Tuesday, June 16, 2015

recent beauty finds

I've walked by this product at Target a couple of times.
I was able to resist until recently.
I'm glad I threw it in the basket.
Once I figured out its not a screw top
but rather you just pull the top off
then pump the top to get the product out
{you'll thank me for these tedious instructions}
it went on like butter.
That's a good thing like how butter makes everything better :)
I have sensitive ie crazy, aging, confused skin
so I'm scared to try things I haven't read reviews about.
Not only has my skin NOT broken out it seems to me
that its doing what it claims in that my skin tone feels more even.
I love a good retinol product but most make my skin burn when I put it on
or turn red and peel like a bad sunburn...not good.
This is apparently a 1% retinol/ceramide complex which makes me
think that's why my skin isn't freaking out like it does with a typical retinol.
Plus my dermatologist has recommended other Cerave products to me
so if its a brand she trusts well, that's good enough for me.
I found it on sale at Ulta in case you're interested.
Speaking of dermatologists you know how they feel about sun exposure.
Cover up and use sunscreen.
Well, I don't know about you but I'm a girl who likes a little bit of a tan.
Just not a real one from the sun.
Problem is fake tans, let me rephrase that, good fake tans can be hard to come by.
Last year I tried and liked this one by Tarte.
Somehow, maybe it was late night QVC watching
{thanks to another fun fantastic thing about my forties...insomnia}
but I stumbled onto this...
Problem was I wanted to try it before our recent cruise.
I didn't want to scare fellow cruisers with my pasty skin in a swim suit
and I didn't have time to wait on qvc shipping times
so I ran to Ulta and picked up the smallest size they had.
It was a 50 ml for $18.
The things you do to feel good about yourself.
{rolling my eyes at myself}
The key I think is exfoliating beforehand and
using an application mitt {which I already had}.
Now if you're anything like me the main thing
I hate about fake tanning is the smell.
I've read some people apply the self tanner at night
then let it dry and sleep in it, letting the tan develop overnight.
I have all white bedding.
And OCD.
Need I say more?
This may be TMI but here's how I did it...
1. used skin brush all over to exfoliate dead skin
2. used my Clarisonic plus body brush in the shower
3. I put a little lotion on my elbows and knees
4. then applied the self tanner with an application mitt
following the directions in the video you can find in the Ulta link above.
I did this on a weekend that I didn't have to go anywhere.
It goes on and has a bronze tint that helps you see where you've put it.
Good thing because you know my eyes are bad.
 I wore dark colors that day since I didn't want to ruin any light colored clothes
and I didn't get dressed until my skin felt dry.
I let it stay on for six or seven hours and honestly the smell wasn't bad.
I ended up showering again before I went to bed
because, again, I didn't want to take the chance of
getting any color anywhere but on my pasty skin.
I have to say that I was quite impressed with the color.
My arms looked unbelievably good,
my legs, well, I have skin issues I've mentioned before
so they weren't picture perfect but it wasn't because of the tanner.
I have little patches of psoriasis that make picture perfect unattainable
and I'm ok with that...its just a part of me I live with
just like my eye color or my hair.
I do dye my hair but you get my drift.
Previous beauty buys I'm still loving are Clinique's Long Last Gloss.
I scored it recently at Nordstrom during a bonus buy event.
I'm going to order a couple so that I'm never without it.
Its that good in my opinion.
Their Redness Solution makeup is terrific at hiding my rosacea
but to me its heavier than I like so I've been mixing it
in my palm with my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer
Clinique has deals on their site like 15% off when you sign up for emails.
Plus they have free samples and free shipping for over $50.
Just saying.
I still use Day by Day Beauty vitamin C serum daily and love it.
Its currently not available but I'm hoping it comes back in stock asap.
As long as I'm doing an update I got this in the mail recently...
I was so excited that my beloved Tracy Anderson had a new Dvd
that I ordered it as soon as we got back from the cruise.
Here's what.
You might know that I've had foot problems
since training for the full marathon last year.
Honestly when I saw the Dvd cover I thought it was all about sculpting
with the included sculpting band.
Turns out the first two of three workouts on this video are cardio
as in jumping and dancing around cardio.
While that's great for some people, for me and my foot?
Its not going to work out.
And the band portion?
Let me be honest.
I love Tracy Anderson's Method.
I love her videos.
I do at least one every day.
Personally I can not do this video.
This was super advanced or at the very least
for someone more coordinated and balanced than me.
If that's you...perfect, you'll love it.
Me? Maybe one day if my foot heals completely but not now.
I'm pretty sure I fell over at least twice trying to do some of these moves.
Now that's a video I'm sure you'd love to see. ;)
Ok y'all.
Have a great day!
We're just sitting tight waiting for Tropical Storm Bill to pass through Houston.
So far its been a bust for us and that's a good thing.
No flooding like last month = no complaints from me.
Stay safe :)


  1. Nancy... I was thinking of you today. I cannot believe you guys are getting more rain!!! This is insane. CeraVe got a great review in one of the mags. I put it on my list. Thanks for the tip on the sunless tanner - I will definitely try it. I'll be thinking of you and praying for no flooding.

    1. Tropical Storm Bill was a bust for us where we are and i'm oh so thankful.

      have a great weekend!


  2. Nancy - if you haven't, try wearing Chaco brand shoes. I have serious issues with my feet and I can wear Chaco's all day long. They hurt, in a good way, because of the arch support.

    Just thought I would share.

    1. Hi! thanks for the tip! you're so sweet to tell me about them. I will definitely google them now :)


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