as my parent.
I get how it could have happened.
The longer I'm a parent
 the more I recognize my mom and dad in myself,
the things I say,
the way I react to things.
The more I see it, the more I fear the mistakes
I'm making with my kids sometimes.
{I need to win the lottery so I can help with their future therapy bills.}
I hope they can forgive me of my faults,
my shortcomings, my mishandlings of situations
just as I need to get over my feelings towards my mom.
How can one ask for forgiveness when they themselves cannot forgive?
Truth is you can't.
I'm not proud that I was mad for so long.
Maybe mad isn't the right word.
Maybe that's a better word.

Here's another thing I've recognized in my life.
The things I get so mad at...I'm usually just as guilty of doing myself.
Like when your kid throws a tantrum and won't stop and you get upset?
It can be a cycle of sorts.
Anybody else?

I know above all that my parents truly did their best.
They worked so hard every single day, in and outside the house.
Raising five kids cannot be easy.
Or cheap.
We never lacked for anything
even though
money sometimes was lacking.
I've thought about that a lot recently,
with all the gift buying going on,
as to how it must've been for my parents
to pull that off for a family of seven.
They did their best.
I believe that wholeheartedly.
Who could ask for anything more really?
I realize I'm babbling on,
probably oversharing.
Bottom line: I'm trying to say not to hold onto anger.
It really only hurts you.
 I had a couple of friends lose one or both parents over the last year.
One from high school lost his dad right before Christmas.
I think that's when the last flame of anger got extinguished for me.
Anger holds you back from love.
From loving and being loved.
And life is too precious, too short for that.

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