Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday shopping

Hope you're enjoying a slow Sunday morning.
I'm thankful to say that I am.
In case you're just chilling and have a credit card that's willing
here's a few cool to me items that I've bookmarked...
Ok. This one I more than bookmarked.
I bought it during Nordstrom's anniversary sale.
I've had it bookmarked for a while but then during the sale
it became a buy two for $65 deal.
Don't judge.
I got them Friday and they are SOOOOOO soft.
I cant wait for Houston to cool down so that I can wear them.
If that ever happens...and at this rate it doesn't feel like it will.
105 heat index and no rain in sight.
At least its not flooding I guess.
I meant to post this dress a while back.
No I didn't order it nor will I now because the only sizes left...
well, let's just say I wouldn't fit in the sizes left in stock.
Its still cute...
Ruche has unique pieces like say Anthropologie
that are affordable in my opinion
{unlike Anthropologie}
especially if you sign up for their emails.
Love me a coupon code.
Ok. This is random but I thought these were cool...
especially if you're a lover of blue and white.
Or clean.
You call it crazy.
I call it chic while experiencing OCD.
Speaking of blue and white...
why have I not known about Jill Rosenwald's bedding...
with a reversible duvet?
Geometric on one side, plain white with colored trim on the other?
Please please please let apple green be her next color way.
If you love color seriously check out her bedding options.
The prices are groovy and the design super happy chic.
As are these sneaks....
remember when I was stalking a previous versions from the Gap?
Well baby they're back!
Only I don't need a pair now but maybe you do. :)
Try their current code "cool" for 40% off.
Also consider this striped skirt...
You know this summer I'm all about the skirt.
This one also comes in gray stripes and solids.
And just so you don't think all I do is shop
I did manage to finally frame some of the sea fans I've been hoarding...
which leads me to another thing I'm working on.
Very exciting stuff in my little world...
stay tuned for details. :)
Enjoy your Sunday y'all!!!!


  1. I ordered the cardis too...couldn't pass up when then became a two-fer!!

  2. Nancy... Love your new sweaters!! Great skirt too - stripes going in the right way in the right areas! Enjoy your week!

  3. That sweater is tempting...what a great price!! Those sea fans look wonderful!!

  4. Love the leopard slip ons and the dish towels!
    Looking forward to what's next in your world!


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