Sunday, May 31, 2015

hip and happy at hello

I've been meaning to show you some stuff
I have been working on like the table
I made for my husband using an old steamer trunk.
It only took me three years of contemplation
and then about a month of elbow grease, paint, and power tools.
I wouldn't call it procrastination...
let's call it time management delays.
Speaking of delays...
 am I the only one who never backs up their phone?
I might deserve a prize because I finally remembered
to transfer my pictures the other day.
I know there is such a thing as icloud.
I don't really know how to do it.
If there's a way to completely mess up simple technology I'll do it.
Because it doesn't work.
Time to call my computer guy I guess.
For now enjoy a favorite from my beloved
If you know me you know what had me at hello...
Chiang mai dragon on the chairs.
Take a moment.
Better yet cop a squat and let's discuss
the long lust list of things I love about this room...
Blue and white porcelain.
Double happiness that even I can see with my aging eyes.
I spy fabrics, wallpaper, pillows that I love.
Not to mention the perfectly-cut sea grass throughout.
This house is not huge but its perfect isn't it?
I love the little parsons desk tucked into the back corner.
This is where my family would always be.
I could totally see blogging from back there.
I could even see me cooking in this kitchen
especially with the double oven...
Let's not go too crazy on the cooking front.
Baby steps.
I do love the built in seating for the breakfast nook.
This sweet older house was updated splendidly...

but it still has character and charm.
An oldie but a goodie. :)
The rooms may be on the smaller side
but these owners have shown
the perfect placement to make it work. 

Its a fun, hip, happy place...

no surprise its sale pending :)
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

silver linings

I called yesterdays post "trivial matters" because
I was trying to write this one in my head
but I kept stalling out.
Early last Saturday morning there was an accident
in which a bicyclist,
a young man, 47, father of three,
beloved husband of a friend of my friend,
was killed.
He was on his way to a memorial ride
for a bicyclist killed earlier this spring
in Galveston by a texting driver.
I know.
I shake my head too when I think of that fact.
Let's all agree to no more texting while driving,
not even while stopped at red lights anymore.
Even your Bluetooth where you car may alert you
to incoming texts can be distracting.
I've turned mine off.
My phone rides in my purse now.
Multitasking can wait.

Reading about him in the paper
you just felt like you knew him
or you definitely wanted to know him,
he just seemed like a terrific guy.
My friend Laura assured me that he was.
I keep thinking of how this time last week
he and his family were probably planning
for their long holiday weekend.
This exact time last week their five became four.
I keep thinking of him and his family,
which reminds me of the events of March and April
that brought about the loss of both
a dear friend and our oldest niece.
I keep thinking of the lessons I know
we're supposed to learn from this,
this cycle of life where these things happen
more and more frequently it seems.
There has to be some good from all this bad.
I'm trying to be thankful,
for everything we have.
Also for everything we don't have.
To know that we have enough,
more than enough,
 that we are blessed beyond measure.
To be in the now,
in the present,
not always planning ahead
but rather enjoying where we are now.
To put my kids first,
knowing how fleeting time is,
how you blink
and they grow
and they fly away.
Others snatched away,
too quickly,
when they seemingly had so much more to do here,
leaving us to always wonder...
Why them?
Why not us?
Questions that will never be answered.
For there is no answer.
We who remain
just have to keep going.
That is what they,
those who left too soon,
 would want.
I know that for certain.
Until we meet again I'll be wondering,
trying to figure out some meaning
to all of this...what lessons we're supposed to learn.
Trying to find good amidst the bad.
A search for hope, a reminder to have faith.
I think so anyway.

I'm not alone in searching for the silver lining in life
when bad things, unexpected things happen.
As some of you may know Texas has been hit
with some crazy weather lately.
Here in Houston on Monday night
to say there was a rainstorm that blew through
would be the understatement of the decade.
The decade or so since Hurricane Allison hit.
We were lucky.
One of our friends who lives across the street from
Buffalo Bayou was not.
Steve texted Tuesday morning that
he was sitting on a chair on his countertop
watching the water rise.
There was two feet of water in his house.
Unimaginable isn't it?
His pictures...

Two of his three cars...
He never lost power.
Instead of coffee though
as you can see in the first picture
he may have started his morning with red wine.
You would too if this was your view...

 Thank God by the early afternoon the high water had receded,
the roads became passable,
and clean up began.
I'm happy to report that he has a crew onsite
helping remove the debris,
salvage what he can,
and starting to rebuild his house.

He was in complete shock I think
for the first 48 hours after the flood.
Now he has a game plan for the reconstruction process.
Friends are helping him sort through his needs day by day.
I saw him yesterday and he said
"you know this sucks but in sixty days
I'm going to have a house re-warming party,
and its going to be an even better house than before."
He found his silver lining.
That's how you push through life
when unexpected things happen
and turn your life upside down.
Its the only way to survive and move on.
Sometimes to see the silver lining it takes a long time.
But I promise if you look for it it's there.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

trivial matters

Did you know that your internet provider may provide you
with a free download of an anti-virus software?
Who knew?
Martin my computer guy told me.
I didn't believe him until he did a search
in front of my eyes and downloaded it to my computer.
Saving me $65 or so.
Do you know how much money I've wasted over the years
buying my own copy?
He told me AT&T and Comcast both do this.
Call your company or google it.
Saving you money. :)
You're welcome.
Except when I tell you about deal alerts.
Spending your money :)
I'm sorry.
And while I'm apologizing -
in case you ordered that blue Loft dress
I wanted to love?
Made me look pregnant.
I don't need that in my life.
I sadly returned it.
If you ordered it too I hope it worked out better for you.
Speaking of working out,
you know I'm a huge fan of Tracy Anderson.
I have a collection now of her DVDs
and am adding this one on June 2
when it hits amazon...
Comes with a resistance band inside.
Free gift with purchase :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

cute dress alert

I may have snagged this blue and white beauty last weekend
during Loft's recent 40% off sale ....

Its nearly sold out but I hope it will restock soon.
This one is in stock though and its lovely....
but an online exclusive.
So is this one...
You get free shipping for orders over $125.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I bet you are.
I know its not a dress but its simple and chic
and if we added this...
Free shipping here I come.
this lovely reminds me of my pal
Let me know if you have any alerts I need to know about.
Thanks in advance :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

house in the 'hood

I may have told you that we've decided to temporarily postpone
the hunt for a lot to build a new home.
You know we've lost two people who meant so much to us recently.
We honestly don't want to change anything else in our lives right now.
It doesn't mean we don't look though. ;)
Herewith my favorite house in the 'hood...
I spy the most perfect piano stool...barley twist.
Putting one of those on my list for Round Top this fall.
I'd bet money those are L S Slipcovers...
Just when you thought it was an all white house...
Across the way in the formal dining room...
Mental note...
I love the blue and white collection in a basket
as the centerpiece. 
The the marble island.

I don't know why but this is my favorite space downstairs...

I love the table and the simple chairs.
and the pop of color of the gallery art wall against the white.
Simple but fresh and fun. 
 The upstairs landing is just as lovely.

The only negative here to me is the ceiling fan.
But then again some people love theirs and gotta have one.
I'm more of a chandy kind of girl.

Again with the fan.
Me not a fan.

I love these two kids bedrooms.
How awesome are these built-ins?

 Notice the green painted antlers on the deer on the shelf.
Love it!

Up on the third floor there's a great chill area...
and a play room.
How awesome would this house be if you had littles?
Finally the guest room.

So you see we're not drawing up plans right now.
I'm not sure when we will but when we do
I'm sure you'll be among the first to know.
In the meantime stalking
is still my favorite thing to do when I have a free minute.
It still makes my heart happy to find a pretty one to share here.
We're slowly getting back to normal
and hopefully my postings will to.
Until then...thanks for your patience and understanding.
all images via

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

faith in practice

I think you might know how I feel about my local peeps.
Most of my girl peeps I've met in one exercise class or another.
When you meet people who are in good moods at 5am
hold onto those people and don't let them go :)
I'm really lucky to have found such a great gaggle of girls.
Most of them are runners.
This fact has saved me THOUSANDS in therapy bills alone
because we tend to run and chat
about the good and bad that life throws at you.
Well, one of my peeps is an orthopedic surgeon.
I knew from our running talks throughout the years
that she goes on mission trips to Guatemala regularly.
Last week I was honored to have been invited
to attend a luncheon for the group close to my friend's heart.
Its called Faith in Practice.
I had never been to a fundraising luncheon before.
I didn't know what to expect.
Here's a hint if you're ever invited to one.
Wear waterproof mascara.
Tears will flow.
After the lunch itself we saw a slide show
accompanied by speeches from two ladies
who blew me (and everyone really) away.
One of them shared how,
like me,
she didn't speak Spanish
and she had no medical training
so she really doubted how she could help.
She had spent years helping them fund raise
but it wasn't until recently
 that she was able to make her first trip to Guatemala.
She said if you volunteer and you show up
they would find you a job.
She was asked to be a blogger.
{You can see the volunteer blogs here.}
She had no idea until that trip what a blog was.
I knew right then God was telling me no more excuses.


She described watching women being helped to the clinic.
She thought they were orthopedic patients.
They were not.
Before that day I had no idea that
women in Guatemala rarely get gynecological care.
These women had issues so bad they could barely walk.
Issues from infections, child birth, from lack of routine medical care.
Some of these women refuse care when, in some cases surgery is required.
Not because of the surgery mind you.
But because they will require six weeks of abstinence afterwards.
Because they fear their husbands leaving them.
Which apparently, sadly and tragically, is NOT an uncommon response.
I keep going over this in my head.
I can't really digest the thought.
Women afraid to take care of themselves
for fear of being abandoned.
I don't know the solution, if there is really is one, for the long term.
How to change a cultural norm like that.
But I do know who is there,
on the ground,
in the trenches,
Making a difference.
Faith in Practice.
Offering medical intervention that is changing peoples lives.
I know its not just the people of Guatemala whose lives are changing.
Its the volunteers that pay their own way,
that make the journey,
some not even knowing what they have to offer,
that end up getting so much in return.
That's what I saw in the room at the luncheon last week.
Ladies absolutely infectious in their joy having
put their own faith in practice.


Friday, May 8, 2015

happy mothers day

I know Mother's Day isn't until Sunday
but I say let the shopping celebrating begin :)
Anthropologie is having 20% off
with the code XOXO.
Makes me think now is the time to buy these...
since I've been stalking them for a while.
Something new I stumbled onto
in my search for redness relief of rosacea
{don't you love the perks of getting older}
Its gotten five star reviews every where I look
and since there's a free gift with purchase
I'm headed to Nordstrom
to find my right shade
rather than gamble on having to do a return.
I'll let you know if its a winner.
If there's something you've been coveting lately
definitely check to see if its on sale
because any day Mother's Day
is THE perfect time to treat yo'self.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

sweet deals

This outdoor bistro set had me at hello.
I'm a sucker for green
but it comes in other colors.
Best part?
Its a three piece set for $99.
What's not to love?
While I was finding the links to show you
I stumbled upon a sweet deal on the same site...
you have to order by 11:59 tonight
{Cinco de Mayo}
to catch these 50% off deals below...
this table is on sale for $189
(plus $60 in shipping but for under 200 I'd go for it)
This dining room table is swoon worthy...
especially at $224 plus free shipping.
This is for my youngest sister who asked me about a mirror the other day...
Need I say more?
And yes her nickname is Bogart.
No, I cant tell you why.
You know I love me some boxwood topiaries right?
Well here's a six piece set for half off...
I could do this all day
but you need to go check out the Cinco de Mayo sale
on Home Decorators before midnight
so hop on over and see what you find...


Friday, May 1, 2015


I cannot believe its May Day today.
Can you?
Google that term if you've never heard of it.
I only remember it from the fifth grade
when our class was invited to do the Maypole dance
in the middle of one of the downtown squares in Savannah.
Must be a southern thing.
Or a Savannah thing.
Haven't seen it anywhere else.
I'd post a picture but don't want to get sued for copyright infringement.
I got enough on my plate.
You can see pics here.
In any event its a celebration of spring.
Has spring sprung where you are?
Its beautiful outside here in Houston.
I'm beginning to get my mojo back after the bad month we had in April.
I've got a spring in my step and I'm trying to concentrate on
enjoying every minute God gives me,
good and bad.
Every minute is a gift you know.
Speaking of gifts
since the last time I posted
it seems like this week has been all about girlfriends.
I started out the week with coffee with some girls
and ended it bee bopping around
with my cute pregnant friend Adrienne.
She's expecting her third little baby
and she is in nesting mode.
Which may explain this...

She's doing an ocean themed room for her little boy.
We found glass fishing floats, nautical hooks, a huge ocean sign,
and a fantastic turtle canvas among other things.
The bunk beds arrived today and I'm going over next week
to help put this stuff up.
She also snagged this anchor from Target... 

It'll hang above his bed and serve as his night light.
I know.
Target is knocking it out of the flippin' park aren't they?

But back to HomeGoods...
don't think I didn't gasp out loud when I saw this looker...

Hello lover.

The only thing stopping me from bringing this sweet thing home...

my dear husband.
His favorite word is budget remember?
Our anniversary is coming up.
I don't need this chair but honey
I'd sit in it and think of you I promise.
I spied these Tahari drapes for my instagram friend Moira.

She snagged some in California and needed more but these were slightly different.
Moira...please know I will travel to different HG stores to get the six you need.
Think about it.
That's what design addicted people do.
Can I get an amen?
Home Goods was so good this week.
Go if you haven't.
Let me know what you find.
I may have bought myself another double happiness jar.
For Mothers Day.
I hope your week was good too.
Mine started with coffee with the girls
and ended up today looking at fabric for Adrienne's living room.
These are the ones she took home to try in the room...
In my opinion these say hip, fun, and happy.
And who wouldn't want to be all that?

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