Wednesday, August 26, 2015

what's going on

School started Monday.
Can I get a whoop whoop and a high five please?
I love my kids and we had a fantastic summer
but I personally am happy the school year started.
I think.
I'm going to channel my inner Scarlet O-Hara
and let the thoughts of homework and school projects
wait until another day.
Today I'm thinking about some long awaited projects I'm working on...

Like this builder built desk in one of the secondary bedrooms.
When we bought the house we thought oh how perfect for homework.
One little problem.
Our youngest is a hulk making this area unusable.
Except as a lego collection area as you can see below...

Earlier this summer we had the epiphany of ripping out
the tiny desk and shelves and having a floor to ceiling bookshelf installed.

It took me forever to find somebody reliable to do the work
but I found him and I'm not stopping.
While he was here doing this I asked him if he could do
something along the lines of this for us...

This is our laundry room right now...
and let me assure you that the laundry basket you see
is rarely if ever empty.
It kind of got me to thinking wouldn't it be nice if
when you come up our stairs
the first thing you come to is not a pile of dirty clothes?
So I asked my new BFF Sonny the carpenter
if he could help me convert this area

{which is to the left in the picture above}
into some sort of laundry basket holder.
Making it out of sight and out of mind?
When he said of course he could I ran to my pile of notebooks
to see what else he might be able to help me with.
But first let's see what he did...

I've since painted it.
And then decided that I want to paint the walls.
To a gray...not sure if I should go lighter like the little tile inset
{hard to tell in this picture}
or the darker gray grout.
Cast your vote below.
Light or dark.
I'm open.
While we're in here my husband graciously agreed into redoing
the builder basic laminate countertop
with a marble slab if I can find a remnant
and a new little utility sink...
in a perfect world a pretty porcelain one.
More on that later.
First up though is a pocket door for the laundry.
Because as you might be able to tell in this picture

the door slightly impedes the new pullout drawer.
I didn't think of that.
In a world full of domino design decisions
this one actually works for me
because I've always wanted a pocket door here
only to be told by every contractor I've asked
that it couldn't be done here.
Enter my new BFF.
He's getting it done.
I guess no one before him every really measured.
They all just guesstimated and were wrong :)

While he's in the house next week we're also transforming the bar area.
I told a girlfriend of mine that we were ripping out our bar.
She responded that's the stupidest idea ever.
My girl likes her libations.
No worries I told her.
My wine is stored in the kitchen. :)
So this area...

is getting an overhaul and how.
All of this is being ripped out for something along these lines...
via segreto finishes on Ig

via birmingham home and garden
and from my favorite classic casual home...
The only kicker is that there's a header above the desk that cant be moved.
We installed a huge corkboard a few years ago...
and that has served us well but its time to kick it up a notch.
Especially since I'm figuring out my little business :)
With the new desk and little paint...
this is going to be my command central and I can't wait :)
Something I have been waiting on and finally made a decision
is with the starting point for our little master bedroom reno...
Remember in a perfect world I wanted imperial trellis drapes.
A perfect world in which a money tree laden with hundreds grows out back.
No trees are back there sadly.
{I check every day ;)}
I found two lovely companies that could fulfill this dream.
I just couldn't see spending it on drapery.
What's funny is that these drapes were also on my main contender list.
They're from Serena and Lily.
But again they were more than I wanted to spend.
Remember my husbands favorite word right?
They were originally $250 per panel.
I needed four.
Then a few weeks ago I happened to click through
on one of their sale emails.
Sit down for this...
they were half off.
PLUS 20% extra off sale.
The design gods in heaven smiled sweetly upon me that day.
I did have to pay shipping of $30 which you know is against my religion.
But sometimes a girls gotta bend the rules.
I was secretly afraid I'd hate them.
Then of course right after I see the new pottery barn catalog
which featured new emerald drapery panels.
Made me laugh.
Let me tell you I am so happy with these.
They are lovely and solid with a heavy blackout lining.
I highly recommend these.
So that was the first salvo in the update.
I got a sample of the KWID trellis in green
{the pillows above are in citron...more on them later...
and if you're interested I will be selling these for a song...
email me if you're interested for deets}
and I'm thinking a few trellis pillows either in the chairs above
or on the bed in Euro size will satiate my initial longing for trellis.
But like all women I reserve the right to change my mind. :)
Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful ideas. I hate my laundry room and need to at least clean it up before I think about decorating it.

  2. OMG... Love the laundry room. And by the way, Miss Nancy, I am now looking at changing my master bedroom bedding to white and monograms. It's all your fault - that's what I am telling the Mister. Great post. Gotta go - putting the Mister's to do list together. Have a great weekend!!

  3. My laundry room is on my "laundry list" so to speak! I can't seem to get anything accomplished lately!


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