Thursday, January 8, 2015

house in the 'hood

Baby its cold outside today.
I read in the paper 87% of the country is at or below freezing.
Let's all just stayed inside today if we can
and start out the morning with a look at
 a house in my 'hood that sold last fall.
I have tons of these saved as drafts
{the real estate market is fantastic here}
but I was reminded to look for this one
after reading a post by Autumn on design dump.
The thing that really caught my eye about this house
was that two of the rooms reminded me of ones
I've personally pinned.
Let's see if you recognize them too...
Little glimpses of things to come on either side of the front door
but of course its the herringbone floors that had me at hello.

I like the pops of color the homeowner used...
reminded me of Schumacher's hot house flowers fabric in a way...

 Again with the pops of color...
its amazing what a little orange will do for you.

You know I love these pendants.

and that I'm a fan of painted islands :)
I've been thinking of painting our pantry door to match the island
and the picture above now has me convinced to go for it.

This dining room is bold isn't it?

Wonder if they were inspired by Kay Douglass?
The front office is hip and fun as well.

It made me think of this area by Miles Redd...
I think my to-do list just got a bit longer.
Looking at these pics inspires me to add a few painting jobs to the mix.
Even though we're planning to build once we find a lot
I'm telling my husband more projects will add to the resale value.
Stay tuned to see if he believes me. ;)
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  1. That is a bold office! It works, however.

  2. I love the idea of painting your pantry door. In fact, I wish I would have painted all my interior doors in the Newport house something other than white. Oh well…perhaps when we move back someday. Love your 'hood.

  3. Love the kitchen! Some of the colors are a little too dramatic but that's just me. Have a wonderful weekend!


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