Tuesday, May 12, 2015

faith in practice

I think you might know how I feel about my local peeps.
Most of my girl peeps I've met in one exercise class or another.
When you meet people who are in good moods at 5am
hold onto those people and don't let them go :)
I'm really lucky to have found such a great gaggle of girls.
Most of them are runners.
This fact has saved me THOUSANDS in therapy bills alone
because we tend to run and chat
about the good and bad that life throws at you.
Well, one of my peeps is an orthopedic surgeon.
I knew from our running talks throughout the years
that she goes on mission trips to Guatemala regularly.
Last week I was honored to have been invited
to attend a luncheon for the group close to my friend's heart.
Its called Faith in Practice.
I had never been to a fundraising luncheon before.
I didn't know what to expect.
Here's a hint if you're ever invited to one.
Wear waterproof mascara.
Tears will flow.
After the lunch itself we saw a slide show
accompanied by speeches from two ladies
who blew me (and everyone really) away.
One of them shared how,
like me,
she didn't speak Spanish
and she had no medical training
so she really doubted how she could help.
She had spent years helping them fund raise
but it wasn't until recently
 that she was able to make her first trip to Guatemala.
She said if you volunteer and you show up
they would find you a job.
She was asked to be a blogger.
{You can see the volunteer blogs here.}
She had no idea until that trip what a blog was.
I knew right then God was telling me no more excuses.


She described watching women being helped to the clinic.
She thought they were orthopedic patients.
They were not.
Before that day I had no idea that
women in Guatemala rarely get gynecological care.
These women had issues so bad they could barely walk.
Issues from infections, child birth, from lack of routine medical care.
Some of these women refuse care when, in some cases surgery is required.
Not because of the surgery mind you.
But because they will require six weeks of abstinence afterwards.
Because they fear their husbands leaving them.
Which apparently, sadly and tragically, is NOT an uncommon response.
I keep going over this in my head.
I can't really digest the thought.
Women afraid to take care of themselves
for fear of being abandoned.
I don't know the solution, if there is really is one, for the long term.
How to change a cultural norm like that.
But I do know who is there,
on the ground,
in the trenches,
Making a difference.
Faith in Practice.
Offering medical intervention that is changing peoples lives.
I know its not just the people of Guatemala whose lives are changing.
Its the volunteers that pay their own way,
that make the journey,
some not even knowing what they have to offer,
that end up getting so much in return.
That's what I saw in the room at the luncheon last week.
Ladies absolutely infectious in their joy having
put their own faith in practice.


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