Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday shopping

Hope you're enjoying a slow Sunday morning.
I'm thankful to say that I am.
In case you're just chilling and have a credit card that's willing
here's a few cool to me items that I've bookmarked...
Ok. This one I more than bookmarked.
I bought it during Nordstrom's anniversary sale.
I've had it bookmarked for a while but then during the sale
it became a buy two for $65 deal.
Don't judge.
I got them Friday and they are SOOOOOO soft.
I cant wait for Houston to cool down so that I can wear them.
If that ever happens...and at this rate it doesn't feel like it will.
105 heat index and no rain in sight.
At least its not flooding I guess.
I meant to post this dress a while back.
No I didn't order it nor will I now because the only sizes left...
well, let's just say I wouldn't fit in the sizes left in stock.
Its still cute...
Ruche has unique pieces like say Anthropologie
that are affordable in my opinion
{unlike Anthropologie}
especially if you sign up for their emails.
Love me a coupon code.
Ok. This is random but I thought these were cool...
especially if you're a lover of blue and white.
Or clean.
You call it crazy.
I call it chic while experiencing OCD.
Speaking of blue and white...
why have I not known about Jill Rosenwald's bedding...
with a reversible duvet?
Geometric on one side, plain white with colored trim on the other?
Please please please let apple green be her next color way.
If you love color seriously check out her bedding options.
The prices are groovy and the design super happy chic.
As are these sneaks....
remember when I was stalking a previous versions from the Gap?
Well baby they're back!
Only I don't need a pair now but maybe you do. :)
Try their current code "cool" for 40% off.
Also consider this striped skirt...
You know this summer I'm all about the skirt.
This one also comes in gray stripes and solids.
And just so you don't think all I do is shop
I did manage to finally frame some of the sea fans I've been hoarding...
which leads me to another thing I'm working on.
Very exciting stuff in my little world...
stay tuned for details. :)
Enjoy your Sunday y'all!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

back roads & good finds

Before I completely forget I thought I'd post pictures
from a favorite store {Toscoga} I stumbled on last year
during our annual pilgrimage to the deep South.
Once I found it there's no going to this neck of the woods without stopping
which is what we did last month on our way back to Texas.
Its in the tiny town of Thomasville, Georgia,
 well maybe not so tiny compared to
the no stoplight town that my dad was born in.
Either way Thomasville is a true Southern gem
that I dare say not a lot of folks know about.
I'm pretty sure once you see these pictures
you'll be sure to hang a left
on the Thomasville Highway the next time
you find yourself near Tallahassee, Florida on I-10...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

back to square one on bedding

So you may remember last week how I was so excited
that I got the green light to update our bedroom.
I found all the pieces and placed an order for most of what I needed.
I was so excited when our new UPS guy delivered a package from PB.
I didn't open it immediately because last week was a camp free week for us.
I did however check my email and saw a little ditty from PB
that went something along these lines...
hey girl.
 you know that apple green duvet you loved?
the one that made you order some other coordinating stuff to go with it?
And paid shipping for?
Yeah...everything is on its way now.
Everything BUT the green duvet.
That thing?
Its never coming.
It's on clearance now and its gone girl gone.
So of course I'm like surely that can't be...
so I get online and look it up.
Heck I even went so far as to add it to my cart
where it proudly displayed "in stock and ready to ship"!
You may know I can be like a bulldog with a bone
so I call their customer service line.
Long story short I need a new plan.
While the hubs is still on board.
Dear Pottery Barn.
I am not happy with you.
But that's ok because in the end I know its not a big deal.
Its a first world problem.
Plus I've learned a lesson.
Stick to my never pay for shipping rule.
And don't believe you when you tell me something is in stock.
This isn't the first time this inventory thing has happened between us.
I'm out.
I think we have to take a break.
Now to plan B.
Not sure what it is yet but I'm thinking.
And searching.
Here's some alternatives in case you too are looking for bedding options...

via Sferra

Love the colors on this Sferra bedding.
My favorite is chartreuse and its in stock!
If you don't know the Sferra brand it is pure luxury.
With a matching price tag.
These are on sale which is great right?
Every bit helps.
But in my searching to make sure I was getting the best price
I saw some reviews that said it wrinkled like crazy.
I'm crazy enough thank you with my OCD.
Wrinkles might be the end of me.
Can't do it.

Serena & Lily have a lovely border frame set...

in multiple colors for around the same price as the Sferra on sale.
Again...for me its the wrinkles.
Love the color.
Not the ironing.

 I've been thinking of this linen quilt for winter...


but its from PB.
Need I say more?
Not happening.

I nearly pulled the trigger on buying this coverlet set from Peacock Alley...

love the geometric print of the fabric
but I just didn't want to commit and to me that's a sign...
 if something isn't jumping out at me I'm not doing it.

There's this lovely which I first spotted in the Southern Living house
last year in Palmetto Bluff...

{you can see the tour here in case you missed it}
In case you've not seen their whole Southern Living collection
its available only at Dillard's here.
Nice but again no "gotta have it now" urge.

The more I think about it the more I think I should stick with
all white bedding,
no duvets because of my wrinkle angst,
maybe have a bed scarf made for a punch of color
at the end of the that will tie in our existing blue gourd lamps.
For some reason this Christopher Farr Carnival fabric is talking to me...

via woody liana

via bijou and boheme

and I just may have to listen :)
 Either way it looks like I'm back at square one.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

summer uniform

I don't know where you live but here in Houston it is H-O-T.
You can't stand in the shade here without sweating up a storm.
At least I can't.
Maybe its mid-life hormones.
But I'm going with its the heat and humidity.
Either way I've found my perfect summer uniform for this year.
It involves a t-shirt and one of these...




all via

My sister Mary turned me onto these.
She was wearing one last month while we were visiting Savannah.
As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get one.
Or three.
Sit down and let me tell you where she got it.
Say it without the French accent and its sounds like Walmart.
I know!
You're welcome.
Under ten bucks each.
One little problem.
The first Walmart we went to didn't have my size.
So I may have dragged my sisters to a second store where I scored three of these.
I'd have bought more but again no more mediums dang it.
I tried to buy them online here but most are sold out.
I'll keep trying.
But if my sisters are reading this, um, I'd really love the last two as well.
{There's not a Walmart near me :( }
Pretty please.
Will pay for shipping too :)
Just saying.
Stay cool y'all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

bedding runners up

I ordered the green ribbon trimmed bedding
for my mini makeover in the master but I thought
I'd share some of the bedding I debated about.
I drooled over this on preppy empty nester's blog
{last summer I think Katie (?)}
and tracked it down to here.
I love it.
Just not the $900 price tag.
I'd never get in the bed at that price.
I'd just gaze at it from afar.
Maybe when the boys and all their dirt move out ;)
Here's a lovely alternative...
I nearly bought this but it only comes in indigo and sky...
wish they'd had it in apple green.
Just saying.
I'm still digging it especially since all their bedding is 15% off through July 27.
{Paola...check out the sky colorway for your girls' room~}
William Sonoma Home has some beautiful choices too...
but in the end pottery barn
spoke to me with their sale on sale tactic genius
something you KNOW I'm a sucker for.

I'm getting excited at tweaking things
especially when I saw this...
my latest inspiration picture for my room.
Loving those pillows Tory has.
Waiting until the bedding arrives before deciding
about the chiang mai lumbar pillow on our bed...
Not sure if it will stay or not.
It wont go far though...maybe just downstairs.
Nothing is static around here.
Except the numbers on my scale.
Wish they'd move down{stairs}too.
Whatever you do today do it with gusto.
Have a good one!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

file this under better late than never

I did my first design board :)
A special thanks to my peep Tery who told me
about doing a collage using picmonkey.
I just wanted to see how everything might look together
for a little update I'm working on for our bedroom.
I've dreamt of green trellis drapes since we moved in
and finally, finally its heading in that direction...
its only taken me seven years.
Add that to the better late than never file too.

I've found a few places that do the green trellis drapes.
Waiting for samples to make sure we can nail the color for sure.
I wish I could do the real deal using Schumacher's Imperial Trellis
but alas the deal maker/money saver in me just can't do it.
I did pull the trigger on the apple green bedding though.
Pottery Barn is having a 20% off sale on duvets right now
plus the Morgan bedding was already on sale.
You know how I love a sale on sale...I'm a complete sucker for that.
I also ordered two of their Shay euro shams
{middle right picture}
to see if I can make the French blue gourd lamps we have work.
If not those will go to the living room.
 I'm sure our babysitters will love that since they always look at us like we're nuts
for only using overhead lighting in there.
A leftover safety craze from when we had crawlers who I thought might
pull on cords and crash lamps into their little baby heads. 
The baby is seven now.
Its definitely time to let there be light!
In a dream world I'd love to get a pair of Christopher Spitzmiller lamps.

Lastly I think we need to trade out the modern chandy we have now
for something more, well, not modern.
This lovely lattice lantern might just find its way to me.
Any thoughts or recommendations feel free to let me know.
I'm open to suggestions :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

soft surroundings

My sweet peep Lisa asked me to keep my eyes open
for some chairs for her dining room reno.
I'm always happy to oblige :)
Look at these pretties...
I know its a bad picture but you get my drift.
If you love them go now and order...they're on clearance.
They come with the pleated slipcover per the description.
Seems almost too good to be true at $199 each.
I knew Soft Surroundings had great clothes but furniture like this?
Who knew?
I know these aren't dining room chairs but they are still dreamy
for a boys room in my humble opinion...
and on clearance for $109.
Also stumbled on this bamboo bookcase...
Not that I need it but me some bamboo.
Our friend Erin bought two of these...
and loves them and at $450 each they're a pretty good deal.
I'm loving this wingback...
but at $800 the price hurts.
Lisa's husband {like my own} loves the word budget.
This chair?
Budget buster.
Maybe Lisa should follow in my sister Julie's footsteps.
Julie bought a wingback at a thrift store recently
and is planning to recover it herself using a painters drop cloth.
I know!
How awesome is that?
I suggested she paint a stripe down the middle.
Kind of like this one...
At $1800 I'm liking Julie's idea.
How about you?
I'll post pictures as soon as she's done.
{Ahem...that's a hint Julie.
I know you read my blog.
Even if you never comment.}
In the meantime I'll keep looking to see if we can find some cool chairs.
If you spy any leave me a tip in the comments section.
Thanks in advance :)

Friday, July 3, 2015

house in the 'hood...

Sorry for the radio silence...
we're back from our trek to the deep south to see my peeps.
We've chosen to drive the past few years 
1} because airfare between here and there has been exorbitant.
Try eight honey a ticket.
also 2} so that we can make stops along the way
like my parents home towns to show our kids where
my side of the family comes from.
Over the past ten days we've been in the car for fifty plus hours.
I'll post some pics once I climb a mountain of laundry
and go hunting and gathering for food to restock our shelves.
Until then hope you enjoy this recently sold
colorful happy home in our 'hood...

all images via

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