Thursday, March 5, 2015

guess who reads my blog?

I know.
I know.
MIA for over a week.
One of my littles was sick.
Ugly sick.
One word can sum it all up.
That's all you need to know.
He's finally better and back at school.
I'm getting stuff cleaned up and done around here.
My 40 bags in 40 days cleanup had
a little hitchin its giddy up
but I'm making progress and I'll take it. :)

I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now
but now that I'm writing it I realize
its something I should have said a long time ago.
 Its hard to believe that nearly four years ago
when I started this blog
that anyone would read it
besides my sister in Georgia.
Now two of them read it.
Although they never leave comments.
{Ahem. Just saying ;)}
Mainly it was because I didn't tell anyone I had one.
Then slowly I told my peeps one by one.
Then they told a friend or two.
Then bloggers I love like
Katie Clooney of preppy empty nester,
Leslie Anne of Fairhope Supply Company,
Christine of Suburban Charm,
and last but not least,
Mary Ann of classic casual home,
all added me to their sidebar blog rolls.
 Slowly but surely I've gained readers
and I hope each and every one of you
knows how much I am flattered and appreciate
that you choose to spend a little time "with" me here.
I see my stats occasionally and while
I don't have a million readers like some blogs,
just like true friends,
I'd take one awesome true one
rather than have a hundred fair-weather friends.
Thank you my peeps :)
Each and every one of you,
whether you comment or not,
I know you're here and I appreciate you reading.

Whether you're a regular reader
or just stumbled upon me
like I do to so many blogs
{where I click through from other people's blog rolls}
you'll know that I use the word
Mainly when it comes to things I've bought,
or things I want to buy,
Because I've had my suspicions for a while now
that among the people who read my little old blog
 my dear husband was one of you.
Little things he'd say or ask about.
But I never really had proof.
Until a few weeks ago.
 I came home from errands and found a package on our porch.
I picked it up and saw the return address.
Then I saw it was to the hubs.
Who does he know in the people's republic of China?
Must be Legos I thought.
He's always buying the kids replacement parts for ones
that have gone into that secret vortex
of disappearing and lost items,
like the one of sock of a pair you've never been able to find.
Somewhere in our house is the mother load
of missing game pieces, socks, and Legos.
I pity the people that buy our house eventually.
If they ever find our vortex of missing items that is.
So I bring the package inside and I rip it open.
We're married right?
No secrets right?
Plus again I think its Legos.
I'm rolling my eyes as I open it,
thinking its great how awesome of a dad he is
to replace the umpteenth missing piece of whatever,
but really?
what are we teaching them about responsibility if
stuff goes missing because
they're not keeping their stuff together where it belongs.
Then I think I've got to be the meanest mom to be thinking these thoughts.
I should stop thinking so much right?
Then I pull out a box from the package.
It has the words FOREO on it.
I've seen that word before I think to myself.
Where have I seen that before?
So I open this plain box with FOREO on it.
And then it hits me.
I see the picture of what it is on the box.
Crap. Uh oh.
He reads my blog.
Because inside the box that was
 inside the packaging was this...

 I called him at work immediately.
I said "hey, who do you know in the PR of China?"
He was confused.
"What? I'm swamped.
Can you just tell me what's going on without riddles?"
"Do you read my blog?" I asked point blank.
He started laughing.
"It finally arrived?"
He said he'd gotten numerous emails because the package
was held up in customs.
Apparently they ship it directly from the manufacturer.
Fresh off the production line.
Yes, its here, and I thank you I said but you shouldn't have.
"Well, you said you wanted it for Valentines Day on your blog
and I didn't know what else to get you."

I will say I felt guilty using it.
Like I was being a traitor to my clarisonic brush.
Then I thought well, I'll just alternate.
Which I have been doing.
But seriously let me tell you
the Foreo Luna is da 'bomb.
Little bumps that would never go away have vanished finally.
Probably off to that vortex I was telling you about :)
I'll give a better review soon if you like
but seriously if you don't have a skin cleansing device
definitely check out the Foreo Luna.
Plus they have a mini version for a little less cha-ching.
And what's not to love about that.


  1. Such a cute post! I have not heard much about a foreo, but it looks great. And if you say it's good, it has got to be. I'm going to talk about an expensive piece of jewelry on my blog, and see if it works with my man! It is an honor to have you on my blog roll. PS Your hubby is a keeper.

    1. Hi Katie. I've had the same thought about the jewelry ;) definitely look into the foreo. funny....I was watching the news the other day and the reported talked about ice dams and I was like 'HEY! I know what that is now that's to Katie Clooney" :) hope your house is doing ok :)

  2. LOL, loved this post! I have done that before. Have not heard about the Foreo. Will have to look into it.

    1. definitely look into the foreo. seriously I love it. :)

  3. Your husband is sweet! I just ordered one! Nothing better to do than shop online this snowy day! I was thinking of getting the one by Clarisonic but heard mixed reviews.

    1. you got a great color Foreo! cant wait to hear your opinion on it :)


  4. What a darlin' that man of yours is. Now it's your turn to get him a little gadget. Hmmm. That should be a great blog post!

    Thanks for the shout-out! Love meeting all of your blogging buddies!

    1. I actually bought him a clarisonic mia for Christmas and he uses it! which is a complete shocker if you knew him. he's not really into gadgets but I did make him a table :) that's shocking too if you knew me :) will post pics soon :)

  5. Replies
    1. thanks for reading Mary Ann :) hope you know how much I adore you :)

  6. We read your blog because you are a wonderful writer and it speaks to us. I didn't think anyone ever read my sister still doesn't read mine. And just like you a couple of really nice people in the blogging world put me on their sidebar. I am not a good writer like you. I am still not sure what I am doing. What I do know is that I always want to support blogs that I think are good because they are good and not just because they have a big following. Thanks so much for the mention Nancy!!

    1. you're so kind Cindy. and you absolutely know what you're doing. I drool every time I read your blog. seriously. thanks so much for reading and your support of my little blog :)

  7. Oh! That was so thoughtful and sweet. Please give us a review on the product after you have used it several times. BTW, I found you by way of reading Katie Clooney's blog. And I am glad that I did.

    1. I will definitely post a review soon. and don't you just love Katie's blog? makes me smile every time she posts. thanks for reading :) and for your sweet words.

      nancy :)

  8. How sweet is your Hubby!?! Oh and I am so happy I "found" your blog via Katie's.

    1. he is a keeper for sure and i'm so glad you found me too :) going to check out your blog right now :)


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