Tuesday, July 14, 2015

bedding runners up

I ordered the green ribbon trimmed bedding
for my mini makeover in the master but I thought
I'd share some of the bedding I debated about.
I drooled over this on preppy empty nester's blog
{last summer I think Katie (?)}
and tracked it down to here.
I love it.
Just not the $900 price tag.
I'd never get in the bed at that price.
I'd just gaze at it from afar.
Maybe when the boys and all their dirt move out ;)
Here's a lovely alternative...
I nearly bought this but it only comes in indigo and sky...
wish they'd had it in apple green.
Just saying.
I'm still digging it especially since all their bedding is 15% off through July 27.
{Paola...check out the sky colorway for your girls' room~}
William Sonoma Home has some beautiful choices too...
but in the end pottery barn
spoke to me with their sale on sale tactic genius
something you KNOW I'm a sucker for.

I'm getting excited at tweaking things
especially when I saw this...
my latest inspiration picture for my room.
Loving those pillows Tory has.
Waiting until the bedding arrives before deciding
about the chiang mai lumbar pillow on our bed...
Not sure if it will stay or not.
It wont go far though...maybe just downstairs.
Nothing is static around here.
Except the numbers on my scale.
Wish they'd move down{stairs}too.
Whatever you do today do it with gusto.
Have a good one!


  1. This was so helpful, Nancy. We could use some new bedding too...and I know what you mean about moving pillows around!!

    1. you're the queen of pillows Mary Ann! seriously...I drool over all your blog posts and pin them for future reference.

  2. For $900 buckaroos, George Clooney better come with those sheets! GREAT alternatives. Of course, Tory would have a gorgeous bed like that! Love your pillow. Enjoy your week.

    1. I completely agree (as always) with you Katie. I need George too for that price but it is beautiful bedding FOR SURE!

  3. I enjoyed all of the pictures you shared with us. I cannot use white in our bedroom because we have three black cats. As a matter of fact, one is snuggled up right now between me and my keyboard. But, it does not stop me from loving and admiring the lovely colors (especially white) in the bedroom. Our comforter is a navy blue paisley, Again, those darn black cats! BTW, I enjoy reading your blog so much. My name is Maxine and I live in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    1. Hey Maxine! you're so sweet! thanks for reading :) love me some navy blue bedding too! with these kiddos bleach is my best friend :) btw...the boys are pressuring us for a pet. i'm thinking the days of white anything in our house (even with bleach) are numbered :)

  4. It is going to be beautiful! Love that Ballard bedding! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

    1. I know Cindy! I was so tempted by the ballard bedding but my husband said nope, you said you always wanted green so do green! I'll do navy next. allegedly. :)


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