Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the skin you're in...

By now you know I have many obsessions.
Real estate, décor deals, and beauty products to name a few.
So it wont surprise you that when a dear friend of mine
mentioned that she was getting a new skin care device in her practice
I volunteered to be a guinea pig so she could learn how to use it.
What are friends for right?
I couldn't remember the name of the equipment
when I got home from lunch with her but she mentioned needles
so I googled around and figured out it was a device called dermapen.
Here's an article about it on Harpers Bazaar.
You know that I'm a huge fan and believer
 in acupuncture so I'm cool with needles.
Ok. Not really but I do it willingly.
Except if I have to do a blood draw in my arm.
Then I have a panic attack.
You know I looked on pinterest for before and after photos.
Big mistake.
There was this one picture of a reality star who did it on camera.
The picture showed her face all bloodied and holding a cloth full of blood.
What in the world?
Still I was willing to take a chance to bump up my collagen production
so I kept my appointment.
Am I ever I glad I did.
I had it done just over a week ago
and I'm already noticing results
even though my doctor said
maximum results usually appear at about week four.
Which is when I plan on going back :)
There was no pain and no blood.
They used a numbing cream before hand all over my face.
After about 20 minutes I washed it off
and they prepped my skin with another cleanser.
Once I was ready
 she began using the dermapen in quadrants,
moving the pen back and forth.
I lay there imagining it was much like mowing a lawn.
Once my face was finished I asked her if she could include my neck.
She asked if I wanted to use more numbing gel since they hadn't applied it there.
I told her nah, let's just go for it.
Honestly it wasn't that bad but next time I will definitely do the gel :)
Before I left her office they applied a serum
and gave me instructions such as don't do my regular cleaning routine
with my cleansing brush and not to exercise for the rest of the day
so that I wouldn't that part!
I'd read that right after the procedure
your skin absorbs serums or products at like 1000x
the normal rate...not sure if that's true but I went right home
to apply my vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and favorite serums repeatedly.
My face did get red later that day
but that happens to me any way right now.
For about 24 hours it felt like I had a sun or wind burn
but honestly nothing horrible or painful.
I just "felt" my skin if that makes sense.
Its been about ten days or so now &
I definitely think its made a difference in my skin.
Bottom line: I will be going back.
One thing I have NOT tried but looks quite interesting...

is the Foreo Luna.

I stumbled upon it recently and have been intrigued to say the least.
Have any of you used it?
Let me know if you have.

What I love about this is the two for one aspect...

a cleansing tool on one side
then you flip it over and use it as anti-aging device.

Let's see if we read the same thing?
No brushes to replace every three months?
One charge can last up to 450 uses?
Gently removes dead skin cells, makeup residue, and unclogs pores?
 Nonabrasive enough for daily use?
Nonporous silicone resists bacteria buildup?
Helps with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines?
Um...when's the next holiday with a gift?
Valentines Day baby!!!!
Hoping my love gets this for me :)

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