Friday, May 1, 2015


I cannot believe its May Day today.
Can you?
Google that term if you've never heard of it.
I only remember it from the fifth grade
when our class was invited to do the Maypole dance
in the middle of one of the downtown squares in Savannah.
Must be a southern thing.
Or a Savannah thing.
Haven't seen it anywhere else.
I'd post a picture but don't want to get sued for copyright infringement.
I got enough on my plate.
You can see pics here.
In any event its a celebration of spring.
Has spring sprung where you are?
Its beautiful outside here in Houston.
I'm beginning to get my mojo back after the bad month we had in April.
I've got a spring in my step and I'm trying to concentrate on
enjoying every minute God gives me,
good and bad.
Every minute is a gift you know.
Speaking of gifts
since the last time I posted
it seems like this week has been all about girlfriends.
I started out the week with coffee with some girls
and ended it bee bopping around
with my cute pregnant friend Adrienne.
She's expecting her third little baby
and she is in nesting mode.
Which may explain this...

She's doing an ocean themed room for her little boy.
We found glass fishing floats, nautical hooks, a huge ocean sign,
and a fantastic turtle canvas among other things.
The bunk beds arrived today and I'm going over next week
to help put this stuff up.
She also snagged this anchor from Target... 

It'll hang above his bed and serve as his night light.
I know.
Target is knocking it out of the flippin' park aren't they?

But back to HomeGoods...
don't think I didn't gasp out loud when I saw this looker...

Hello lover.

The only thing stopping me from bringing this sweet thing home...

my dear husband.
His favorite word is budget remember?
Our anniversary is coming up.
I don't need this chair but honey
I'd sit in it and think of you I promise.
I spied these Tahari drapes for my instagram friend Moira.

She snagged some in California and needed more but these were slightly different.
Moira...please know I will travel to different HG stores to get the six you need.
Think about it.
That's what design addicted people do.
Can I get an amen?
Home Goods was so good this week.
Go if you haven't.
Let me know what you find.
I may have bought myself another double happiness jar.
For Mothers Day.
I hope your week was good too.
Mine started with coffee with the girls
and ended up today looking at fabric for Adrienne's living room.
These are the ones she took home to try in the room...
In my opinion these say hip, fun, and happy.
And who wouldn't want to be all that?


  1. The new Home Goods in Mobile will open this summer, not soon enough for me! Glad you are out and about. Life is good and I'm so happy you cherish it.

  2. I danced in a May Day pole dance too when I was in grade school. Can't remember if it was for school or our church. I seem to remember celebrating Mother Mary to...for some reason. That was in the 70s so maybe they banned since...haha! Annapolis has a May Day pole with the ribbons and all but I have never seen anyone dance.

    You are making me want to go the HomeGoods and I have been so good!

  3. I danced in a May Day pole dance too!!! Your friend got some great finds!!! Enjoy your week!


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