Friday, April 24, 2015

i knew it would happen

I knew that when I called out my younger sisters
for never leaving comments on my blog
that I'd get a text from at least one.
Boy did I.
World's longest in least in my text history.
Number four (to my number three) said:
"Because it is soooo much easier to text than leave a comment! 
I don't have my password book at school with me
while I read your blog [during lunch].
Not that the book really helped me anyway because
apparently I changed it at some point!
So I had to reset the password.
Well then I couldn't find the reset email
so I had to go through my spam!!
 I feel violated!
 I finally find the email,
reset the password to find 467 emails
 and finally I begin commenting on your blog....
Until for whatever reason the screen goes blank on my phone
 and when I get back to your blog page,
 what I've typed (but did not finish ) is PUBLISHING!!!!
Oy Vey!!! .....
You brighten my day and make me laugh
giving me the strength to go back to my 25 love bugs and teach! 
I've missed you!!!"
With that I let her off the hook about commenting.
Still wondering about number five.
Giving them some hello pete makes me smile.
Is that wrong?
That's what older sisters do right?
Especially after all the grief they've given me about my premature grays.
I forgot about a couple of recent finds that i'm completely loving
so let's add on to the list from yesterday ok?
I found a new Tracy Anderson video one day on amazon.
It found me really.
Does it creep anybody else out when websites make suggestions to you
based on your browsing history?
In this case I was ok with it though since I LOVE me some Tracy Anderson.
Her new Method Express is OFF. THE. CHART. AWESOME.
Broken down into six - ten minute workouts
she wastes no time in getting down to business.
Translation you're gonna sweat and your heart is going to pound.
I'm addicted.
Wish I could say that same about sticking to a "diet"
but that's a four letter I can never get behind.
Can't have it all I guess.
I've been indulging in a little retail therapy.
This little tunic may be on its way to my house.
This look is so me its not even funny.
I've been called the t-shirt queen because I love nothing better
than shorts or jeans and a t-shirt.
Glamorous I know.
At least its not an In-&-Out t-shirt.
Because when my babies were little that's all I would wear.
Did I ever share that one of my husband's so called friends
gave us every  In-&-Out t-shirt and sweatshirt that was in existence
at the time we married and how I thought it was the worst gift ever.
Until I had kids.
I didn't care who threw up, spat up, or messed up on those shirts.
They were the best.
But now I've moved on to little bit nicer t-shirts.
In my humble opinion.
Love me some Lands End and Loft lately.
Can I also just say,
for those of you who love to look at catalogs,
is it just me or are places like J Crew and Lands End
not just hitting it out of the park for kids lately?
Next time you're perusing those catalogs or websites
look at the kids sections and tell me you wouldn't wear some of it.
Don't think I haven't checked the sizing charts
to see if I could squeeze myself in to a child's XL.
Alas...not on your life but I had to try.
While I'm confessing these too may arrive shortly...
Super cute.
Blue and white.
Under $40.
How could I not?
Lands End is great by the way
because of their great sales,
free shipping over $50,
and free returns at certain Sears stores.
Make sure you sign up for their emails
to get frequent codes sent to you.
I usually sign in to my account,
put things on my saved list
and then wait for a promo code.
{She said to the hubs who's favorite word is budget.}
So that's what I bought recently but here's what I'm wanting to buy...

You know I love me some World Market
and these accent tables are making me happy.
No, I don't need one
but wouldn't they be cute
to put outside and rest a drink on
or put your feet up for a little siesta?
They're having 15% off outdoors until 4/26
with the code "SUNNYDAYS"
Somebody grab one or two and let's have a party outside.
I'll be right over with a margarita machine.


  1. Hi Nancy

    Can I just say you are a gal after my own heart!!! When are you visiting the Bay Area? I would love to meet you! Speaking of a southern state of mind... My hubby and I are planning a little trip to Charleston and I am so excited! I really do not know The South and am looking forward to that state of mind you are so fond of! Thanks for visiting me. It is a pleasure to have you:)

  2. I have the world's skinniest foot and it bugs me to no end that I can't wear shoes like this. I have to have a back strap! I just found some this week, that I like, but durn if these aren't adorable!

  3. The text from your sis is tooo funny! Love the top and the shoes! Thanks for the tip on the workout video. Now I have to see if we have a dvd player somewhere. Have a great week, Nancy!


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