Thursday, January 22, 2015

I admit it

Notice anything new?
You guessed it.
Something new is under foot.
Apparently I have a thing for rugs.
I'm afraid to count exactly how many my family room has seen.
I blame it on having three boys
who never met a mess they didn't like to make.
At least when I get a new on I always get mine a huge discount.
{In case the hubs reads this ;)}
You might remember I scored this huge sea grass beauty for a steal...
{I snapped it up for under $300 before they realized what they had.
The O marked up the price by $500...argh.
Sometimes it pays to have a blog addiction :)

Here's how it looked in the family room before our kitchen and family room reno...

After a few years it was out with the fallon
and in with the seagrass...
I was looking through old photos and realized
there was even a different rug in between these two.
Well, actually there was an incident with baby food that did that one in.
Then out with the floral and coral
and in with the blues...
I thought this was where I would check into
rug rehab and be happy.
I loved this rug.
At least I wanted to.
We had a love hate relationship honestly.
It was HUGE and soft and looked really lovely.
But it also made my house look like we had a dog.
To say it shed would be an understatement.
I also noticed our son with asthma was constantly reaching for tissues
when he came in the room.
I tried taking it outside over Christmas break,
turning it over and over and vacuuming both sides.
In the end I gave it to a friend's daughter's boyfriend
who just set up his first apartment after college.
I told her to let him know it shed like a dog before hand
but when you're young
and a guy
that's not really a problem.
Especially if its a free problem :)
Barrett is happy with his new hand-me-down
and now I'm happy...
I found this awesome 9 x 12 sisal with a neutral edge.
They have a huge selection to choose from but this one
with its herringbone pattern made me giddy.

Its been a month and absolutely no stray strands :)


I dare say that if I stop buying rugs my husband will be happy too.
After all these years I think we finally have a winner with staying power.


  1. I love it! I had one just like it. I remember it lasting a long time but I think in the end my dogs did it in. I am working on our bedroom-new Pottery Bed bed coming soon- and need a new rug. I was thinking of sisal after seeing a beach house that had wall to wall sisal. Now seeing your room I think my mind is made up. Once again you are inspiring!

    1. and you are too kind :) check out overstock for sisal rugs. I love this one so much. and you cant beat the cost or shipping for 2.95.

  2. I love sisal rugs for many reasons. They never show the dirt, they are easy care, and they look great!! Your new rug looks fabulous!

    1. thanks Katie, hope you're ready for the bad weather they say is coming your way. stay safe :)

  3. Love the new rug. I need to change out ours in our family room soon.

    1. definitely look at overstock. but also rugs usa has good ones and good prices too. cant wait to see what you pick :)

  4. It looks great, but according to some of the reviews, it is very rough (like walking on gravel!) Do you find that it is rougher than other seagrass rugs?

    1. hi! I would definitely not compare it to walking on gravel. its not soft but its not bad, I walk on it barefoot no problemo...this may sound weird but I have a sensory thing with my feet and this rug doesn't send me over the edge at all :) my kids are on it all the time and they've not complained either. I would buy it again if I needed another rug for another room. it might bother a baby crawling on it mind you but my kids are six and up and sit on it to build and watch tv. hope that helps :)

    2. Thanks, and yes your reply was helpful.

  5. I love the way it looks! I remember a wool rug we had for only a couple weeks and Tommy spilling red Gatorade on it--that was the end of that. At least to you finding good prices on your rugs!

  6. i LOVE seagrass nancy!!!! my kids spill everything under the sun on ours and it still looks fantastic!!!!! its why it lives under the dining table :-)


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