Tuesday, July 21, 2015

back to square one on bedding

So you may remember last week how I was so excited
that I got the green light to update our bedroom.
I found all the pieces and placed an order for most of what I needed.
I was so excited when our new UPS guy delivered a package from PB.
I didn't open it immediately because last week was a camp free week for us.
I did however check my email and saw a little ditty from PB
that went something along these lines...
hey girl.
 you know that apple green duvet you loved?
the one that made you order some other coordinating stuff to go with it?
And paid shipping for?
Yeah...everything is on its way now.
Everything BUT the green duvet.
That thing?
Its never coming.
It's on clearance now and its gone girl gone.
So of course I'm like surely that can't be...
so I get online and look it up.
Heck I even went so far as to add it to my cart
where it proudly displayed "in stock and ready to ship"!
You may know I can be like a bulldog with a bone
so I call their customer service line.
Long story short I need a new plan.
While the hubs is still on board.
Dear Pottery Barn.
I am not happy with you.
But that's ok because in the end I know its not a big deal.
Its a first world problem.
Plus I've learned a lesson.
Stick to my never pay for shipping rule.
And don't believe you when you tell me something is in stock.
This isn't the first time this inventory thing has happened between us.
I'm out.
I think we have to take a break.
Now to plan B.
Not sure what it is yet but I'm thinking.
And searching.
Here's some alternatives in case you too are looking for bedding options...

via Sferra

Love the colors on this Sferra bedding.
My favorite is chartreuse and its in stock!
If you don't know the Sferra brand it is pure luxury.
With a matching price tag.
These are on sale which is great right?
Every bit helps.
But in my searching to make sure I was getting the best price
I saw some reviews that said it wrinkled like crazy.
I'm crazy enough thank you with my OCD.
Wrinkles might be the end of me.
Can't do it.

Serena & Lily have a lovely border frame set...

in multiple colors for around the same price as the Sferra on sale.
Again...for me its the wrinkles.
Love the color.
Not the ironing.

 I've been thinking of this linen quilt for winter...


but its from PB.
Need I say more?
Not happening.

I nearly pulled the trigger on buying this coverlet set from Peacock Alley...

love the geometric print of the fabric
but I just didn't want to commit and to me that's a sign...
 if something isn't jumping out at me I'm not doing it.

There's this lovely which I first spotted in the Southern Living house
last year in Palmetto Bluff...

{you can see the tour here in case you missed it}
In case you've not seen their whole Southern Living collection
its available only at Dillard's here.
Nice but again no "gotta have it now" urge.

The more I think about it the more I think I should stick with
all white bedding,
no duvets because of my wrinkle angst,
maybe have a bed scarf made for a punch of color
at the end of the that will tie in our existing blue gourd lamps.
For some reason this Christopher Farr Carnival fabric is talking to me...

via woody liana

via bijou and boheme

and I just may have to listen :)
 Either way it looks like I'm back at square one.


  1. What a disappointment!! Hate when companies are out of stock. Funny you mentioned the all white bedding. I was thinking of doing the same thing. Hope you have a great week.

    1. cant wait to see what you do in your room Katie :)

  2. I understand your disappointment and also being just a tad bit angry with PB. I was placing an order with QVC on Saturday, the item showed available, but when I went to put it in my shopping cart, I received a big red - not available note. Well, I am like you, a bit of a bulldog, and went back to the page and there was the item sitting right there AVAILABLE. So I put it in my cart again - same message. But, this time when I went back to get the item again, it had vanished from the screen. I was a tad bit angry. But, at least I did get the notice once I had put it in my cart. I am like you, I try to avoid paying shipping costs, unless it is something I am pining away for. Please keep us posted as you continue with your choices. I enjoy your blog so much! I told my daughter about the skirts at Wal-Mart. She almost squealed with delight. She is probably there right now shopping for one. Have a good week.

    1. argh. I hate it when that happens...guess the computers cant keep up with the likes of me and you :) I love the Q but not their shipping fees but it does seem like they've gone down a little on their you think so too? hope your daughter was able to snag some skirts :)

  3. I got mine a couple of years ago from Peacock Alley and it is fantastic. Mine is a different material than yours and it would easily wrinkle, for some reason it really doesn't. Miracle!

    1. Hi Paige! good to know! maybe I should reconsider the peacock alley? its a great company, high quality...hmmmmm...thanks for letting me know about yours not wrinkling :) and thanks for reading :)


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