Thursday, August 20, 2015

show me

 Please forgive my irregularity in posting.
School is close to starting and we're soaking up the last days of summer.
Well...its more like staying inside to avoid soaking in sweat.
Last week was triple digits here or as I like to say crazy humid hot.
As in its hot and humid and that makes me crazy.
Doesn't take much to do that folks ;)

Now that we've established where I've been
I think it might be time to discuss where I'm going.
Let's backtrack one minute to my quick trips to Savannah last year.
So I explained in this post that I was flying to Savannah
to see a friend of mine,
a practitioner of Chinese medicine.
We did a lot of work over the last half of last year.
In person in a whirlwind amount of time plus
she'd give me Chinese medicine to do at home,
ancient remedies and practices that I'd do on myself
or that my husband would have to help me with.
Some of my physical crazy is getting better.
I'm happy to report that I now walk pain free!
I can even walk down stairs facing front
whereas for months
 I had to go backwards down the stairs
step by step
holding on for dear life
because the normal way was too painful.
Plus I'm back to running!! :)
I honestly thought I'd never do either again.
Progress...I'll take it.
For my skin issues my friend suggested I cut out all wheat.
I resisted.
Even though I've done enough google searches over the past four years
that I think might qualify me for some sort of prize...
and many articles referred to
wheat and gluten triggering some of my symptoms.
I've since learned gluten free is not wheat free.
Who knew???? Not me.
I'm happy to report that I'm on week four of wheat free eating.
Well, I'm not happy to do it...I never met a tortilla chip or cracker I didn't like.
Or that didn't love me back :)
But I'm doing it.
Honestly I've noticed physical changes already,
enough to keep me going.
I'll write a longer post on this another day...
just going to keep it up one day at a time,
keep track of changes and hope for the best :)
Let me tell you there's an unopened bag of tortilla chips in my pantry.
Its been there staring at me all week.
I just stare right back.
Not even tempted.
That's progress people.
I just got to the point where I told myself
I couldn't complain about things
 if I didn't give it my all
to try to make a change.
Because like the old adage says
nothing is going to change
unless you change something.

That little saying is ringing true in more than one area of my life...
ok... so you know I was visiting my friend last year regularly.
Then the money tree in our backyard got pruned a bit
{aka the budget had no room in it for airfare}
and those trips had to stop and I wasn't able to see my peep
until this summer when we did our annual pilgrimage to Savannah.
We're chatting and I'm catching her up on how I'm feeling.
How I didn't run the full marathon because of my foot.
{She urged me not to because of the negative effects on the body.
To say she wasn't a fan of that 26.2 mile goal was an understatement.}
How I tried going gluten free (more on that soon).
How I'm still questioning my place in life, just not achingly so.
I'm asking her questions like how did she know what she wanted to do in life.
We're sharing stories, chatting away while she's doing needles on me.
So I ask her...what questions should I be asking of myself?
because she is so dead-on perfect in her reading of things.
What would you ask the universe? I asked her.
Her answer...

quote made on

These two little sentences have become so powerful to me.
And that's how my mantra went from
"I don't know"
"Show me my path.
Show me my teachers."

Maybe you think I'm nuts or gone off the deep end.
I'm ok with that.
Here's why...
because since that trip,
since I've begun asking the universe this question
things have become much clearer for me.
Clearer in my mind and in my heart.
How do I know that the universe is listening?
Because its sending teachers my way.

First case in point...
I was working on a project at home a few weeks back.
Framing some sea fans I've been hoarding for a year.
Or more.
Don't judge.
I googled how to videos, making notes of tips.
I found the perfect frames.
I swear one week I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby every day for supplies.
I had two finished and framed when my peep Laura stopped by.
She said something about me opening an Etsy shop.
Not me.
I wouldn't even know how to start.
The next morning I woke up and I thought of Terry from La Dolfina.
I'd found her blog a few months ago
 immediately was entranced and became an instant follower.
I knew she had an Etsy shop and a website
where she sells treasures she finds
"hunting and gathering up and down the California coast."
I nervously emailed her to ask if she could tell me her story
and maybe give me tips or suggestions.
She was so sweet and sent me her phone number.
I can't even tell you how funny and lovely she is.
We talked for a long time like we'd known each other for years,
me taking notes and hanging on her every word.
She's like me...she loves to look around, go to thrift stores, vintage shops,
antiques markets, and when she sees a deal on something she loves she gets it.
The problem for people like us is that one tends to run out of places to put said stuff.
Sea fans stacking up ring a bell?
In the end she gave me an assignment.
One which I know I am late on the deadline with but hang on to that thought.
{I haven't forgotten Terry...I promise I'm making progress.}
So just before she gives me my goal for the week
it hits me like a brick.
The thought that popped in my mind?
Heaven sent y'all.
I took a breath, thinking she was going to think I was nutso,
and shared with her the story of the words
"show me my path. show me my teachers."
and I thanked her for being my teacher.
I mean it Terry... if you're reading...
thanks for spending time with me on the phone
and for your suggestions and guidance and encouragement.
It really stoked the little ember in my heart.
What I do know is what I think about a lot,
what makes my heart pitter patter,
what makes me happy is design and décor.
I don't know why and honestly should I really care?
Don't think so.
 Big hair don't care :)
Another super shout out goes to my friend
Mary Ann of classic casual home.
{So happy to be able to call you my friend Mary Ann :)}
If you don't know Mary Ann, well, you should!
I don't call her the divine Mrs. M{ary Ann} for nothing.
 I chatted with her last week about my crazy dreams too.
She gave the BEST advice and of which was call Terry.
How funny is that!!!!
I feel like I'm on the right road y'all and it tickles me to no end.
  Thanks to my peeps who ask for my eye and ideas in tweaking their homes.
Y'all's are the little whispers that planted seeds 
currently blooming in my mind...
I've got some ideas brewing that both scare me and thrill me at the same time.
For starters, gulp, I think I'm going to start a shop of sorts...maybe on Etsy {?}.
Maybe it wont succeed but how will I know until I try?




  1. Go Girl! Fantastic post. You can, are, and will do whatever you want to do -- you are believing it is so. That is the first step!

    1. Thanks Paige :) I'm trying my best, step by step, one day at a time. I'm technically challenged but determined! Thanks for reading and for your note :)

  2. Great post, Nancy! Glad you are feeling better and looking forward to do some exciting things. Can't wait to see! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Katie! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Cant wait to see what you do this go to the best places :)


  3. Good for you! So glad you are feeling better. I can relate to that for sure. The only way to fail is not to try. Can't wait to see what's in store for you.

    1. I think of you all the time whenever I cook. this wheat free thing is easy and tough at the same time because i'm no super chef like you but i'm trying. I'm gonna just keep on channeling you and the recipes I see on your blog. like you said the only way to fail is not to try. I LOVE THOSE WORDS!!!! thank you! enjoy your weekend!



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