Wednesday, April 22, 2015

happiness is a choice

Thank y'all so much for your kind words,
both in the comment section
and by email
and in "real" life.
In the midst of all this I,
 my whole family really,
have been blown away by the love
that has been shown to us recently.
Thank you.
{insert happy kissy face emoji here}
My husband and I use a certain analogy with our kids
when we talk about our immediate family of five.
We talk about us as a family being in a boat
and each of us has to do our part
in rowing the boat to get to where we're going.
If one person isn't doing their best,
isn't getting along with others,
maybe doesn't have the most positive of outlooks
then we're not moving the boat forward.
Honestly I feel like I'm in a boat by myself right now.
I know I'm not even paddling.
I don't know if I want to move one inch right now.
You remember how my husband made the comment
about things happening in threes?
Unfortunately they did.
One great aunt passed.
Then a friend, someone I looked up to very much.
The life span of these three ladies was from 22 to 90.
I'm trying to digest all this but simply, it sucks.
You know that.
I know that.
Although I'm not sure which way to paddle
I know my family is with me,
my sweet gaggle of guys,
and I know my friends are surrounding me
in boats of their own.
I know they're all tugging the lines to make sure
I don't get too far out to sea.
I know this for sure.
I know none of these women who passed recently
would want us to sit around and be sad.
I'm thankful, as one minister said at one of the funerals,
that none of them are in pain any more
but knowing that we still have to grieve
for it is only human to do so.
I'm desperate though for change right now.
I want the happenings of this past month to,
oh how I hope this does,
it simply must really,
change my heart in certain ways.
I'm going to save my translation of that for another day.
Today though, I'm choosing happiness.
At least I'm telling myself happiness is a choice
and its mine to choose so try I will.
This thought came to me last night
when I couldn't sleep and I was watching tv.
There's a new guy in late night tv
and he was doing a countdown list of sorts.
He made me smile in fact...
so herewith are five things that make me happy...
I love it.
He's funny, self deprecating, he's not afraid to do stuff differently.
Plus he has a British accent.
I'm an Anglophile.
I'm in.
Catch it on CBS at 12:30 am...or DVR it and watch it the next day.
I think he'll make you smile too.
2. Paisley.

Specifically from Target.
I would have deemed Target number two but
I'm not so happy with them right now...
I love their collaboration efforts
but why don't they make more stuff
instead of making it a feeding frenzy every time
they roll out a new joint effort
because it seems they never make enough to satisfy the demand.
I've never seen things last beyond 24 hours in store or online.
Have you?
The latest case in point...Lily Pulitzer.
The only thing left "Lily" in my regular store was
the ad sign hanging above the front door.
Everything else - gone girl gone.
Oh well, I didn't need a new shift dress anyway.
Although I wouldn't have turned it down either ;)
Back to happy though...
I love it.
If that wasn't enough Target also has this paisley perfection...
Makes me think master bedroom reno is in order.
3. Beauty products.

Yes, they make me happy.
If that's wrong I don't want to be right.
Couple of new products I've tried lately...
holds hair, resists humidity, not crunchy.
enough said.
I got a super sample somewhere...probably from Sephora
since I'm a sucker for their promo codes.
But it just sat in my makeup drawers
since I love my regular Ole Henriksen and
But then I got low on each and before I could reorder
I pulled out said sample.
What took me so long?
This stuff is incredible.
It had better be since its a bit pricey...
if I find a good deal on it I'll let you know.
Not that I'm giving up my other loves...
I don't know about you but I'm not going down without a fight...
I just slather on one at a time and allow for a little drying time
for everything to sink in before applying another.
It take a village doesn't it?
And multiple products :)
 4. Cooking shows make me happy.
I'm hoping one day something occurs through osmosis
and I become a better cook than I am now.
I love the Pioneer Woman and have this recipe for
breakfast quesadillas bookmarked on my computer.
Other favs are Barefoot Contessa and Extra Virgin with Debi Mazar.
Who used to be a makeup artist/actress in Hollywood.
I love that she's like a chameleon and had so many careers.
5. Blogs

As you can see from my lengthy blog roll
reading blogs makes me happy.
I've been pretty bad about leaving comments
on other blogs lately
and responding to those of you kind enough
to leave one here on my blog
but please know I am going to try to rectify that
and that I appreciate you taking the time to do so.
Even my own sisters don't leave comments here...
they text me instead and I'm not sure why...
maybe they'll leave me a comment to defend themselves. :)
Now that...that would make me happy indeed :)
See...I'm smiling already.
Hope something on this list made you smile
or feel free to share your personal faves in the comments below.
I eagerly await fresh finds.
The thought of which makes me happy with anticipation.
Thanks in advance :) 


  1. OMG Nancy... what a time you've had. I'm so sorry about your great aunt. Well at least you're done with the threes! I am such a product junkie. I will definitely try algenist. I think Target is really doing a great joy with their homegoods. Their clothes have fallen behind tho. I love to pick up cardigans there and I couldn't find one I liked. Have a good rest of the week.

  2. What a time you've had, but your inner light is shining through because you have something that many people don't, and that's "hope." Hope in another day, hope in tomorrow, hope that there is life eternal and we'll see our loved ones again. Hope that Target straightens itself out, hope that hair will somehow defeat humidity . . . okay, that's pushing it. But I thank God for your spirit of hope.

  3. We all want you to be happy, Nancy! I know it is very difficult though. Smile through your tears. Sending a hug.

  4. Gosh Nancy I know how you feel. We lost our closest friend a couple of weeks ago and he left such a whole in our heart. He was family to us for over 25 years. We still can't talk about him without choking up. Time will heal I know. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Gosh Nancy I know how you feel. We lost our closest friend a couple of weeks ago and he left such a whole in our heart. He was family to us for over 25 years. We still can't talk about him without choking up. Time will heal I know. My thoughts are with you.

  6. Hi again

    Just wanted you to know that I totally understand what you are going through. I was actually crying this morning remembering how my sweet friend Debbie who passed away in Jan. of this year, helped me find several of the treasures for Celerie. It was so painful not being able to share that joy with her. I was choked up for hours totally feeling alone without her. Playa Grande is a dump though compared with where she is!


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