Saturday, August 8, 2015

house in the 'hood

Hope you're having a fantastic Saturday!
I'm super pumped today...could be the great run I had today.
Yep, back to running.
Insert high five emoji here :)
Plantar fasciitis you're a wicked beast...bite me.
Glad you're gone.
Or it could be the three cups of coffee I've had.
Whatevs...its going to be a great day.
Can you feel it too?
In case you're not as caffeine pumped excited as me
maybe this latest house in the 'hood will change your mood...
I'd like to begin this tour in the back of the house...

Happy yet?
To me this house could be summed up in two words...
bold and beautiful.
That was three words but I don't care.
Take a step back and really take it in...

they've done so much that I want to do...
paint all white walls
(still working on the hubs about that Mary Ann :)
with the trim in a different, darker color.
Hope my husband is reading this.

plus the pop of green pillows had me at hello.

But the real place for hellos is back up front in the entry
where the gray zebra stair runner
sets the stage for some big time house hubba hubba...

I love this formal living room.
I've never decorated with purples but this has convinced me I need to...

The art work is perfect in each room.
I'm more a fan of landscapes but abstract...I'm now on board with it.


Across the hall in the formal dining room simplicity rules...

Through the connecting bar area...

and into the kitchen...

This house was built in the 90's but they've brought it up to date nicely
with new appliances, open shelving, darker floors.
Liking too the white uppers and darker gray lowers
even the fact that it looks like they kept the old backsplash.
It works for me.
Not sure if you'd agree.


How's this for a half bath?
I know right?!
These next two rooms remind me of kind of like a his and hers
match made in heaven with this one soft and feminine...
a secondary bedroom as a perfect playroom
and this study dark, mysterious in a sexy way and more masculine.

I'm realizing now my husband has no such masculine retreat.
Oh well...maybe we should move into this one.
Kidding...its sold.
I'm not surprised...are you?
Didn't think so.
From masculine to pretty in pink with this bedroom...

and this adorable bath...

 Loving the wall to wall sea grass and the fireplace.
Sadly we are not gonna need that for months here in Houston.
This week we will be in the triple digits all week.
Sad face emoji goes here.

Ok...hang with me here...
the tiles may look a little dated in the master.

I only say that because to me it looks like the paint makes this room.
Like they didn't want to update the hard surfaces and instead
picked the most perfect paint color to bring it all together.
I seriously like it.
Just shows you don't always have to gut something to make it better.
Finally I'll leave you in the back yard
which I am bookmarking for gardening ideas.
I love the landscaping...
I could see putting a fountain in the middle.
Love this little seating area by the back door.
Not to mention the painted brick with slightly darker trim...
something I got vetoed on when we painted our house earlier this year.
Which the hubs LOVES to point out when we pass by homes like this...
"hey, isn't that what you wanted to do to our house?"
he says smiling and jokingly while I glare back.
This is what I wanted to do to our house.
I'm just adding it to the list for the next house.


 Thanks to this lovely I have plenty of new ideas to write down.
Okey dokey ya'll...hope you enjoyed this tour.
I hope whatever you do this weekend
you enjoy it to the fullest.
Life is what you make of it and its all good.
all images via the divine


  1. Very pretty house, although, I think it could use a punch of color. That's just me though. Enjoy your week!

  2. What a great house I am in love with the exterior too!


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