Wednesday, March 25, 2015

chinoiserie + campaign

We're almost done with our 40 day clean out.
It hasn't gone totally according to plan
but I've managed to go through the main parts of our house.
It feels, organizing, trashing, donating.
Some stuff I've even been able to sell
on a local online neighborhood garage sale website.
{That money is for Round Top finds by the way :)}
Through another neighborhood site
 I've even made some new friends because of the 40 bags.
We donated all the clothes and shoes
that my husband no longer wears
to support a local veterans group
where they outfit them to go on job interviews.
The sweetest lady came to pick up everything
and we chatted for a long time.
Turns out she's a clothing stylist.
I'm sure she looked at me in my jeans and t-shirt
and was like oh yeah you need my services.
I think it was the universe talking to me.
One day I might take her up on that.
Right now I've got bigger fish to fry
because now that we've cleaned the big stuff
we're moving other stuff around.
Not to move move mind you.
That's on hold for a while.
We're still looking for a lot mind you.
But right now, this house, this is right where we need to be.
Long story for another day.
For now we're blooming where we're planted
and that's a good thing.
in trying to make this house "work" for our growing family,
and by that I do not mean we're adding people,
our boys are just becoming massive human beings
and with all the growing up comes opinions
on how they want their rooms etc.
I know.
Like I thought I was the only decorator in the family.
Apparently not.
Now these guys are telling me what color to paint
and how to arrange their rooms.
Which is how, in looking for a desk for our youngest,
I stumbled on a fun article on PBK about throwing a
And again, NO, I'm not pregnant I tell you.
But I might consider it if somebody
would throw me this shower and give me everything in this picture...
I'm tied about what I love most -
all the blue and white or the white campaign dresser...
now also available at PBK.
Where was this campaign stuff when I was looking a few years ago?
Not that I would spend a grand on this piece.
No offense PBK but I'm happy with my thrift store score
even if my husband still kids me of how
we all sat contorted for 18 hours
with our legs pretzel twisted like origami shapes
on top of suitcases because I bought it in South Carolina
and made everyone miserable on the trek homeward
for it to happily sit in my entry way.
{It was white but I painted it this peacock blue.}
I'll take a $50 score and some elbow grease over $1000 any day.
I'm not judging if you wouldn't.
In fact they have other campaign pieces here.
And Adrienne {my cute pregnant girlfriend}...
both for baby and bigger kids.
Just saying :)
If you have a girl :)
And as if that wasn't enough goodness already
I found something else.
Let's call it a marriage made in southern chinoiserie heaven,
sit down,
drum roll please...

A pagoda monogram.
perfect for you Emilie 
if you have a baby girl one day. :)
No pressure, just saying.
If I were going to have another little,
I would be in serious trouble with the hubs
because I would all over PBK right now like white on rice.
Would you?


  1. Nancy... it's amazing how many times we were going to move and then didn't. But when the time came it was the right time. LOVE the monogram. I just had my laundry room painted that deep blue in the picture and love it.

  2. Hmm. Spring cleaning. Do I have until the end of spring to finish (uh, start)?

    Good work, Nancy.

  3. You inspired me to go through more stuff I was storing and donate it all (AND I just moved a few months ago!) It is absolutely amazing how much most of us store that we will never, every use again.

  4. Yeah on the 40 bags 40 days! And what a great organization for the vets! My husband just went through his clothes & shoes...if I had known of a group like that I would have done that. Instead, it went to Goodwill. I was so shocked that he did it I had to get it out before he changed his mind. (My husband is the clothes horse in our house. When we were dating, he traveled a lot. Instead of washing his clothes, he just bought new ones. He had over 50 white undershirts, 50 boxers and a ton of dry cleaning!) What is with PB!? You know my frustration with them right now but some of their prices are crazy! $145 for that monogram!? I know someone on Etsy must sell that style and a can of spray!!

  5. I am hoping to do some serios purging withnour barn sale!! I love that blue campaign chest!,

  6. I love that Chinoiserie monogram. However, I'd definitely order something like that on Etsy.


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