Wednesday, September 2, 2015

branching out

Lots of dreaming and doing going on.
I'm happy to report that I bought two domain names :)
It took me like FOR EVAH to get it done.
Finally I had one of my twin sons stand behind me
to see if I was doing it right.
You know, in case I pushed the wrong button and blew up the internet.
Just kidding.
I'm not THAT technically challenged.
Mainly he double checked my spelling because my eyes are bad.
I got it right.
Now I'm just in the midst of the learning curve on websites.
Boring stuff like whether to keep on with blogger
or jump on square space or word press.
Good night nurse.
The options are endless and WAAAAYYYY over my head at this moment.
I don't know coding and frankly I don't know if I want to.
I'm seriously urging my kids to take a class instead.
Is that wrong?
Not sure I want to be right in this case.
If you have a preference or have worked with a website designer you like
leave me a note in the comments pretty please.
I'm ready to rip the band aid off and just make a decision.
My aging eyes are over doing the research.
Plus I'm a Libra...concrete decisions are not my thing.

I did make my first sale.
Remember how I hoard sea fans?
Well...I posted a picture of two I had framed on IG.

One thing led to another and a girlfriend of mine bought them.
And then ordered another.
Hot supply is dwindling.
Although Round Top is this month so there may be another inventory spike soon.
In case you're wondering I went to her house for my first installation. :)

The middle one was a doozy to frame
since I'm all about symmetry.
The third sea fan I had was considerably smaller than the other two.
I'll spare you the boring details but I found a frame the same length
but a little less wide, googled my way through building an inner box frame,
made an enemy of the frame guy at Hobby Lobby, another long story
that ends with him ducking every time he sees me coming.
I just wanted it perfect for my peep.
That's all y'all.
The middle is a little different
but like I tell my kids
different is good.
Its like same, same but different
and to me more like a collection than a set.


Best part is they remind me of the ones at Restoration Hardware

but at a fraction of the cost.
 It was a complete learning experience and I'm thankful
to my friend Adrienne for being patient with me.
Especially after one of the fans fell in the frame...
lesson learned...glue dots don't hold.
My peep Tery in Maryland put me on the right track
with the right adhesive :)
I ended up re-securing the first two with the new glue.
I'm still kicking myself for not taking photos of my girlfriends house.
I've been helping her with some updates
The furniture is all back from the upholsterer
and it is UNREAL
how spectacular her house is.
When she first asked me for help this is what popped in my mind...

She agreed and we found some coordinating fabric for pillows
but stayed neutral with the bigger expensive pieces.
I was so gaga over her living room and neglected to get shots.
Can you believe that?
I did snap a picture of her husbands' office and two chairs she also had updated...

Yes that is a double happiness stool in between.
We found the sailboat picture on a shopping trip this spring.
Yes I know I need a professional photographer.
Shaking my head at myself and that glare too.
I'll do better in the future I promise :)
She scored the rug from West Elm.

I'll be sure and get more pictures soon.
The day after I was there she delivered the cutest, sweetest little baby
so you can understand why I didn't push for pics :)
Slowly but surely I'm branching out in business and I am so excited.
And scared.
But in a good what now kind of way.
Hope life's treating you well.
No complaints here :)


  1. Love these! If you want to discuss retail, my BF works for a catalog company. Have no idea whether they'd want these, but I can find out if you are interested. No matter what, congrats!

    1. Gulp. You're so kind Paige to offer to ask your friend. I won't say no :) but I know it might be a bit of a logistical nightmare for shipping but a girl can dream :) Hope you're having a great week!

  2. You have a very bright future, Nancy!!!

    1. You know I worship the ground you walk on Mary Ann and for you to say that...well, I'm honored. You gotta believe to succeed and I'm trying my best to believe in myself :) I keep repeating one of my favorite quotes to myself..."what would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?" :)


  3. Nancy... you have got talent, my girl. Love these. Have a wonderful weekend. Congrats on your new endeavor!

    1. Hey Katie! you're so sweet my friend. cant wait to see where travels take you this holiday weekend. be safe and enjoy!

  4. Oh! How lovely! You have a talent and I am going to start right now, this very minute, following you on Instagram.

    1. Hey Maxine! i'll follow you right back on IG :) hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend!

  5. Hey friend! SO good to catch up on your posts! I had Suburban Charm done by Little Blue Deer Design and they were reasonably priced and I loved their work...and they were VERY patient with me because I am very picky! So excited for your new venture! You have excellent taste!

  6. Shari at Little Blue Deer is great and super patient! Good Luck Nancy on your new endeavor!! LOVE those sea fans!!


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