Friday, June 19, 2015

new face

I apologize now for two beauty posts in a row.
Some may call it shallow.
To me its a part of survival.
Of the forties :)
Stick with me for a minute.
I had the pleasure of going out for a beer last night.
Which is a funny sentence to write because truth be told I'm not a fan of beer.
But for my peeps I'll do just about anything.
Last night we raised a glass {or more} to celebrate our friend little E.
{she's the shorter more petite of our two friends named Erin}
and her last chemo treatment.
Can I get a hallelujah please?
She and her chemo fanny pack whom she nicknamed Newman
after the annoying character on Seinfeld
kicked some cancer booty over the past few months.
She is a warrior y'all wrapped up in a tiny package
and I am so honored to call her friend.
Last night I also met a new friend named Kim,
a mutual friend of Erin's and Laura
{you remember Laura right?
she's the Maverick to my Goose or vice versa}
and together with Joyce we hooted and hollered
like we'd known each other for like EVAH.
At one point the conversation turned to wrinkles and Botox.
Kim made a beautiful point when she spoke up
and was like "screw Botox,
how about we all just embrace our lines and wrinkles?
I've earned every one of them!"

I love her.
I wish I could be more like her.
I'll have to work on it though.
Because like I told my husband the other day
when he suggested I just suck it up and accept that I'm aging.
I will refrain from using the words that first
came into mind when he said that to me.
Here's what I said instead:
NO!I'm not going down with a fight.
While I know I will never do an injectable
{and I'm not judging you if you have or you will}
I am definitely in the camp of beauty product junkies
that are willing to
smatter, smother, and cover my way to a smoother face.
I'll buy any product, gadget or gizmo that proclaims to lift, tuck, or smooth.
And if that's wrong I don't want to be right.
Case in point...
I bought one of these a few months back...

Its a NuFace toning device and it works.
It uses micro currents to stimulate collagen production.
Think of it like a no scalpel mini face lift.
Today only on QVC you can score this on sale for $150 plus $3 S&H.
Best thing on the Q is that you can break it down into 4 payments.
Just saying.
Its definitely an investment but in the words of L'Oreal you're worth it.
The key is you have to use it regularly, make it a part of your routine.
I've seen good results with the eleven lines between my brows
and maybe its just my bad eyes but I do think its helping pull up what's sagging.
Dear makers of NuFace...I'm waiting for the full body size version :)


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  1. So happy for Little E!!! She is fortunate to have the support of wonderful friends like you. May have to splurge for the NuFace. Have a great weekend!


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