Monday, January 12, 2015

boxwood beauties

You might know I have a thing for preserved boxwoods.
I scored this one from a favorite source last year
and it still looks fantastic.
{Its currently sold out but they have a smaller version in stock.}
I also spied this wreath topiary....
just fyi...
Save-On Crafts is also a great place to buy

But back to boxwoods...
I spied these online the other day and snagged a box.
I couldn't resist and they look just as good in person as in the picture.
They're twenty for a set of three.
I'll use them either as a vase filler
or in one of the long trays I scored at Round Top.
Once I get my boys to stop putting Legos in them.
Speaking of storage Target is having a sale on certain items
which is what I was originally looking for when I found the boxwood.
Any guesses as to what I'm still struggling to keep organized?

Life with boys.
Its never neat and tidy but a girl's gotta try :)


  1. Big baskets are a life saver with boys. I'm looking for one large enough - but not too expensive, to hold my Christmas tree next year.

  2. I too love the look of boxwoods. They are perfect year round!!

  3. I'm a nut for boxwoods too, Nancy. They always look great and add a touch of color to every room. Have a great week.


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