Wednesday, May 13, 2015

house in the 'hood

I may have told you that we've decided to temporarily postpone
the hunt for a lot to build a new home.
You know we've lost two people who meant so much to us recently.
We honestly don't want to change anything else in our lives right now.
It doesn't mean we don't look though. ;)
Herewith my favorite house in the 'hood...
I spy the most perfect piano stool...barley twist.
Putting one of those on my list for Round Top this fall.
I'd bet money those are L S Slipcovers...
Just when you thought it was an all white house...
Across the way in the formal dining room...
Mental note...
I love the blue and white collection in a basket
as the centerpiece. 
The the marble island.

I don't know why but this is my favorite space downstairs...

I love the table and the simple chairs.
and the pop of color of the gallery art wall against the white.
Simple but fresh and fun. 
 The upstairs landing is just as lovely.

The only negative here to me is the ceiling fan.
But then again some people love theirs and gotta have one.
I'm more of a chandy kind of girl.

Again with the fan.
Me not a fan.

I love these two kids bedrooms.
How awesome are these built-ins?

 Notice the green painted antlers on the deer on the shelf.
Love it!

Up on the third floor there's a great chill area...
and a play room.
How awesome would this house be if you had littles?
Finally the guest room.

So you see we're not drawing up plans right now.
I'm not sure when we will but when we do
I'm sure you'll be among the first to know.
In the meantime stalking
is still my favorite thing to do when I have a free minute.
It still makes my heart happy to find a pretty one to share here.
We're slowly getting back to normal
and hopefully my postings will to.
Until then...thanks for your patience and understanding.
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  1. Once again, you've opened my tiny little eyes to the big world. I've never heard of LS Slipcovers before, but now they are bookmarked under my "shopping" folder!! What a house! I adore all the built-ins. And I'm with you on ceiling fans, and also too many recessed lights. Someone in that house must be having hot flashes!

    1. they're here in Houston but they now travel! email them if you're interested to see when they might make their way through Alabama. :)

  2. Love the slipcover look. Great house! LOVE the blue room!

    1. me too and all the blue and white porcelain too :)

  3. I love sisal area rugs but wall to wall in the bathroom?!! Any wall to wall in the bathroom is...a big no!

    1. I completely agree. I don't know how people do it but its kind of a "thing" in our neighborhood to have it throughout the house but in the bathroom not so much. thanks for reading :)

  4. I think your smart to wait to find a takes time to heal. I love this house..the table in the laundry room is beautiful!

  5. Great home! I agree completely re: the ceiling fans. I'd also ditch the massive ceiling medallion in the stairwell, it takes away from the chandelier (imo). I like to keep it simple.

    1. I agree about keeping it simple Moira :)

  6. Ceiling fans may or may not be ugly, but if you live in a hot climate, ceiling fans move the hot air that gathers at the top of the room and makes the room more comfortable and keeps your electric bill down. Before you get rid of the fans, try living in the room for a while during a hot season without turning the fan on, and then turn it on during for a trial period, to see what your difference is.

    1. good point! you're right in that it definitely helps if you live in a hot climate (and Houston definitely gets H O T) of our boys has asthma and its one of the recs by his doctor not to use ceiling fans...I think in part because of the dust etc that builds up on them.


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