Friday, July 3, 2015

house in the 'hood...

Sorry for the radio silence...
we're back from our trek to the deep south to see my peeps.
We've chosen to drive the past few years 
1} because airfare between here and there has been exorbitant.
Try eight honey a ticket.
also 2} so that we can make stops along the way
like my parents home towns to show our kids where
my side of the family comes from.
Over the past ten days we've been in the car for fifty plus hours.
I'll post some pics once I climb a mountain of laundry
and go hunting and gathering for food to restock our shelves.
Until then hope you enjoy this recently sold
colorful happy home in our 'hood...

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  1. I've got a 10 hour car trip coming up and although I like car trips, 10 hours is a bit long. You've broken the record with 50!
    Love the house - I was concerned there was no swing in that awesome tree, but the next photo looks like there's a nice tire swing after all. Thank goodness people have their priorities straight!

    1. Fifty was total time in the car...its 18 hours from Houston to Savannah. Hope you have a fun and safe road trip! I thought of you in the car when we passed through husband even remembered...he said "don't you know somebody from your blog that lives here?" I told him one day we are going to have to stop by for a visit!


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