Sunday, May 31, 2015

hip and happy at hello

I've been meaning to show you some stuff
I have been working on like the table
I made for my husband using an old steamer trunk.
It only took me three years of contemplation
and then about a month of elbow grease, paint, and power tools.
I wouldn't call it procrastination...
let's call it time management delays.
Speaking of delays...
 am I the only one who never backs up their phone?
I might deserve a prize because I finally remembered
to transfer my pictures the other day.
I know there is such a thing as icloud.
I don't really know how to do it.
If there's a way to completely mess up simple technology I'll do it.
Because it doesn't work.
Time to call my computer guy I guess.
For now enjoy a favorite from my beloved
If you know me you know what had me at hello...
Chiang mai dragon on the chairs.
Take a moment.
Better yet cop a squat and let's discuss
the long lust list of things I love about this room...
Blue and white porcelain.
Double happiness that even I can see with my aging eyes.
I spy fabrics, wallpaper, pillows that I love.
Not to mention the perfectly-cut sea grass throughout.
This house is not huge but its perfect isn't it?
I love the little parsons desk tucked into the back corner.
This is where my family would always be.
I could totally see blogging from back there.
I could even see me cooking in this kitchen
especially with the double oven...
Let's not go too crazy on the cooking front.
Baby steps.
I do love the built in seating for the breakfast nook.
This sweet older house was updated splendidly...

but it still has character and charm.
An oldie but a goodie. :)
The rooms may be on the smaller side
but these owners have shown
the perfect placement to make it work. 

Its a fun, hip, happy place...

no surprise its sale pending :)
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