Thursday, July 23, 2015

back roads & good finds

Before I completely forget I thought I'd post pictures
from a favorite store {Toscoga} I stumbled on last year
during our annual pilgrimage to the deep South.
Once I found it there's no going to this neck of the woods without stopping
which is what we did last month on our way back to Texas.
Its in the tiny town of Thomasville, Georgia,
 well maybe not so tiny compared to
the no stoplight town that my dad was born in.
Either way Thomasville is a true Southern gem
that I dare say not a lot of folks know about.
I'm pretty sure once you see these pictures
you'll be sure to hang a left
on the Thomasville Highway the next time
you find yourself near Tallahassee, Florida on I-10...


Digging this lake sign and of course the boat...

There was goodness every where I looked.




Thought of you Julie...

Kicking myself for not buying this...

The note said they were Monk's beads...I call them perfect for a bowl on my coffee table.
Well...would have been.
Live and learn.

This dining room had me at hello.

My friend Lisa is looking to redo her dining room.
Loved these chairs for her...


Bad news is her husband's favorite word {like my own} is budget.
Let me clarify that because that could be taken the wrong way.
MY husband's favorite word is budget.
Mine not so much.


Demijohns...the big running joke of my Round Top peeps
since one year every one got one...a few of them turned them into side tables.
These would be perfect for that!

I gasped out loud when I saw this...
Still don't see it?
My favorite kind of find...double happiness...
I gently took it down, so excited because last year I found one here for $40.
I remember telling the lady at the register last year what I deal I thought that was.
Sometimes my mouth gets me into trouble.
This year this one was $160.
Its still there :(
I'm a sucker for anything green...

I kept seeing these around the shop.
Apparently they're called river camp candle stands.
Solid metal and green to boot.
Little weird fact about me but according to my mom I loved windmills as a kid.
Apparently I still do...
especially if they're painted green :)
And of course light fixtures always catch my eye...


especially blue and white porcelain ones...
and bamboo seating to boot.

I should have snagged these bulldog bookends in honor of my alma mater...
I considered grabbing these for my friend Steve...

but the bulldawg in me wouldn't allow it.
Sorry Steve.  
I love this piece. I could see this as a kitchen island...




Another I spy favorite...

green glass fishing floats.
Proud that I resisted :)


Seriously this shop has so many unique items.
In case you're interested in visiting they're on South Broad St.
I told them I may be back with a moving van one day.
A girl's gotta dream you know.
Another terrific store in Thomasville is Firefly.
Where I may have bought this...
Guess I can't say allegedly on this one.
Its a fact jack :)
Love it.
Especially the ~$20 price.
Here's a blast from the past.
I wandered across the street from Firefly
to check out a cute purse in the window of a store.
Don't judge.
So I walk in and turns out its a pharmacy.
My kind of pharmacy right?
One with cute purses and fun tchotchkes.
Then I look down and see this...

Forget the dirt, enjoy the pattern.
And something hits me, a feeling of I think I've been here before.
Like when I was little, with my grandmother.
So I ask the lady behind the counter how long they'd been in that spot.
Because it even smelled familiar.
Weird right?
She kind of giggled and said 1892.
I only wish I could have remembered being
here with her for sure but I don't care.
I'm definitely saying I went there with my grandmother when I was little.
Adding that to the stories I tell our boys EVERY single year we go
so that they can tell their kids and on and on
about where their mama and grandmama{s}came from.
I hope so any way.
As we left downtown Thomasville we drove past the quaint visitor center...

Next year I feel a photo op coming on with this fountain...

I think it could be prime Christmas card material.
Don't you?
From downtown we headed back towards Tallahassee
but there was one more stop we wanted to make before hopping onto I-10.
We've been driving past a place called Pebble Hill Plantation for years now.
Every time we passed by it was either a Sunday or Monday
and their sign said closed on those days.
SOOOOOO this year we did a little advance planning
{but apparently not enough}
and we drove by on a Tuesday when it was open.
Let me tell you when you turn in its like going back in time...
Well, once you pass this sign I mean...


Now I know why they have the slow down sign...

geese may be crossing the road...

on their way to the lake...
If I remember correctly the sign said this was the water pump building.

Um...I'm pretty sure I would live here if they let me.
Water pump and all.

I wish I could tell you what all the buildings were but...
and you gotta love a but...
even though we made it on a Tuesday
we had made stops earlier in my dad's hometown
and in downtown Thomasville,
and at the cemeteries in both cities where my grandparents are buried
and so by the time we got to Pebble Hill it was closing time.
I know.
Bad timing.
But at least we got a glimpse this trip and next time we know.
Plan ahead.
But better.


To imagine that this was someone's driveway back in the!

These trees were so glorious and beautiful like a work of art.


I'll leave you with what I think must be the caretaker's cottage...

loving the old gate...
and especially the American flag flying.

This place, this town is a true American beauty,
one not to be missed if you're able to go visit.
Road trip anyone?


  1. I haven't been to Thomasville in years. That shop has such wonderful items, I saw several that I would love . . . but I think the Seminole glasses are the BEST!

  2. You should go! I bet those glasses will still be there I've been trying to talk my sisters into going. If they do and they're there I'll get them to grab them and I can drop them off to you on our next pilgrimage. ;) another shop to go to is called relics. Right around the corner from toscoga. Enjoy your weekend!!!


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