Monday, March 16, 2015

a public service announcement

You may know that I have a thing for blue and white.
If you know me in real life
then you know I wear a lot of navy blue,
solids and navy & white stripes.
I might buy them in bulk.
Did you know
{by the way}
goes live soon?
If you love navy & white & stripes check it out.
Ok, that's the first PSA.
Get ready for the second.
You may want to sit down for this...
I know.
A big thank you to my blog peep Tery
who tagged me on instagram with the tip about these.
The cutest shop called Beaufort Linen Company carries them.
I was in immediately.
Before even asking the price.
{They're $56 by the way plus $5 shipping
if you're not near Beaufort, NC.}
In exchanging emails about the necklaces
Christina from Beaufort Linen Company shared that
each necklace is hand made by
a mother-daughter duo in NC called z.z designs.
Love that don't you?
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than that.
It did. 
Try two double happiness beads.

Quickly I thought of the calendar.
Mother's Day is coming up.
So is my anniversary.
I know just what my husband will get me.
Unless he's reading this.
In which case I'm open to additional gifts.
Absolutely kidding.

I ordered one with two double happiness
and a white tassel but I'm thinking
this may be the start of a new obsession collection.
If you see one you like give them a shout.
I spoke to the lovely Christina today about my order.
She shared that if you want to customize one
z.z designs can do that too.
Warning...z.z designs also makes oyster necklaces.
I'm sorry.
I had to tell you.
Something this good cannot go unshared.
 Do yourself a favor and check out both of their IG accounts.
Sign up now to be notified when 
Beaufort Linen Company's online shop goes live.
I think my husband may not like that I did.
From what I've seen on IG this shop has got it going on.
Pure eye candy.
I already warned Christina on the phone
that if I'm ever near Beaufort, NC
I'm bringing a UHaul van with me.
Sounds like a road trip to me.
Who's with me?


  1. Oh my...just might have to add to my Mother's Day list (and if not then the anniversary is later in the month and birthday is in July...feel free to forward to my hubby;-)

    1. send me his email and I will do it ;) good things come in threes you know :)

  2. Me! I am in with you! I will even split the UHaul rental fee. I even looked up to see how far their shop is from Charleston. We go there every summer and it's only about an hour. Might be a nice day trip!

  3. Love these!!! I'm going to send your link to The Mister. We'll see if he gets the hint!!

    1. you should totally send it to him. anonymously of course :)


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