Saturday, May 30, 2015

silver linings

I called yesterdays post "trivial matters" because
I was trying to write this one in my head
but I kept stalling out.
Early last Saturday morning there was an accident
in which a bicyclist,
a young man, 47, father of three,
beloved husband of a friend of my friend,
was killed.
He was on his way to a memorial ride
for a bicyclist killed earlier this spring
in Galveston by a texting driver.
I know.
I shake my head too when I think of that fact.
Let's all agree to no more texting while driving,
not even while stopped at red lights anymore.
Even your Bluetooth where you car may alert you
to incoming texts can be distracting.
I've turned mine off.
My phone rides in my purse now.
Multitasking can wait.

Reading about him in the paper
you just felt like you knew him
or you definitely wanted to know him,
he just seemed like a terrific guy.
My friend Laura assured me that he was.
I keep thinking of how this time last week
he and his family were probably planning
for their long holiday weekend.
This exact time last week their five became four.
I keep thinking of him and his family,
which reminds me of the events of March and April
that brought about the loss of both
a dear friend and our oldest niece.
I keep thinking of the lessons I know
we're supposed to learn from this,
this cycle of life where these things happen
more and more frequently it seems.
There has to be some good from all this bad.
I'm trying to be thankful,
for everything we have.
Also for everything we don't have.
To know that we have enough,
more than enough,
 that we are blessed beyond measure.
To be in the now,
in the present,
not always planning ahead
but rather enjoying where we are now.
To put my kids first,
knowing how fleeting time is,
how you blink
and they grow
and they fly away.
Others snatched away,
too quickly,
when they seemingly had so much more to do here,
leaving us to always wonder...
Why them?
Why not us?
Questions that will never be answered.
For there is no answer.
We who remain
just have to keep going.
That is what they,
those who left too soon,
 would want.
I know that for certain.
Until we meet again I'll be wondering,
trying to figure out some meaning
to all of this...what lessons we're supposed to learn.
Trying to find good amidst the bad.
A search for hope, a reminder to have faith.
I think so anyway.

I'm not alone in searching for the silver lining in life
when bad things, unexpected things happen.
As some of you may know Texas has been hit
with some crazy weather lately.
Here in Houston on Monday night
to say there was a rainstorm that blew through
would be the understatement of the decade.
The decade or so since Hurricane Allison hit.
We were lucky.
One of our friends who lives across the street from
Buffalo Bayou was not.
Steve texted Tuesday morning that
he was sitting on a chair on his countertop
watching the water rise.
There was two feet of water in his house.
Unimaginable isn't it?
His pictures...

Two of his three cars...
He never lost power.
Instead of coffee though
as you can see in the first picture
he may have started his morning with red wine.
You would too if this was your view...

 Thank God by the early afternoon the high water had receded,
the roads became passable,
and clean up began.
I'm happy to report that he has a crew onsite
helping remove the debris,
salvage what he can,
and starting to rebuild his house.

He was in complete shock I think
for the first 48 hours after the flood.
Now he has a game plan for the reconstruction process.
Friends are helping him sort through his needs day by day.
I saw him yesterday and he said
"you know this sucks but in sixty days
I'm going to have a house re-warming party,
and its going to be an even better house than before."
He found his silver lining.
That's how you push through life
when unexpected things happen
and turn your life upside down.
Its the only way to survive and move on.
Sometimes to see the silver lining it takes a long time.
But I promise if you look for it it's there.



  1. I am so sorry for all the heartache you have endured these past few months:(
    I am glad to know you have faith and look for the silver linings in life!
    Hang in there my friend!
    Good things await!


  2. Oh Nancy...this is so hard. Thanks for the no texting message. I am stuck in traffic a lot and it seems tempting but not any more.

    1. Hi Mary Ann, thanks :) everytime i'm tempted to look at my phone at a stop light I think no it can wait. hope this lesson sticks for me. :)

  3. Nancy, your family and friends have seen your share (or more) of heartache in recent months. My prayers go out to you and all involved. I am glad you are keeping the faith (the silver lining), although I know at times it is VERY difficult. I go back to Jeremiah 29:11. In each situation He is in control. We may never understand His reasons, but can find comfort in that verse.

    1. thank you for that verse and as always for your sweet comments.



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