Friday, January 16, 2015

readjusting my sails

This weekend is the marathon here in Houston.
Unfortunately I will not be amongst the 30,000 plus runners this year.
 I officially deferred my entry meaning
I'm guaranteed a spot in next years race.
We'll see...only time will tell.
An old nagging problem reared its ugly head
and for the life of me I can't shake it completely.
Plantar fasciitis officially sucks.
Nothing was really helping it to heal
mainly because I refused to stop running.
Some might say that was stupid hard-headed, I call it dedicated.
I tried new shoes, numerous docs, gadgets galore,
ended up in a boot cast,
 got a cortisol shot in my heel that rivaled childbirth,
but in the end the only thing I could do was stop running.
I think, no, I KNOW I kept pushing myself
because I didn't want to complain or wimp out.
I kept running because of all the people I know
who can't run right now or any more.
Two girlfriends I've met through running
and who've made my life brighter
just by knowing them,
both going through some big health issues right now.
And always on my mind, my dad,
whom I have never heard complain a day in his life.
Not even when he lost his leg two summers ago.
That's my dad.
Always cheerful, never complaining,
When I grow up I want to be more like him :)
This beautiful quote pretty much sums up the biggest lesson
I learned during the training for the full...
I have all I need right now.
I'm getting to the point where I can walk without pain for most of the day
and I can go down stairs without going backwards.
I'll take it.

If you are running the race this weekend
good luck and I'm proud of you!
My three peeps running the full - I'll see you on the course with treats :)
Lisa - I know your Daddy will be smiling down on you from heaven
on Sunday as you cross that finish line
and he is oh so proud of you sweet friend.
Now y'all run like the wind...


  1. Oh Nancy, so sorry the plantar thing hasn't gone away. I've had it and I know it hurts like hell. My podiatrist gave me excersises and also roll a frozen water bottle on the spot. It took awhile but it did go away. Have a good weekend and just think about the next marathon.

  2. I've had the plantars fasciitis and it's horrible! Get lots of rest, and you'll beat them all next year!

  3. That's the spirit! I amgetting better at not complain because honestly no one listens!! But seriously, I am sorry your plans are delayed. You have a great attitude.

    Here another thing we kindred spirits have in favorite uncle lost his leg. I am sure your father's experience was completely different than my uncle's. When I was about 7, he was hit by a car. It was completely his fault as he was drunk, his car ran out of gas and he decided to walk home on the highway at night. He always said that it was probably the best thing to happen. He stopped drinking- kind of hard to do when you are in coma for weeks- and changed his life. He NEVER complained, never let it stop him. He took me horseback riding, swimming, taught me how to drive manual, was an avid hunter etc. Cancer took him from us...he was only 47 years old. I am so thankful he was able to see my first baby, she was 5 weeks old at his funeral. Sorry to go off topic but when I read about your father I nodded my familiar.

  4. After suffering with the dreaded plantar for over a yr and going thru the same regimen you have..........NO FUN......I was so worried that my trip to Italy would be horrible. I went by myself on a soul searching adventure (35th anniversary gift from my precious husband) and planned to backpack the whole country. How would I do all the walking I planned to do?? I lie....the week before I took off for 6 wks abroad, my foot stopped hurting. Cannot explain it but in a matter of days.....I went from a yr of pain to NO pain. I was able to do everything I wanted to do and probably walked one million miles.
    Just telling you this to let you know there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Promise!!


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