Tuesday, February 3, 2015

a whole lotta shaking going on

Its been a few years since our dining room was updated.

This was 2011 right after the painting was finished. 
Want to see a before?
I know.
Take a minute and talk amongst yourselves.
The red walls were from the previous decade owner.
The chairs and rug were from our last home.
To save money I recovered the chairs myself,
had the walls and ceiling painted,
added curtains that I miraculously made myself.
You know I have a thing for rugs right?
Well as I rolled up the red one you see above
I noticed the back side was pattern free.
So I flipped it over until I got a new one.
Which never happened :)
Its the same rug, reversed.
The biggest "splurge" of the room beside all the fabric
was switching out the chandelier to a lantern.
I don't know about you but I love a good lantern.
I scored the Pottery Barn Bolton on sale and have loved it ever since.
Except for one little thing.
It rattles.
As it any vibration in the universe would cause it to rattle.
And not just make a little rattle like a rattlesnake might
but rather make so much noise that one might think
all the glass in the house was about to break from an earthquake.
My boys room is right above the dining room.
Now imagine how much noise said lantern might make
with a herd of growing boys running above might cause.
So I've been trying to remedy the situation shy of getting a new light.
I tried some sort of putty but it was glaringly noticeable,
what with all the clear glass.
Then I was about to buy museum putty off of amazon when it hit me.
I knew I had some clear glue dots leftover from a school project.

I figured what the heck.
If the little glue gel dots didn't absorb the vibration
then I would go to plan B.
Whatever that is.
They were clear and they were free.
I was in.  
So I set about carefully undoing the prongs
and removing the glass piece by piece...

then placed a dot on the inside rim of the lantern top and bottom,
replaced the glass,
then put another one on each metal prong before I pushed it back
to secure the glass in place.
Make sense?

Then the true test.
I banged on it.
Just not as much.
What in the world?
Then it hit me.
It was metal on metal sounding now.
I turned on the light again.
See the faint glimmer of light along on edge of the top "roof" of the lantern?
I guess it came this way because it has rattled since day one.
What's a girl to do?
I wedged a ton of little glue dots along the perimeter
where I could see light filtering through.
Then knocked again.
Dead silence.
Victory at last!
No more shake, rattle, and roll.
At least not from the lantern.



  1. You crack me up! Way to improvise.

    1. desperate times call for desperate measures :) every time anybody would even walk across the room upstairs above the dining room it would sound like a train just rolled by. nope, just the crazy train! all better now thanks to my glue dots :) who knew?

  2. I've been looking at neutral rugs for my family room because I want a little lighter look when spring arrives. I was wondering how I could sneak another honkin' big rug in without the Spousal Unit knowing. (I'm currently on Rug Number 5.) Never thought to flip the one I have over! I read your post and immediately checked out the backside of mine. It will work perfectly when it's flipped to the backside! Bravo!

    1. hi Dee, think you're my new BFF...we have the same addiction to rugs it seems :) wait til your spousal unit (love that term by the way) goes out of town to replace. when he comes home and if he notices DENY DENY DENY! say things like "that old rug?" mine is on to me. took him a few years but the jig is up.

  3. Nice job with the paint color on the ceiling.


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