Thursday, March 12, 2015

lighting love and a story i forgot to tell...

I love a good light don't you?
When I was debating what to use in our master bedroom
I considered this lovely by Regina and Andrew...
but it was too long
and with three boys the last thing I need is
 another target for batting practice around here.
It might even give true meaning to the phrase
swinging from the chandelier.
It still makes me swoon when I see it though but I've moved on.
Or so I thought.
Because I saw this...
and this
and this this one too...
and yes I know these are more for a dining room not a bedroom
but still all this lighting love has got me
contemplating the master chandy again.
If you know who is reading this
{the hubs}
I'm not changing the master chandy.
Not yet anyway.
Its on the list.
Yes, I know we have other fish to fry first.
Calm down.
We'll talk later.
And yes I still love me some overstock.
Even though things didn't work out like I'd dreamt between us.
Did I ever tell y'all that story?
I don't have to ask that really.
I know that I didn't.
I was too embarrassed to tell I guess.
If you've been a reader for a while you may know
that I have professed my love for the big many, many times.
One day, a few moons ago,
somehow, someone from overstock left a comment for me.
Maybe I had said in a blog post one day that overstock should hire me.
Not allegedly this time.
I said it.
Anyhow... this lady from the O
left a comment with her email address.
It took me a while and some prodding from my friends to email her.
Because seriously her comment was enough for me.
They said they'd do it if I didn't.
My girls don't play.
So I did.
Emails were exchanged.
A telephone call was set up.
I was a wreck for the week leading up to it.
I wish I could say that I was completely myself during the call.
But alas I was a dud.
In that I really didn't know what to say.
Because I'm not one to sell myself.
Except to my in they know who rules the roost.
Remember that sign in my old kitchen?
Rule 1: Mom's the boss.
Rule 2: See rule number 1.
But to a complete stranger I'm not going to gloat
or rattling off my achievements
like someone running for office.
Nope, that's not me at all.
Plus I can be a bit shy if I don't know you.
The final kicker...and this may sound strange but
when I don't know what to say
 I babble.
Perhaps incoherently.
Yeah, let's go with allegedly.
I was dreaming that during this call they'd ask me to write for their blog.
I think I'm a better writer than a phone chatter :)
I don't think they even have a blog any more,
at least I don't see it on their site.
Instead they thanked me for my frequent shout outs to them
and mentioned being a part of their affiliate program.
Basically where one would blog about a product,
use a special link code,
then get paid every time someone clicks through.
My girlfriends were so funny and sweet when I told them about the call,
 saying they'd push the link button a hundred times a day.
But I don't think it really works that way and honestly
 I don't feel comfortable doing links for $$ here.
That's just me.
Please know I'm not judging people who do.
People I read and love do affiliate links.
So while they're talking affiliate links
I'm thinking what about your blog?
Hire me for that!
I'd love to point out products I've found on your site,
things that if you don't know how to search for it,
you may never find it,
seriously super good stuff.
But I didn't know how to ask for that chance.
So I just kept saying "so just do what I'm already doing now?"
I said that a few times and every time I said it
I was thinking "um, that sounds so stupid. stop saying it!"
In the end it was like a don't call us, we'll call you.
It worked out for the best in the end.
I know it did.
Here's the funniest part of the story.
I think its classic and so apropos.
On the phone they said they wanted to me a gift card as a thank you
for saying such nice things about them.
At the time I was helping a friend of a friend out
who was kind of down on her luck in a way
and was trying to sell her house.
I was helping her stage her house for sale.
Again, me, the big dreamer that I am
thought it might be enough to buy some nice things
to use to stage this girl's house
{which by the way sold within three days on market}.
Not so much.
{No offense to the}
The amount written on the card was enough to
buy a crock pot for another friend's wedding shower from their site.
Only when I tried to buy said crockpot online
with said gift card
it kept saying the card number wasn't valid.
I even called customer service and the guy punched in the number.
Several times.
No go.
Then he started questioning me as to where I got the card from.
Which of course got me all paranoid because I thought
this customer service rep thinks I'm trying to rip them off.
I explained the whole long, drawn out story.
I'm sure the guy thought I was a complete wacko.
Much like the other two O employees I spoke to on the phone I'm sure. ;)
Instead I bought the gift with my own card.
Credit card that is.
Of course I tell the hubs the whole story when he got home from work.
He's a wise guy.
He just sat there shaking his head.
He goes, you should have known.
Nothing in this life is for free.
Forget the empty gift card and move on.
I knew he was right.
I've moved on from the thought of blogging for anybody but me
but I still love deals I find on the O and elsewhere
and if you don't mind,
I'll keep sharing them here with you.
Maybe not the embarrassing stories but the deals for sure :)


  1. Love that story. Classic. and BTW those chandys are gorgeous!!

  2. Oh my...that is a funny story. I have received some random emails regarding collaborations before. I am not in this to make $$$. No offense to those that are, just not my thing. And the chandys are gorgeous indeed.

  3. Love those top two, and yes, great story. I am very on the fence about affiliate marketing; and I certainly do NOT like to see those pop up ads on any blog, ever….

  4. There are so many companies these days with terrible service, that when we find a really good company with good products, it's a good thing to promote it.
    Good-good-good for you!


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