Saturday, August 15, 2015

did you know?

School is just around the corner for us.
I hope to be back to regular blogging then.
Here's a couple of things I've been meaning to share...
Did you know I am strangely drawn to sunburst mirrors?
like this new to me one...
I want it.
Just no place to put it.
For the sales price of $135 and at 42 inches in diameter
I just might be willing to move stuff around.
My sister Julie should totally grab this.
Just saying.
I'm also obsessed with green geometrics.
Case in point...
I first saw it on Joss and Main.
Then on Wayfair.
Then on One Kings Lane.
I was waiting for it show up on the o but it hasn't yet.
If it does its mine.
Did you know I love big handbags?
I guess its a leftover from my baby bag toting days.
Most days you could call me MacGyver because of the random things I carry around. least I'm prepared.
Even if my back hurts from the weight of it :)
I know you know I also dig dresses.
Some of my bookmarked favs...
Speaking of clothes...
did you know that the designers behind the line Puella
{sold at Anthropolgie}
have started a new company called Golden Tote
which is similar to "Stitch Fix"?
I haven't bought a "tote" but it looks interesting.
Let me know if you get something from there.
Always interested :)
Also...did you know there's a similar premise for men called Trunk Club?
Nordstrom bought them last year.
Who knew?
You fill out a survey with size and preferences.
A stylist makes some picks and then you get to review them online first.
You give the go ahead and your trunk ships.
You keep what you like, return what you don't.
Free shipping both ways :)
Their women's' site is coming soon.
Looking forward to seeing it :)
Not sure if you know this because I sure didn't...
did you know that some internet providers will let you
download antivirus software for free?
Mine does.
I had no idea until our computer crashed last year
and our computer guy downloaded one of the top brands
from my internet providers website.
I had been paying close to a hundred bucks PER YEAR for a disc.
Also the other day I called my power company
{here in Texas you can choose your power provider}
and asked them about lowering my rate.
They did!
By half I might add.
I've done it before with the phone and cable company.
I threatened to cut off service because the costs were {to me} getting outrageous.
Each time they have lowered my monthly rates
through various promotions and contract deals.
As my brother Mike says "the bashful go hungry."
I'll take that savings and spend it elsewhere :)
Anything you think I should know about?
Leave me a comment or drop me an email.
In the meantime stay cool. :)



  1. Hi Nancy! What a riot to see #1's dress. She is here for the weekend and I'm going to show her your blog when she gets up. LOVE that purse. My purse can't be big enough. Reminds me of when I went to the Doc complaining of shoulder pain. I thought it was tennis. She told me to carry my purse on my left shoulder for a couple of weeks. I did, and my pain was gone! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. I'm sorry I didn't give credit to your daughter for that dress. I bookmark things as I see them and sometimes forget where I first saw them :) my mind is a sieve sometimes. Heck. A lot of the time. Who am I trying to kid. Ha. I will try switching shoulders for my handbag to see if it works :) thanks for the tip! You're the best Katie!

  2. Love that handbag!! The bigger the better!!


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