Wednesday, July 8, 2015

soft surroundings

My sweet peep Lisa asked me to keep my eyes open
for some chairs for her dining room reno.
I'm always happy to oblige :)
Look at these pretties...
I know its a bad picture but you get my drift.
If you love them go now and order...they're on clearance.
They come with the pleated slipcover per the description.
Seems almost too good to be true at $199 each.
I knew Soft Surroundings had great clothes but furniture like this?
Who knew?
I know these aren't dining room chairs but they are still dreamy
for a boys room in my humble opinion...
and on clearance for $109.
Also stumbled on this bamboo bookcase...
Not that I need it but me some bamboo.
Our friend Erin bought two of these...
and loves them and at $450 each they're a pretty good deal.
I'm loving this wingback...
but at $800 the price hurts.
Lisa's husband {like my own} loves the word budget.
This chair?
Budget buster.
Maybe Lisa should follow in my sister Julie's footsteps.
Julie bought a wingback at a thrift store recently
and is planning to recover it herself using a painters drop cloth.
I know!
How awesome is that?
I suggested she paint a stripe down the middle.
Kind of like this one...
At $1800 I'm liking Julie's idea.
How about you?
I'll post pictures as soon as she's done.
{Ahem...that's a hint Julie.
I know you read my blog.
Even if you never comment.}
In the meantime I'll keep looking to see if we can find some cool chairs.
If you spy any leave me a tip in the comments section.
Thanks in advance :)


  1. OOO!! Drool, drool, drool at the bookcase and both wing backs! You find the dreamiest things!

  2. Nancy... I LOVE Soft Surrounding home accessories! We got a few things for our house for them (on sale), naturally! Hope you're having a good summer and the rain has stopped. My girls tell me it's raining in Dallas AGAIN!!

  3. We just recently had two soft surroundings stores open near us. I will have to look into their home line!!


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